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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Still Can't Chat Between Matches

good catch, darios, i hadn’t seen that bug yet. i’ll fix that for next patch.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Enhanced Sensors Targeting Upgrade Snafu

due to an error in our tooltip for the Targeting Upgrades, we will be offering a refund to any users who purchased these upgrades before the 2.0.1 patch went live.

note: the current values of 0.5-2.5% crit chance boost are lower than we intended, so upon further consideration we are planning to double the Targeting boost of these upgrades in our next patch. this will result in the Enhanced Sensors upgrades granting 1-5% crit chance boost and 2-10% target lock acquisition angle. this level of crit boost will achieve more comparible damage/heals per second boost on average as compared to the Reflexes stat.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / The update is good and all but...

hey, glock, good question. i too, am a huge fan of female avatars.

we actually have several female heroes made, but need to do a major animation system overhaul before they are ready for showtime. i’m hoping to get to start doing this push soon, but of course need to balance new system development time with support work (bug fixes, balancing, localization, etc). as we get closer to launching the female heroes, we will be posting some art to keep your juices flowing.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Upgrade System/Feature

love this guide, nice work!

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Battlesuit Stat Upgrades

yup, upgrades go in any battlesuit slot, but each stat has what is called a ‘slot affinity’ meaning that when placed in that slot you gain 50% more of that statistic. for instance, if you equip a GroundSpeed III upgrade, you usually gain 3 GroundSpeed. if you equip it to your Legs Slot, however, you’ll gain 4.5 GroundSpeed. This feature is meant to encourage having a well rounded set of upgrades and balance out the benefits of stacking one stat (aka, min/maxing).

here are the current stat/slot affinities (these are also indicated in the upgrade equip pull down menu):

Precision/Head Slot
Defense/Torso Slot
AttackSpeed/Arms Slot
GroundSpeed/Legs Slot
Thrust/Jets Slot
Recharge/Core Slot

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Battlesuit Stat Upgrades

we will be adding this info in game as well when we get a chance, but in the meantime here’s some info on the statistics to help you choose between upgrades.

some general info on stats: its worth noting that each class has base stat values that help define their particular strengths. the battlesuit upgrades add bonuses on top of these base values. what this means is that for most classes, if you try to just boost the stats they already have in abundance, you will see slightly less ‘change’ as compared to adding a stat that the class is naturally poor in. for instance, each point of Thrust you add to a Scout or Precision you add to a Gunner will seem to change them less than Thrust added to a Gunner or Precision added to a Scout. the stat points are still having the same gameplay effect, but there is a perceived diminishing returns on a stat as you get more and more of it. as an analogy, think of stacking stats as being like the years of your life: every year is the same amount of time, but each new year is a smaller portion of your total life at that age. that said, stacking a class’s ‘primary stat’ may still be a great strategy since they tend to rely on that stat very heavily. we will hopefully be adding in more display to the Armory of each class’s base stats + the bonuses from upgrades, to make this all much clearer.

Precision: determines your chance to get a critical hit with all attacks. critical hits score double damage, and each point of Precision increases your crit chance by 0.5%. Precision also makes it easier to target-lock an enemy. each point of Precision increases the range your Reticle can be from a target to lock on. for instance, most ranged weapons require that you aim within 5 degrees of a target in order to acquire a lock on them. for instance, our Striker suits (Gunner and Blazer so far) have the most starting Precision stat (40). if a Gunner equipped 6 Precision II upgrades they’d gain a total of +13 Precision (the Precision upgrade in the Head slot rewards 3 Precision instead of just 2). this means that that Gunner would now have 53 Precision, resulting in 26.5% base crit chance and Assault Rifle target-lock aim lenience of 7.65 (5 degrees + 53%). now you can also compute the bonus from the Gunner’s Tactical Crouch, which gives him a whopping 100 more Precision. when crouching, our upgraded Gunner would have 153 Precision (vastly more than any other class), giving him a 76.5% crit chance and target-lock aim lenience of 12.65 (5 degrees + 153%) degrees. this is why its very easy for a crouching Gunner to lock on to you and score tons of crits!

