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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Urban Rivals] Confused

In explosive encounters on solo, I have a T1 deck <25 stars. However, when I play the game most of my cards powers are stripped while the opponents are not. Can anyone explain why this is?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dragon's Call] System Improvements II

I couldn’t find a suggestion thread in the first 5 pages. It would be nice on the autosale feature to keep only equipment that your class can use in addition to the the other features.

Also, it would be nice to be able to purchase items, hp auto pack, refine, or purify using gold in addition to stones or dragon gold. It’s not that fun to essentially stop being able to play once the stones run out and with DG being ridiculously expensive for the things it can buy. 150k hp auto use for 20 stones is incredibly expensive considering the amount of HP one can run through doing instances.

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Topic: General / Bugs

Error on action cm06 with error code 1.
in Vornstaag – Dragon Graveyard, 2nd quest, 85% left, Normal difficulty.

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Topic: General / Well I guess I'm quitting your game now.

By the way, your server sucks but raids still count down while waiting for hits to process. POS.