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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Afterwind] My apology

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Topic: Crystal Saga / [Annoucement] Server Merge Scheduled for Monday, July 23th

First of all, server 2 have many advantajes… The economy in server 2 is a shit if we see it beside server 3… LOTS OF PEOPLE WILL QUIT CRYSTAL SAGA IF THISUNIFIED SERVERCONTINUES(Less money for ya)… This is VERY LAGGY Think about fights in Sengolia… I disagree in all the points of view of this change in crystal saga =/

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Topic: Crystal Saga / [Promotion] New Item – Dungeon Key

I agree with that cuz as Fransisco said, more money for you more fun for us. And diferent keys for each dungeons with different prices, like these: Indigo Blight 75 crystals, Revenants vault 100 crystals, BC 125 crystals…