Defense: determines your battlesuit’s hit-point damage resistance. each Defense point represents 1% less damage done by all attacks, against your red health meter. Defense does not affect damage done to your force field (the blue bar). it should be pretty obvious how valuable this stat is! Heavy Chassis suits (Tank and Blaster so far) have the most base Defense stats. also worth noting that unlike other stats that see diminishing returns, Defense actually grants slightly increased returns in that each percentage of reduced damage represents a slightly larger portion of the remaining damage.

AttackSpeed: each point represents 1% increase in the rate of fire of all guns, as well as attack speed of all melee attacks. once again, this is on top of the base AttackSpeed stat of the class, and the perceived gain of each additional point of AttackSpeed will seem to decrease as the stat is stacked.

GroundSpeed: each point represents 1% increase in the battlesuit’s movement rate on the ground, as well as the lateral speed boost gained from jumping.

Thrust: each point represents 1% increase in the battlesuit’s lateral movement rate in the air, as well as the vertical boost gained from the jetpack thrusters. for the battlesuits with jump-packs (Tank and Assassin so far), Thrust also increases the massive boost received from a charged up jump.

Recharge: each point represents 1% increase in cooldown rates of all abilities as well as 1% increase in the regeneration rate of your battlesuit’s force field. Once again, this is added on top of the class’s base Recharge, and you might notice diminishing returns as you stack this stat.

questions and/or comments?

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Assassin poison how u work?

it is confusing, omega, especially since it’s bugged! ;)

yes, all stacks of the debuff disappear when the duration elapses (10sec) from the last hit that applies a stack. this means that as long as you get one stack on them each 10 seconds, they’ll stay nanite-poisoned (assuming they don’t get cleansed by a health pick-up or shocker’s lightning gun). this also allows you to juggle between multiple targets and keep stacks up on all of them.

panic bombs apply one stack of the assassin’s standard biotech nanite toxin, as well as a separate confusion debuff that causes the target to attack friends and enemies alike. confusion also has a 10 second duration, but the two debuffs are not connected otherwise.

“do old stacks get replaced by new stacks, or do attacks after 10 stacks fail to poison the target?”

the damage used to be a running average, but after the next patch, what you suggest here is exactly what will happen: at maximum stacks, each new hit will add its damage to the toxin’s total, and the oldest stack’s damage will be removed. the damage per tick will always be the total damage of toxin divided by the number of ticks in its duration.

anyway, sorry again for the confusion. and thanks for all the questions and feedback, guys, it’s been very helpful. hopefully, we’ll get this next patch out very soon, so these features will be as intended. overall, this should be a slight buff to the assassin, since his catalyze will be doing more consistently high damage. we’ll need to review from there to see if that makes him too strong, but given some of the complaints on the forums claiming he is currently UP, it might be a welcome balance shift.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Assassin poison how u work?

i’ve run some tests, and it looks like the truth was closer to CombatWaffles statement. he actually knows this game better than the guy who made it! in fixing this issue (which increases catalyze damage to the full amount), i also discovered a bug where debuffs sometimes were missing their last tick. both of these fixes will be in the next patch. thx, waffle!

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Assassin poison how u work?

one more subtle, little known feature worth mentioning here: the shocker’s lightning gun not only recharges friendly force fields, but removes one stack of nanite toxin per lightning tick (from the shocker as well as his recharged buddies). similarly, the tech’s repair gun not only heals friendlies, but removes the Burning debuff each tick.

this means that when played well in their support roles, the shocker and tech can be something of a counter to the assassin and blazer respectively. of course, the assassin is one of the best classes for sneaking in and using melee to take out an inconvenient enemy aegis device, so the animosity between shocker and assassin is mutual. ;)

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Assassin poison how u work?

when you catalyze toxins, all your stacks of toxin debuff are removed from their targets at once, and they take the full amount of damage that the debuff would do over its full duration (which is equal to the total damage of all the hits that applied the toxin in the first place). they take this full amount regardless of how much damage has been already done by toxin ticks. so, in terms of maximizing overall damage, waiting to pop catalyze til a second or so before its duration elapses is the way to go. this also maximizes the time that the target is weakened.

that said, sometimes doing burst damage sooner rather than later is the better strategy. especially if you judge that the damage will kill them regardless. for instance, if i manage to get in close while cloaked, then break my cloak with a Knyphoon (ambush blade’s R attack) and some big melee hits, i can sometimes pop E right away and finish the target off without waiting…this is basically his ‘assassination’ combo.

