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Topic: Elements / If You Think Terms in Other CCGs Should be Implemented in Elements.

So, if you encounter some keywords in other CCGs and want them to be implemented in Elements or just associate them with some existing mechanics in Elements, what and how would they be?
For me, the three Special Abilitiys in Digi-Battle, an early Digimon CCG: Fly, Swim, and Dig. “Fly” would be airborne, “Swim” would survive flooding, and “Dig” would have the burrow ability. So, Flymon would be an airborne creature, Swimmon would survive flooding, and Digmon would have the burrow ability of those three existed in Elements. What about you guys, my fellow CCG players?

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Topic: Elements / Elements Goods and Bads for starters

As for me, if I were to make that kind of guide, I woulds sum up each elements in one word.
Fire: Attack
Water: Lock
Air: Kill
Earth: Defend
Light: Heal
Darkness: Steal
Life: Swarm
Death: Poison
Gravity: Through
Time: Stall
Aether: Immune
Entropy: Shuffle

I think those are the best specialties of each elements.

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Topic: Elements / My Deep Savers Deck

Those who know Digimon must know the phrase used for this deck’s name. I always use Water deck in every CCG I play and tend to name my decks from phrases in other CCGs. I name this deck Deep Savers because it has solutions to almost anything (well, basically I just put almost all Water cards in this deck, but isn’t it the point of Water being the Jack of All Stats in this game?

Mark of Water
5x Water Pillar
5x Water Pendulum
5x Water Tower
5x Water Pendulum (Upgraded)
1x Abyss Crawler
6x Ice Lance
2x Permafrost Shield
6x Purify
6x Arctic Octopus
2x Arctic Dragon
6x Puffer Fish
2x Inundation
6x Desiccation
2x Shard of Patience (Upgraded)

My strategy is basically spam Arctic Octopus and Puffer Fish as much as possible. I tend to keep summoning Puffer Fish in the start of the game, so that when the opponent plays Dimensional/Dissioation Shield, I can still damage him via initial Poison inflicted.

Purify to keep healing me, or save them whenever my opponent uses Water, Death, Life, or Time to neutralize Poison, though sometimes I also save them when facing Gravity, Fire, or Air to keep my creatures from being killed.

Arctic Octopus + Permafrost Shield + Inundation is really good for lock down.

When Inundation isn’t available, Desiccation will kill my opponent’s creatures while saving up quanta for Ice Lance.

If my opponent plays Wings / Dimensional Shield, I can still have 3 options: Poison damage from initial Puffer Fish attacks, Ice Lance, or playing Shard of Patience since my attacks wouldn’t go through anyway. When those shields’ effect runs out, I would just remove the Shard and give massive damage. Arctic Dragon would have gone through Wings, though.

Abyss Crawler is for beatdown, though I would replace them once I got 2 more Shard of Patience.

The 20 quanta generators are split into 4 parts to avoid Earthquake.

This deck is really weak against Bone Wall, Dissipation Shield, and Shard of Freedom, though.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / The Game Keeps Starting Over

Why do everytime I play Rise of Mythos, I can’t continue my progress despite having been logged in? Each time I log in, the game will go to the starting point (begin at the tutorial) over and over again. Did it also happen to you guys?