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Topic: Kongregate / Recently Played

i can’t find the link to recently played games as you guys described :/

can any1 point it out to me? im probably blind — which link are you guys using?

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic War 6

i wud just like epic war 6 to be like epic war 1 but humans control both sides and both sides get the same castle arrow shooting bow.

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Topic: General Gaming / The (Un)Official Diablo 3 Topic

no offline play kills it for me. in fact, i try to avoid steam and blizzard games (and EA games too) because of silly online authentication and steam viruses.

better to play a game where you actually own most of what you pay for – Neverwinter Nights 1 for example.

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Topic: General Gaming / Age of Empires

AOE 1 is still a very nice game but i dont play it anymore.
I prefer to play Star Wars Galatic Battlegrounds the RTS which uses the same AOE engine but has all the Star Wars units.. great fun sending in AT-ATs vs tiny jedis etc etc.
AOE2 is good but overall it is too difficult for me.

I like AOM but its really hard ot have a good game. Yes you can get titans and all, but its just too much like AOE and AOE2 to really pique my interest. I need a harder AI or real people to play against to make the game interesting enough.

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Topic: General Gaming / Minecraft or Skyrim?

i would skip both of them.

i tried minecraft. sorry but it is boring. the gfx are blocky and i cant get into the building mechanics. if i was going to build something in a computer game, i would want it to be alive and interactive like an mmo. Neverwinter Nights toolset already lets me do all that.

i looked at skyrim. I don’t see anything in it ahead of Oblivion or Morrowind.

If i was you i would play an mmo with full sandbox multiplayer, full persistent world: Realms Online, Aika Online, Dragon Nest, Neverwinter Nights 1 — any of these are leagues ahead of Skyrim and minecraft. And they are all free (except for neverwinter).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / wat is the best game ever have u played?

Neverwinter Nights I think.

You can build your own world and them be the Dungeon Master of your own world and players round the world can visit your realm and you can be a God.

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Topic: Off-topic / Dungeons and Dragons over Skype

Originally posted by necrobestiality:

Are girls allowed?

i dunno girls and DnD hmm……
id much prefer to be arranging walks along beaches.. coffee in romantic places…

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Topic: Off-topic / I need a good free MMORPG

try Realms Online on

example of fighting on the game’s spanish servers in Argentina :-
(the fort graphics have been updated since then)

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Topic: General Gaming / MMORPG Suggestions

ive tried many mmos, especially ones with loli gfx, and overall i didnt like them. although the gfx may be spectacular (Perfect World) or cute (Mabinogi) there was just no depth to the actual gameplay.

so in the end i’ve settled for less gfx and really good open world RvR team pvp game play in the mmo Realms Online on the good thing is that grinding is very minimal as levelling to 30 is super fast and then after that you can level by fighting other players in the warzone. And I can always finda good fight whenever I log in, even if just for 20 minutes. But Realms Online’s 3D gfx are not as detailed or splendid like other mmos, they have very peaceful gfx.

Here is an example of what war in Realms Online on their biggest server is like (usually like this about 40% of the time, rest fo the time it is like 10v10 at various locations)
(they have updated the forts since then)

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Topic: General Gaming / Best MMORPG game out there?

i like Realms Online (also known as Regnum Online). It is a f2p mmo which is just about Realm vs Realm Team open PvP. Lots of constant fighting action, but has simple 3D graphics.