his E is designed to encourage a bit of tactical thinking in terms of how and when to catalyze. another reason why the assassin is less of a ’beginner’s class’ and why skilled assassins can be so deadly.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Update Screenshots

thanks for the ‘head-shot on turret’ bug catch. turrets won’t be head-shottable in the next patch.

as for the perception that the rail gun isn’t doing much damage in that shot, actually what is going on is that the Aegis Device has a LOT of force field hit points (the blue bar). having a huge force field is pretty much the whole purpose of the Aegis, and combined with the shocker’s innervate you should be able to keep it up under decent amounts of ranged fire. at lvl 1 it has 9000 FF, up to 18000 FF at lvl 3! it’s actual hit points are pretty low (1500 at lvl 1 to 2500 at lvl 3), which is why it dies so fast if you get inside the force field radius and attack it in melee range.

if you are trying to batter down the force field from range, it should take you a while or coordination with teammates. this is by design to give the shocker’s team a safer area to gather. energy weapons have a significant advantage for taking them down from range since they do +50% damage to force fields (but -25% damage to hit points). Blaster’s Micro Munitions if aimed right at the Aegis can do a ton of damage as well, assuming you hit will all the bombs.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Assassin poison how u work?

you are right, this should have been mentioned in the build notes, sorry about that.

tick damage per stack is based on how much damage was done by the attack that applied the toxin. prior to the latest patch, this damage was (unintentionally) only considering he most recent hit, which meant your toxin damage could go up or down drastically depending on which attacks followed which. the almost guaranteed huge critical hits achieved with Ambuscade buffed melee attacks were causing the toxin tick damage to reach insane levels at its full ten stacks. on the other hand, switching from melee to your needler could almost always be depended on to DECREASE your toxin tick damage, due to this bug.

as of this latest patch, the tick damage is (as intended) based on the total damage done by each attack that applied the toxin. cleverly timed ‘auto’ crits aside, the total toxin damage hasn’t been decreased as much as smoothed. sorry for the confusion.

and this thread seems like a good place to mention again that the toxin stacks also weaken the target, reducing their damage output by 5% per stack (half damage at full 10 stacks). when applied liberally, especially peppered across a groups of enemies from range with the needler and panic bombs, this weakening effect can be a big help to your team.

waffles is right about the catalyze toxin ability. to do the most damage with it, you’d want to get 10 stacks on as many targets as possible, then pop catalyze as close to the end of it’s duration as possible. one of the main reasons i added the debuff display to the target status bars is to make this timing easier on assassins. when timed right, this ability can do huge burst damage. the trade off being, of course, that you are removing the ‘weakened’ effect mentioned above. also, the green burst catalyze effect now also triggers on your targets, to make it more obvious what is happening.

happy hunting!

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Assassin needs buff

target status bars work a bit differently than before in that they activate whenever you mouse over a target, and then fade after a short period. if you damage that target in that time(including debuff ticks), then the status bar’s fade timer is reset. in the case of assassin cloaking, i intend to make the actual cloaking hide the status bar, but if you damage the assassin while cloaked, his status bar will re-activate. cloaking should give the assassin a chance to get clear of danger, but if he cloaks and doesn’t get out of the line of fire, then he’ll still get hit and his status bar will still show that damage to his attackers. but i agree that right now, the persistent target status bar prevents him from actually ‘vanishing’ when he cloaks, which is a problem.

another thing to note about the toxin debuff that may not be clear: each stack has a ‘weakening effect’ that lowers the target’s damage by 5%. this means that when you get a full 10 stacks on a target, he is doing half damage!

also, the assassin and blazer’s Thrust was increased a bit in this patch, so their jumpjetting and jetpacking are more effective than before.

assassin may still need more balancing passes, but we have to be careful since he is designed to be a more difficult class to master, but have the capability to ‘assassinate’ lone targets when played well.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / April 25, 2013 Build Update Notes

bubbled tanks cannot capture control points, but they can still block the other team from capturing. in other words, the capture bar won’t move either direction if a bubbled tank is the only member of his team on the control point. on cp maps, the bubble is meant to be great for buying time while your tank waits for reinforcement.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Suggestion Box

Originally posted by PhragX:
Originally posted by joshthekiller:
Originally posted by StrangeMinion:
Originally posted by Kelfer:

I’m not sure if this has been suggested, since I didn’t read back too far. But it would be nice if each account was put on a random class generation. This way we don’t have “Blazer days” in which everything is burning, or Blaster days where everything is lagging etc… It would add some depth to the game to have people with a different new class. Could be the same system as now, 1 new 3 old but just randomly assign each account with a number between 1 and 4 to decide where their rotation begins. Among other things this would help some game balance for say a player who had the shocker, if he was able to team up with a tech player to help hold base. Or the assassin who could sneak up on some of the slower classes instead of just trying to fight other assassins.

