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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / How Famous are you on Transformice?

Im Epicneoman and on almost exclusively on room 0 so i have nearly no 1st titles (you need 11 people to qualify) but i almost have every cheese title cats hate mice i give you a 6 cuz when i am on room 1 you are always there

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / RUNESCAPE GETS BORING!

Runescape is a great game i played it for 4 years and enjoyed every minute off it. but eventually you lose interest in it. if my friends were still on it id be paying $5 a month.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Transformice Story

There was chaos everywhere, mice screaming as pieces of black, glistening metal beared down on them, knocking them out of view. They were all scrambling over each other trying to escape the deadly barrage. I turned around and saw in anvil inches from my face. I woke up breathing heavily, that’s the third time this week I had a dream like that. Now normally I don’t have much of an imagination, but these dreams were as vivid as ever. I looked at my clock, it was 1:45. I knew I wasn’t going to fall back asleep so I decided to go on Kongregate and see what was new. After ten minutes I didn’t find anything that look good so I decided to try to get a new title for Transformice. As soon as I logged in a hole appeared in the ground below me and sucked me in. I woke up in a blue room with giant mice running around! I looked down and realized that they weren’t giant that I somehow turned into one of them. I stood up, panicking. The mice didn’t pay attention to me until I fell face first on some ice. All the mice laughed at me. All, except one. He was bigger than the others and had blue markings on his body. He just stared at me showing no emotion. One of the mice slid over to me and helped me up on my feet.
“Hi, my names Swift, what’s yours?” He said.
“Ummmmm… Neoman. Where am I?”
“Well Neoman nice to meet you. You are in Room 6. Wha-“
Before he could finish the mouse with the blue markings barked out orders.
“Uh oh we better get ready.” Swift said
“For what?”
“The next level so we can get the cheese”
“Then what are we waiting for?”
So I set off with my new found friend as we set of into the unknown. Or the next level whatever.
End of chapter 1
So tell me your thoughts and ideas for the upcoming chapters! I hope you all like this!
Chapter 2
Even though chapter 1 had a somewhat epic ending this one has a boring beginning :P
We entered the mouse hole and the room changed before my eyes. The wooden floor melted in to some brown mud that stuck to my paws. It look disgusting but then I smelled it… chocolate.
“Mmmmmm” Swift said “I love chocolate!”
“So what are we supposed to do?” I asked.
“Get the cheese don’t fall”
“Sounds easy enough”
“Yah wait until you meet the anvil god”
“Anvil God…?”
“Yeah never mind”
So we trudged through the chocolate until we came across a wall at least twice my height.
“Ok so how do we get passed that?”
“Easy. Like this!”
Then swift jumped into the air and landed about halfway up the wall. He jumped againspun around and land on the top of the wall.
“Ok. Your turn.”
“I have no clue how that obeys the laws of physics but… what the heck.” I muttered to myself.
I jumped landed on the wall’s side and jumped again.
“WOW! I actually made it!”
“I knew you could do it!”
We eventually made it to the cheese and picked some up.
“This stuff is heavy.”I said.
“Don’t worry it gets easier over time”
“It better,”
We got back to the mouse hole
And instead of changing to a different room it was like a party in there. Disco ball, DJ, you name it, it was there.
“LET’S PARTY!” Swift exclaimed.
We danced, ate cheese, and basically partied all night long. The party was just about over when an alarm started blaring. Everything came to a screeching halt. It was almost like some hit the off switch. Instantly all the mice started heading to the same area.
“What’s going on?” I asked
“Someone has stolen our cheese supplies.” Swift said “We better hurry.”
The mice where all converging in a giant room full of hundreds of mice. Each group of mice had a shaman talking to them. As we walk through the crowds I could hear what the shamans were talking about. Battle plans.
“Each shaman is in control of a squad of about 20 mice. Come on your in my squad.”
We found our group and Swift introduced me.
“Guys this is Neoman, he’s the new member of our group.”
Our group was small, only 10 mice total. The shaman was Scopemonger, and the other mice were Hunter, Darkstorm, xtmb78, Archer, Cheesemaster, Ranger, and Tim.
“Wow it’s almost like some writer too lazy to come up with real names made those names” I thought.
“Hey xtmb78 how do you pronounce your name?” I asked.
“What does it mean?”
“It means the writer of these names is lazy.”
Time to stop saying cheesy jokes
The shaman told us the plan which was while the other squads attacked room 3 from the front another squad will help us flank them so we can get the cheese. Sounded easy enough.
End of really boring chapter
Don’t worry the next chapter will be much better

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Transformice] [Check Page 1!] The Official Tribes Sign-ups Thread

Originally posted by o_______o:

Well, I decided to finally make a clan because I got really bored. I was reading Warriors (By Erin Hunter) the other night, and I was reading about, ya’ know, ThunderClan and all them. So, I thought of the book now and decided to make this!

1. No trolls. Occasional jokes are OK. Just don’t make them too frequent.
2. Please, don’t fight with each other.
3. (Optional) Make an account with lTCl in your name to show you’re in the guild/clan/whatever.
4. Have fun!
Initiation Test

Okay. There WILL be an initiation test. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard.

Step One You must beat me in a race, and it cannot be an auto map. If the shaman is required, the shaman will build what’s necessary and go back to the start to race. You have an unlimited amount of tries.

Step Two I must see you wall jump, consecutively, two times on a normal wall. This step can we skipped if I deem you worthy enough XD.

The guild will have contests, so I’ll post a separate thread for those. The contests reward with one of the professional shamans helping you get ??? cheese (It shall always be a three or two digit number, and will never go below 50). Note that it will be only you and the shaman, no others or friend will be allowed. You can ask me on this thread, message me on my profile, whisper me on my profile, whisper me in the chatrooms (If I’m on), or whisper me on transformice. My name shall be Mudkipltcl on Transformice.
Member List
Leader – Mudkipltcl

Co-Leader – Position Empty, one spot open.

Moderators – Hoodlume; two spots open.

Members – Weriddoo
Updates I’ll update on how to become a Mod and Co-leader. And Hoodlume is going to be our first mod, and maybe co-leader! Cheers to him!


Nothing really much to say here, other then that thanks to Erin Hunter I’ve come up with a good clan name! You’ll have to do something big to get mentioned here.

Im in see ya at /room ltcl
My name is epicneoman

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Transformice] [Check Page 1!] The Official Tribes Sign-ups Thread

Wow thats really cool! I have read every warriors book and would love to join. So how would I contact you? My transformice account name is epicneoman.