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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

Update the community spotlight…?
Seriously, it’s still saying that Zshadow is an admin.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / think of your own towers and upgrades for them

Monkey Chef

Description: The monkey chef is able to cook the ammo of your towers.
When there aren’t any bloons, the towers shoot at the chef and it collects the ingredients. When you click on it, it will start cooking. Easy- 1000$ Medium-1090$ Hard-1150$
Path 1
Temperature Manager: (300-350-400)
With fire (obtained from a firemage or a ring of fire) and ice (from an ice tower) it can manage the temperature of the mix, allowing to make more different effects.
Greater Cooking Skills: (600-700-800)
It slightly increases the effect of all of its mixes.
Master Chef (3000-3400-3950)
It’s able to make amazing effects with unexpected ingredients.
Divine Chef (12000-14000-18000)
It greatly increases the effect of all of its mixes.
Path 2
Quick cooking (150-180-220)
It cooks faster.
Bigger Cauldron (200-230-290)
Its cauldron is bigger, allowing it to make better effects with more ingredients
Instant cooking (500-600-700)
It instatly cooks the mix when you click on it.
Super Collect (1800-2200-3000)
Super Collect ability: When activated, it allows all the towers to shoot to the chef during 10 secs. Also, the cauldron is bigger. Cooldown: 15 secs.
Recipe List:
Grapes&Bananas: Ingredients: Grapes (from the bucaneer) and Bananas (from farms)
You can sell it for (number of bananas + (grapes/2) * 25) or give it to a monkey tower to enhance its attack speed for a while (more grapes=more attack speed more bananas=longer effect)
Vaporitzed Glue: Ingredients: Glue + Fire (Only with Temperature manager activated)
The result will be a glue cloud that you can place in the track for glueing bloons. (more glue=stands for longer)
Solid Glue: Ingredients: Glue + Ice (Temperature manager)
Giving the result to a Glue Gunner will make it to shoot solid glue, that will pop the bloons before glueing them (more glue=stands for longer)
Mini-Fruit Mix Ingredients: Grapes, Bananas & Pineapples.
Giving the result to a monkey tower will increase the attack speed and make all proyectiles shoot by the monkey to explode temporally.
White Hot Spikes: Ingredients: Road Spikes + Fire
The result are road spikes that can pop lead and frozen bloons.

Master Recipes (Only with the Master Chef ability OR the Speciality Building Lv3)
Enhanced Bee: Ingredients: Bee (from the beekeeper) and Glue and/or Bananas and/or Pineapples.
The result is a stinger that slows down the bloon that is popping (if you used glue) earns twice of cash (if you used bananas) and explodes when popping red bloons (if you used pineapple)
Laser Crossing: Ingredients: Super Monkey Lasers(or plasma)/Dartling Lasers/Monkey Village Beams/Other Lasers
If you give a laser-throwing tower the result, it speed will increase if you used Super Monkey (this will not affect the Super Monkey), the range will greatly increase if you used dartling (this will not affect dartling) and its power will increase if you used monkey village (this will not affect the monkey village)
Good Food: Ingredients: Grapes, Bananas, Pineapples, Acorns (from the angry squirrel) and/or Coconuts (from the Tribal Turtle)
You can sell it for ((Number of Bananas + Grapes/2 + Pineapples/2 + Acorns/2 + Coconuts/2) * 40) or give it to a monkey tower to GREATLY ingrease its attack speed.
God blesing (Only works with the master chef ability AND the speciality building level 3 OR with the divine chef ability)
If the sun god shoots the chef, its next effect will be twice as powerful. If the sun god temple shoots it, its next effect will be thrice as powerful.

Speciality building: Chef academy.
I (900$) Reduces the cost of the chef and its upgrades by 5%
II (1300$) Increases the cooking speed by 10%. Decreases the price of the “Instant Cooking” upgrade by 10%
III (2200$) Allows the chef to do master recipes without the master chef ability.
X Increases the price of some tower and its upgrades by 5%

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Topic: Technical Support / Commercial problem

I´m getting the same problem.

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Topic: Time World / Friend requests (find friends here)

IGN: Sumlaris
I will accept any request.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] game error

Originally posted by sealy123:

Teras and other flying creatures cant be bunkered.

Also, consider using the stickied question thread instead of creating new ones.

Balthazar can be bunkered.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Tech Support (Not for Base 0)

After attacking, building, banking, and other normal things, it sometimes appears:“Base.Build C: Error #1009 | null” and then the “oops, something broke!” po-up.I doesn´t appears always, but is very annoying.Please, can someone fix it?
My user ID:430995
EDIT:Ok, it seems to have been fixed.