Great idea! It would certainly force players to strategize a little more, as opposed to ganging up as Blazers and lighting everything o fire and lagging the game. Plus, I’d like to see some older and newer classes working together. (i.e. Blasters assisting Tanks, Techs assisting Shockers, etc.)

In any case, I third this notion!

4th this notion :P

Also /signed.

we considered this plan for the exact reason stated here, but sadly realized that varied class rotations would be easily exploitable by players with multiple accounts (essentially allowing those players access to any class for free). once we have enough classes, it might be possible to have two concurrent rotations of free classes. but sadly for now there needs to remain sufficient motivation to buy the classes.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Shockingly bad

ooh, giving the Lightning Gun an R move is a much better idea, gex. and i agree about the stun, djinn, though the real issue with the flare gun and disruptor’s stuns is that they were basic weapons instead of QEF abilities with longer cool-downs. as it turns out, ‘spammable’ stuns are patently unfun. ;)

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / December 7, 2012 Build Update Notes

Originally posted by velociraptorr:

As I already said in the last update discussion (last post in thread)

I request a nerf to spectral optics, they make the smoke bombs/cloaking kinda redundant.

The blazer is already very powerful against light chassis classes because they burn much more easily.

The light classes’ only defense against striker classes is “don’t get hit”. Previously, they could only do this by stunning/running away/into cover, but now they have these awesome powers such as cloaking and smoke bombs. The smoke bombs don’t work as well against gunners who tend to keep their distance anyway, but blazers have to get up close to deal serious damage. Since the light classes’ and the blazer’s weapons all have about the same range, the blazer usually wins or ties (both die) in a close-quarters battle.

TL;DR Previously, light classes could counter the blazer’s much more powerful close-range flamethrower with smoke and mirrors, but not anymore. IMO this is bad and leaves light classes defenseless vs. blazer.

regarding the Blazer, we’ve nerfed his Heat Ray a bit, though his Flamethrower still may need to be dialed back some in damage and/or range. i see the points made about Spectral Optics making the Light suits evasive techniques ineffective. one thing i may try is dramatically increasing the cooldown on Spectral Optics, so it becomes more of a tactical choice of when to use it, and isn’t something that is just spammed on cooldown.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Shockingly bad

hey guys, lots of good feedback here. lots of balancing to go for sure. with regard to the Shocker (and the Tech as well), it is always tricky to balance support classes since they have synergistic qualities when grouped with teammates playing other roles. in other words, attempts to make them viable in solo situations can quickly lead to them being OP in groups. they shouldn’t be able to win most 1v1 conflicts (assuming similar skill levels), but ideally they wouldn’t feel completely useless in a fight on their own.

as stated in the patch notes, we’ve increased the Aegis Device’s force field capacity by 50% and moved the hp bar down some, which should make it easier to recharge. his Lightning Gun may still need a slight buff, but we have to be careful since it hits three targets and also force field heals friendlies (and the Shocker as well through heal feedback). it shouldn’t do as much damage as weapons without these extra features. if his maneuverability feels too weak, i could try making the target locked Lightning Gun tractor-beam pull you towards your target when airborne, like the Repair Beam. would be interesting to see how that plays, since the Lightning Gun hits enemies and friendlies…

regarding EMP Mines- these should not be hitting your teammates, though they will hit the Shocker when they blow up. i can see how that is especially annoying when they’ve simply blown up from timing out, so perhaps i’ll make them fade after time out instead of detonate. the self damage on enemy-triggered detonation is intentional however, since we don’t want players planting mines and then standing on top of them. i may increased their duration as well, but not until i’ve set up mines to expire on class changes (i consider the lack of this feature to be a bug currently).

