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Topic: Kamicat Football / Suggestion Goalkeeper statistics

I would also like to see a sort of CAP stat, or Games Played, as well as the above listed changes.

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Topic: Kamicat Football / Anyone new to the game trying to be good at the game.

Get VIP. Aside from the Forward Robert Van Persten, who is ridiculous, you also get the VIP Training Option “Cross Training”, which is very cheap, takes three hours, and hits like a training camp. After 2 weeks of signing 18-20 year olds of any skill and training them constantly during off-play times, you’ll have a team average nearing 65-70 even after Van Persten “Retires”. It’s worth it for the price, and there’s really no substitute for what it does.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Some Equips

The best one I’ve ever gotten:

Artemis Bow L: 91
Attack: 2446
Special: Scaling Shot

4-Star Pierce
4 Star Poison
10% Speed

The thing just mows, and it makes me move like the wind. I’ve since opened 7 boxes with nothing even remotely this O-P.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Dungeon Rampage Request Thread

Better ways to make money. I like the survival game idea. I’d also like to add a sort of straight line gauntlet style area with a lot of high value mobs from various maps in massive quantities.

A soul crushing boss at the end of the Grindhouse would be good. If you could beat it and get a one time legend key similar to the boxes in other trophy boss locations, that would be a worthy reward for finishing the Grindhouse with a class. That’s a rough ride, even when you’re funded.

Finally, something like a Scroll of Change that would allow a player to reroll a weapon slot. Like a 2500 attack bow with 4 Pierce and Poison >_<. I’d kill to get anything else but poison. People would buy those to avoid having to open boxes to find that perfect item. I can tell you personally that I’d pay for even a random reroll as long as it was grade equivalent star bonus value.

Great game. I love the variety and the simple chaos. _

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Way To Treat Paying Customers

I post a question, and a response to another question, and they’re both removed within 60 seconds for no reason? If you’re going to punish me, at least let me break some rules first.

I’ve paid you guys a little to much to be treated like that, when all I wanted to do was offer a suggestion about getting rid of leeches.

Instead, I’ll keep my suggestion, and my money.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Dungeon Rampage Request Thread

I generally run the Juggernauts Boss in Gladiator League. Gets 700-800 coins per run, and I can pretty much whack the place in 30 seconds. But it does get incredibly redundant. The Dark Barrows Boss is a nice change of pace, as is the Princesses Boss in Gladiator League.

If all else fails, I take my Ranger and solo the 1 floor Battleheim Grindhouse map.

I’m ok with the prices of all keys except legendary. 50k would have been fair. 75k would have been painful. 125k is just nutty.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / What Type Of class Would you like in Dungeon Rampage

Some form of pure tanker.

Attack – 1
Defense – 5
Speed – 4

Swords, Axes, Shields

Low attack with short range sheild-slam based debuffing attacks like stuns and binds. Designed to take the beating, having the speed to intercept and knock back power to get in front of lighter troops.

Shields could have a few varieties, with a low scale attack score and bonuses designed around reducing damage or mitigating it. It’d be nice to see some misses or blocks when you’re getting bombed on. Lighter shields slam faster with less damage. Heavy shields slam hard with knockback. Charge ups could add defensive buffs.

Having suffered through numerous Grindhouse smashings, such a class would be really helpful.