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Topic: Swarm Simulator / Mutagen tiers for ascending

Originally posted by UeberBob:
Originally posted by Nelagend:

But the various illions are such a great example of an operation that does not form a group! 3+3=7, what? (aka a trillion trillion is a septillion, because English is weird.)

You can get used to it :P

Yeah, it’s thrown off by the fact that a million is 10^3^2, a billion is 10^3^3, a trillion is 10^3^4, etc. Each new order of magnitude of 10^3 counts up normally but they start with an offset of one OoM. Hence a trillion trillion (10^3^4 * 10^3^4) is a septillion (=10^3^8). Also, a billion billion is a quintillion. And a trillion million billion is an octillion.

Side note: Just learned that while in the US an octillion is 10^27 (10^3^9), apparently in Great Britain an octillion is 10^48 (10^3^16).

Apparently in Britain they make it make sense:
Million: 10^6^1
Billion: 10^6^2
Trillion: 10^6^3

That way, a million billion IS a trillion, and a trillion trillion is NOT a septillion.

That’s because in Britain (as in the rest of the world outside the US), they don’t just have -illions but also -illiards as in Million/Milliard, Billion/Billiard, Trillion/Trilliard and so on. So 1k Million is not 1 Trillion but 1 Milliard. But I guess this was too hard for the US minds to grasp… :P

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Topic: Swarm Simulator / mutagen

Someone posted this link:

Others in chat told me I should get ~ 10M mutagen. All I can tell you is that 250k wasn’t nearly enough. It made me restart and now I’ll wait a lot longer before ascending for the first time.

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Topic: Dream World / Killjoy cards.

If you check out the card list, you will realize that there are no 1-star cards for Killjoy, only 2-star cards. So it doesn’t matter if you’re lvl 46+ or 96+ to get them.

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Topic: Dream World / Reduce Alien gear drop rate

Originally posted by thearenaquaker:
Originally posted by dave2069:

wont everyone just moan about whatever is the least valuable find?
with all this drop rate inflation, eventually rare items wont be very rare any more

yep, you´ll find skillbooks instead

Skillbooks can actually be quite valuable when your ally’s skills aren’t maxed out. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot of players still below lvl 90 (or 85, or whenever it can be assumed that the player’s ally already has max skills)

Back to alien crap, which is totally useless from lvl 70 up, if it were replaced by pills and dolls and whatnot, I’d be happy, so count this as +1

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Topic: Dream World / AFS over 1 trillion invasion damage

Originally posted by 609trenton:

i will forfeit my gems to anyone who cries really really hard

BWaaahhhhhhh!!!! Buaaaahhh buahhhhhh buaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!


what, not hard enough? Aw shucks…


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Topic: Dream World / Did they make the demons tougher?

Thanks @ all. Yeah, I just reached lvl 56, so that explains it. I guess I’ll just give up on this game, as it’s not worth the bother any more.

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Topic: Dream World / Did they make the demons tougher?

I was just wondering. I’m into my 5rd Demon Gate, and suddenly the demons seem to hit a lot harder than what I’m used to. It used to be a whack-fest with me using only Shield and Aim. Now I have to heal, usually several times. Or use some hard-hitting skill. I noticed I deal the same damage as in the last gate, but the demons seem to hit twice as hard.

But the real question is, if they made the demons harder to beat, did they really think it would make it more interesting to get to the boss?

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Topic: Dream World / Which gate is easiest?

Yeah well, so I thought to myself, start with the Ice gate. Now I’m stuck with going after that Lysiana chick one hit at a time, because she always knocks me out cold with a 15,000+ hit in the first round. As I’m dealing about 2000-3000 damage per hit, this is gonna take a while…

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Topic: Dream World / armor choice: regen or life + 3

I think, if you can get a speed+3 armor, then that’s the premier choice. It gives you more protection and more damage.

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Topic: Dream World / Dust Merchant

well I suppose, these guys would then just shrug it off because they’ve got another 97M in their other pocket…

Back on topic, if you don’t always buy some newfangeld wepon or armor, and sell whatever the Red Girl or the Angel or the Beggar Girl give you, you will be simming in coins in higher levels, and buying fairy dust at the shop costs the equivalent of 5-6 encounters. so I’m basically just annoyed when the merchant appears. And it’s been happening frequently even though I’m at 43 now.

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Topic: Dream World / BEST PET!

Block skill for a pet is a real bonus, because it comes as an additional move for the pet. I’m frequently getting the message the the enemy’s attack has been blocked by my pet right after the message that she (the “soldier” – or should I say, half-naked amazon?) did some serious damage to him.

I’m liking my soldier pet, although I’m guessing the phoenix may be better. It just took so long for her to reach level 38, so I’m reluctant to giver her up.

Are there any higher-level pets than the phoenix?

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Topic: Dream World / Skill points

the easiest way to regain skill points is get some sleep and come back in the morning, because skill points are restored at midnight server-time…

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Topic: Dream World / Skinning Cacti

I just verified my theory. Got a couple more skins when my health bar was green, got none when it wasn’t. So, keep yourself healthy… :)

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Topic: Dream World / Skinning Cacti

Not sure if this is relevant, but it took me like forever to harvest two skins (out of 15+ encounters). Then I took care to finish the last 2 encounters with a green health bar, and voila, both times I got a cactus skin. So maybe you have to have a green health bar to collect a skin.

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Topic: Dream World / How often do people attack you while you're offline?

I think the PvP is a joke. Because at lvl 33 I’ve got around 1600 HP, and can dish out damage in this same magnitude, and the AI doesn’t use those high-level skills in PvP, so it’s a walk in the park. So while you’re a high level champion, those eligible for challenging you are at an equally high level and have no problem defeating you in 2 or 3 blows.

For what it’s worth, I got attacked a number of times when I was new to the game, but that ceased after I reached lvl 20. And now I’m wearing an invisibility robe, I read somewhere that it protects me from PvP…