“2. In addition to its current effects, the Shocker’s e-ability stuns all enemies within range for 1 second.”

this is a really interesting idea that i may try out. wouldn’t want the stun to be too long, but it does seem to fit the Shocker motif. makes me think that perhaps the Tech’s Nano Surge could do a bit of knockback (just a bit) to nearby enemies too, which would allow it to have a bit of the ‘get off of me!’ value that the Tech’s old kick had.

“Are enemies meant to be able to get into Aegis?”

yes, the force field is not meant to prevent enemies from getting within, and attacking the Aegis from within its Force Field will do HP damage directly to it, bypassing the Force Field completely. this is the primary ‘achilles heel’ of the Aegis Device. the tactic that the Aegis Device is meant to encourage is for the Shocker and several teammates to get inside and attempt to kill any enemies that try to get in. the Blaster is probably the best partner for the Shocker in this role, since his Repulsion Field will keep all baddies out of your Aegis while he doles out lots of damage.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / December 1, 2012 Update Build Notes

Originally posted by velociraptorr:

I confirm that the blazer is overpowered at this point in time, especially the heat ray- it needs a range and/or damage nerf. The predator vision (spectral optics) is really really useful, and I wish I could buy it for other classes. I don’t get how to use its q-tility though…

the Blazer’s Spectral Optics ability (~predator vision) will be even more useful in the next patch. it will not only let you target cloaked assassins and see through walls, but it will also allow the Blazer to target through the Scout’s Haze Bomb. his Radiate power on Q is a 30% attack speed buff for him and nearby friends. just pop it when you want to do lots of damage in a short time and/or when you are near a bunch of teammates.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / December 1, 2012 Update Build Notes

hey, guys, thanks for all the feedback! lemme address some of the new design features and balancing concerns.

some notes regarding damage-over-time debuffs: the duration of these debuffs scales down with your Defense stat, so for instance Tanks and Blasters will suffer less than smaller battlesuits from debuffs. though its not mentioned in the descriptions yet, the Tech’s Repair Beam will strip a stack of burn debuff per tick from all targets healed by the beam, including the Tech himself. likewise, the Shocker’s Lightning Gun strips one stack per tick of the Assissin’s Nanite Toxins from any friendly targets it hits, including the Shocker himself. the plan is to make in-game Health PowerUps also cleanse all debuffs, so that if you manage to get to the health, and your enemy is not still on your tail, you should be home free. that feature is not yet in game, but should be in the next one or two patches. all this said, the debuffs may still need some tuning in terms of damage or duration. the ultimate test of whether our current damage-over-time abilities need adjustment would be if the Assassin or Blazer are found to be unbalanced when compared to the Scout and Gunner respectively.

seems like we have an even split of folks thinking the Assassin is too weak versus too strong. the Assassin is definitely a somewhat more ‘difficult’ class to play successfully, and the reward for mastering his stealth ambushing, poison stacking/catalyzing is that he is VERY powerful in 1v1 situations when played well. in general, this is by design, so he can ‘assassinate’ enemies when things go well for him, but is something of a glass cannon when caught flat-footed. though, as i’m sure you’ve noticed, this means he is a trickier class to balance, so thank you for your patience while we figure out all the right numbers for him to feel ‘deadly’ but not be ‘out of control.’

with the Blazer, his Flamethrower has been tuned rather strong to make it worth using at closer range, rather than just using Heat Ray all the time. seems like maybe both of these weapons are tuned a bit strong and may need a slight nerf? his flamethrower is meant to cast fear in the hearts of nearby enemies, so we wouldn’t want it to be too weak either. overall he is meant to be comparible to the Gunner, in the sense that both are Striker Chassis (Medium Weight Offensive) battlesuits, though the Blazer is meant to be strong in close and mid range, while the Gunner is meant to excel at mid and high range. Both should be tougher than the Light Chassis suits, but less durable than the Heavy Chassis suits. Striker Chassis battlesuits should be able to dole out the highest consistent damge per second however, as they rely on being more deadly than Lights and Heavies since they are also less mobile than Lights and less durable than Heavies. if you feel that the Blazer is currently out of balance with these design ideas, please let me know and we will see what we can do to bring him in line with the Gunner.

