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Topic: Ninja Warz / How to be PRO at this game

First off
Rule # 1: Train only 1 ninja (Many lowered leveled ninja’s lose to higher ones)
Rule # 2: Do not buy weapons/relics earn them (Once you have a stock of money fight AI’s as low level as you can for Weapons/Relics you earn more money then you do killing so you can still heal but remember to keep at least 2 of the ones with highest DPS)
Rule # 3: Buy as many ninja’s as possible but make sure to always have more then 100k to heal (Watch for the achievements for getting ones with power really high, health really high, and balanced if your not sure if you have done it or not check your profile)
Rule # 4: Always do tournaments as soon as you can and go for the highest DPS weapon there is you will earn Negi’s and Shrimp as you level
Rule # 5: Always talk to the Daiymo
Rule # 6: Have at least 3 relics slots but buy 4 after you get your first ninja maxed
Rule # 7: Secret achievement at Daiymo (up, up, down, down, right, left, right, left, B, B, A, A, enter)
Rule # 8: IF you lose one match before winning your first 50 reset you account the karma is needed
Rule # 9: Sell all weapons that you find that award karma you can put it to training which is more valuable
Rule # 10: Don’t listen to the trolls in this forum they just want easy people to farm so they don’t have to waste time leveling
Rule # 11: If you are confused on who to believe try both tips given out then see which one earns you more loses/frustration
Donate extra Kreds that you have if you found this useful. Thank you

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Ally Finder

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