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Topic: Off-topic / Photos of ruudiluca and Mikkmar taken in Kongregate TC

All I could think of…

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: post all of my alt personas here (mafefe thread)

anything with CROW in the title basically.

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Topic: Off-topic / Rapper Chinx Drugz killed in drive-by shooting in New York

I wonder what they would call a drive-by shooting in a drive through? A drive through drive by?

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Topic: Off-topic / I don't like chocolate milk, I ₩£÷{ing love it!

Would pay to see OP do the milk challenge, but with chocolate milk.

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Topic: Off-topic / About Modbot?

Originally posted by uzzbuzz:

These spammer bots are getting “smarter” too :(

yeah they are getting orange badges before they start nowadays….

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Topic: Off-topic / RIP OT

you had those sex advert spams, fifa coin spams, now this lord amane.

I still miss that bring in the lobters guy.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / How old do you want to be when you die?

The one who lives eternally, suffers eternally. Friends die, Family dies, and eventually you won’t make friends any more, in fear of losing them. You will be the only one alive, like a walking legend.

Then again, what does mankind fear so much about death? Is it the leap into the unknowing? Or is it the leaving behind of having it all?

Are you still yourself when everything on you has been genetically modified, re-implantated and grown in/on another human’s body, or in a laboratory?

I do not care when I die. Scrap that, I do. I want to die after having lived a happy life. Wether its at 40, or 90, I should look back, and be able to say, I had a good life.

Sure, my family, friends, kids and arguably future wife/ex will mourn me, but I tell them, mourn. Mourn for as long as you need, but realize, I lead a happy life, and you should do the same. So enjoy those moments we had together, do shed a tear if you feel the need, but realize I did not depart in pain, but in joy, after having lived a happy life.

In the end, age is nothing but a number. It’s a bit like a discount when going (fun)shopping at a flee market. The more the better, but does it really matter?

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Topic: Off-topic / post your previous alts here

alxje was an old “main”, besides from that, I have had quite a few trollers, which I cant recall. One was called Fronebular is gay, I remember that one. Too bad the admins didn’t like users to be named as facts.

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Topic: Off-topic / Pigeons

perfect targets for my air rifle practice. Always fun <3.

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you care about post count?

This perfectly is representative of the argument of quantity versus quality. Is a person with 10 posts not allowed to have a valid point?

Originally posted by abraaz:

How else will I get bitches if I can’t brag about my 13K+ posts?

You know you always have a chance when you can make them laugh. So just drop your pants, and you should be fine.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] (-_(-_-)_-) Cult of WAR (C.o.W.) (-_(-_-)_-)

how is clash of clans going? it sure sounds pretty sweet. currently I am trying to get started in castle clash I think its called, but its game layout is at the moment pretty confusing. anways, best to C.o.W. and all of its members!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Kixeye halts development of Backyard Monsters (a Moderator confirmed exclusive)

Originally posted by rsmarrygold:
Originally posted by Wave_Rida:

yes,you are right.i like too

Go fudge yourself, altering my words to add your spam websites.

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Topic: Off-topic / suggest me a teamname, and the best suggestion wins one of my handmade drawings!

basically title. The more suggestions the better, use your inspiration and help a fellow OT’er out!

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Topic: Off-topic / [ROUND 60] Gabidou99 vs. occooa

Originally posted by Battleship203:
Originally posted by aguspal:

Feel the irony!!!

that sounds so bad, “feeling” irony….

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Topic: Off-topic / Are you here to be liked?

I come back from time to time, blowing off the dust from my old kong profile, whilst getting called a newfag by the new squirts that have started posting since hte last time I visited.

Looking for what? To be liked? No. Probably a way to drown myself in my old, long lost and fond memories, slowly dreaming of old and past glories, to get some recognition from old friends.

A bit like an action hungry World War 2 veteran visiting France, looking for recognition and possibly a new fight, in the wrong place. Someone who flourished on the battlefield, still carrying the battlefield in their mind, burning all other bridges behind him, craving to find that old vibe again.

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Topic: Off-topic / Would you rather...

sneeze money. Man can already eat anything, the real question is if it will be digested, or kill them. And, I guess concrete doesn’t taste too good either.

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Topic: Off-topic / OT HUNGER GAMES!

hahahaha that rolby fisting and strangling adv0cate. I guess adv0 didn’t mind after all.


Topic: Off-topic / that moment you hate the music in the club..

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Topic: Off-topic / Rolby The Pimp Story

I love how rolby admits he squats….

Training his butt for gaysex :S…

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Topic: Off-topic / What is your religion?

Am I the only one who is a pastafarian? Come on guys, they are promising free broadband to all…

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Topic: Off-topic / Health

Broke my nose several times so yeah.

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Topic: Off-topic / cute fluffy bunny and a CROW are bffs!!!

that title…
eating num num food208 1687

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Topic: Off-topic / Why don't people think kissing is disgusting?

Well now we can see the difference between the people who have done it, and who haven’t.

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Topic: Off-topic / Adv0's info is on 4chan

We know its on 4chan, but have you bothered to check grinder? x)

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Topic: Off-topic / it's so weird

coming back after a year or inactiveness, wandering amonst the remains of massive MMO names at the time, which have now turned to nothing but a fraction of what they once were.

Dust blows through their forums, with nothing but all these fossiles to look at, engraved posts by old friends, that have left and moved on. Chatrooms that are empty, and were a lost kongregatian is chatting, most likely to himself.

You stumble into one or two far familiar names, which recall some vague recollections…

Looking at old guild/alliance/clan pages, which bring up loads of memories, jokes and forgotten trolls.

Even though it gives you this weird feeling, I guess its a good thing to visit back once so often, to not forget those good memories, but at the same time being able to move on. And yes this applies, even if we are talking about OT ;).