regarding the Shocker, some of his perceived weakness at this point is learning curve in figuring out how to play him effectively (and learning curve of teammates knowing how to play WITH a Shocker effectively). that said, his Aegis Device will have a significant boost (+50%) to its force field size in the next patch, as it is meant to signify a place where teammates are meant to gather and mutually support and defend one another. it cannot serve that role when a couple volleys of Micro Munitions or Rail Gun shots can strip its shield. i may also increase the Lightning Gun’s force field recharging effect on the Aegis, but i will wait to see how the larger shield plays first. it is worth mentioning that the Shocker’s E power (Innervate) fully heals the force fields of all nearby friendlies, including Aegis Devices, so if timed well this can be used very effectively to prevent the force field from being completely stripped. To make Innervate and the Tech’s Nano Surge easier to use in chaotic fire fights, i’m going to DOUBLE their effective radius from 10 meters to 20 meters in the next patch. given the speed at which characters move in this game, 10 meters is just a bit too small a radius for a friendly AoE.

as for previously available weapons that are not currently available in game, such as the Sonic Disruptor, Hail Raiser and Auto-Shotgun: these will be standard weapons for some of the new classes to be released in future patches. we found that many of our weapons were very hard to balance when they were mix and match, but are easy to balance when classes have a single set of weapons that can be balanced with specific stats and other abilities in mind. for instance, the next Utility battle suit will have two offensive weapons (including the Sonic Disruptor), but a short cooldown melee ranged heal on E. that suit, and the Shocker, are akin to some of the old ‘combat medic’ Tech players from before. essentially, by breaking our various styles of gameplay into distinct classes, we make the game easier to balance as well as easier to play (tactics-wise), since when you see an enemy or teammate that is a certain class, you now pretty much know what to expect from them.

and for those who are angry that we are charging for classes (or angry that we charge anything at all), please keep in mind that online games like this cost money to develop, host, and support. we are receptive to feedback about pricing, but cries of ‘why isn’t it 100% free!?’ are not that useful, since the game sadly cannot exist if it is 100% free.

anyhow, thanks for all the great feedback thus far, guys. we hope to get a patch out by tomorrow to address some of the more extreme crashing issues and a few of the balancing concerns mentioned above. happy hunting, and i’ll see you in game!

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Bug Report

Originally posted by speakofsilence:

One: the “______ has connected” and “_______ has disconnected” messages are gone.
Two: the burn now affects shields as well. Was that intentional? (FRG said to ask dodar… so… dodar?)

damage over time effects such as burning and the nanite toxins now do apply through force fields, however when they do so their damage added per stack is cut in half as compared to stacks applied when force fields are down. also not yet mentioned in the descriptions: the Tech’s Repair Beam removes one burn stack per tick (to himself as well as his repair beam targets). likewise, the Shocker’s Lightning Gun removes one stack of (the Assassin’s) nanite toxins each tick. my plan is also to make the in-game Health power ups cleanse all debuffs as well, though that may not make it into the next patch.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Suggestion Box

“Scouts or some other class should have an ability to release something that messes up target locks…”

don’t worry, this is in the works!

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / July 10, 2012 Update Build Notes

great feedback, guys. i have already made a number of the fixes/tweaks/re-balances suggested here, so they will definitely be in the next patch (which should be this week).

just wanted to mention in response to complaints/comments about using “Shift” for Down-Thrusting & Air-Breaking. before this patch, applying Shift would instantly kill all horizontal velocity. after the patch, if you are still requesting horizontal movement (pressing a W-A-S-D key), then Shift will not air-break you but will just apply downward thrust. however, if you aren’t hitting W-A-S-D when you hit Shift, you will still air-break (though a bit smoother than the instant breaking from before). so you haven’t really lost a capability, air-breaking is now just optional when Down Thrusting. sorry for the confusion, and good luck!

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tips for everyone :) by Samothix

right now you can only upgrade a turret or trigger its level 3 overdrive ability from within a small range from the turret (team colored rings should show up when you are in range). if you trigger q outside this range it will deploy a new lvl 1 turret.

i’m not very pleased with this design though, and am thinking of changing the tech’s Q turret deploy to be a hold-and-release ‘charge up’ cast, but then letting upgrading/overdrive attacking be instants on tapping Q. this way i could let the tech upgrade their turret from anywhere in the level, or redeploy depending on whether they tap Q or hold it. the Q tap to AoE blast for the turret’s overdrive attack would be easier to use in combat too, as several players have already requested.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / The one thing that bugs me...

the jetpack effects did get some fixes in this last patch. the two flame effect the scout was using before was meant for a yet unreleased suit. good eye, though!