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Topic: The Gate / Some Sugestions @ SH to improve game play

“that’s weird when I firsty about guilds I remember hearing it was coming out late December/early January. On my computer it is currently Jan 29th”

Yeah, xredxrazordragon, did you know Spicy Horse is the first game developer in history to miss a development date and not ship something on time!? We even have a Guinness Book of World Records plaque hanging in our office as proof! Missing a delivery date is so rare in our industry, we may not see it happen again in our lifetime!

Craaazy stuff.

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Topic: The Gate / Some Sugestions @ SH to improve game play

Thank you, for putting together this great list of ideas.

As we have mentioned on the game’s forums, our development team is limited in the amount of new content/features they can add into the game. This doesn’t mean we aren’t listening to your great ideas – or that we do not care about the game. It’s a simple matter of available time, money, and resources. We will continue to add new content and features into the game as we are able. Please, send your suggestions via the support channel once you have everything collected and formatted nicely:

Also, be aware that there are two more major updates planned for the coming months, which will add guilds and features related to guilds. What comes after those updates is still unplanned.

One more thing to note, we are a very small indie team. If you want a faster response, you can either use the support link (above) or join us on the company’s main forums ( We do try to check in here from time to time, but don’t have a lot of people to do that :)

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Topic: The Gate / Dagon deserves a good background

We like writing the background stories and are happy to spend time doing it. This week was a bit of a meta-experiment. Some people liked it, some did not. What’s great is that it got people talking. That’s better than weeks where we write something and it goes completely ignored.

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Topic: The Gate / "news" bug

We’ll look into it.

Also, when you find bugs, please report them here:

That way they get to the development team ASAP and our CS staff can work with you on a solution.


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Topic: The Gate / The Corrent Isla Event Model

NFIN, yes he is. Unfortunately, there’s not a system in place where violations of Community Rules are ignored because a person has been helpful in the past. Again, this isn’t a simple case of our mods banning someone willy-nilly or because they shared an opinion unpopular with people in our company (as was suggested by OP). He was banned because the community called for it based on some very direct and negative actions on his part. That was after he was given warnings. He’s also accepted the banning and not made a fuss about it. If you guys would like more insight into all this stuff, you might join in on the Spicy Horse forums:

In the history of those forums there have only ever been a handful of bans (less than 10?) – and only one of those was made permanent. In all cases users are able to appeal via our support system and bans are lifted after a short while. Not any different from any other forums. That’s why Community Rules and mods exist.

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Topic: The Gate / The Corrent Isla Event Model

@Raf, Please read OPs original post. It’s 50% complaint about the event structure, 50% complaint about heavy handed moderation behavior. As the first issue has been discussed at length on these and the Spicy Horse forums, there’s little point in repeating what’s already been said and done. For the accusation surrounding banning/deleting, I felt it’s worth responding as what’s being talked about lacks important detail.

@Sao, Then I look forward to your feedback on posts that you’ve actually followed in full. Sometimes difficult on the internet to tell the difference between people who are joking and those who are making a legit complaint. As mentioned before, we do want to maintain a positive relationship with the community, which is why it’s important for these topics to be addressed. Thanks.

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Topic: The Gate / The Corrent Isla Event Model

Posts get deleted when they violate the Community Rules or TOS. Both of those are clearly posted in the forums and available in-game. And yes, repeatedly posting that it’s our business or intention to deceive people, then ignoring moderator requests to stop, ignoring warnings about being banned… will get a person banned. If you don’t like the rules, don’t engage in the community. It’s no different than other online communities.

That same user was later allowed back onto the forum. Days later other forum users were once again calling for him to be banned. Had nothing to do with our moderators – simply that he was being a troll/annoyance to people. So one of the community members (who has been given mod privs) once again warned him, then banned him. That temp ban is set to expire soon… guess we’ll have to see what he does next.

Bans don’t happen without a reason. Same for deleting posts. We try to apply logic and fairness to both situations.

Please, don’t take our actions out of context. We try very hard to maintain a fair and happy relationship with our community. Just because we sometimes make decisions you don’t like (or don’t agree with) does not mean we don’t care, or that we aren’t listening, or that we have anything to do with North Korea.

You guys get to decide what sort of interactions you have with us. We are here, easy to reach, willing to communicate, and really have no desire to be bad guys.

Lastly, if you kick a dog are you surprised when it bites? Same concept goes for horses. Especially the spicy kind of horses ;)

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Topic: The Gate / Raids, roods and two smoking barrels...

The Unity3D crash situation is as much a mystery to us and Unity3D as it is to you. We’ve asked Unity3D developers to review our code and help us find the problem. We even paid Unity3D for special “tech specialist” review of our code. They were unable to find the issue and have told us to “wait until the next major update of the Unity3D source to see if that fixes the problem.” Our own engineers chased the problem as far as they could – but once it passes into the domain of “Unity source” there’s not much else they can do.

As a third-party user of Unity’s tech, we cannot do much beyond what’s outlined above. The issue is not in our own code, even Unity3D have admitted as much. Yes, we could purchase a full source code license, but as a small indie developer we don’t have that kind of cash sitting around.

We ask people to use IE because it works. We also think IE is garbage, but we have no other workable solution at this time.

No, the engine is not based on something bought from a 3rd party in China. It’s a 4th-gen revision of our own internal client-server code, built from scratch, and used by our company exclusively for the past 4+ years.

In 2011 we took investment money from a Singaporean VC in order to pivot our studio away from AAA console development and towards F2P/online/mobile games. 12 months were spent on the initial technology development phase, after which we released the first F2P web title based on that tech, BigHead BASH. In the years since we’ve released Akaneiro, Crazy Fairies, The Gate, and are prepping to release Chains of Darkness (later today actually).

As you might imagine, we don’t think it’s nice when people make the sort of assertions found in this thread. Like most developers, we pride ourselves on building high quality, original content. Our being in China has no relevance on the matter.

As for the question/suggestion that started this thread – our database (MongoDB) setup + current game design does not allow the sort of fix you’re suggesting. Our engineers have discussed it at length and determined that this problem “just is.” Fixing it in The Gate would be a nightmare. All we can offer in this point is that our next game (Chains of Darkness) has this problem resolved from launch. And we are planning a sequel to The Gate that would also have this problem solved from launch. The current execution of the system is a mistake. In this instance, all we can do is learn from that mistake and use the knowledge gained to make things better in the future.

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Topic: The Gate / NEW Princess Ekkek Stealth Skill - Care to fix it? - EDIT -> BUG Corrently Fixed

Many times these bugs only impact a certain group of players, as is the case with this issue. The team needs players to submit detailed reports – including info about OS, device spec, mem spec, etc – because that helps them understand which players are seeing the bug, and move more quickly towards why those players are seeing the bug. Community Support people telling them “some players report missing textures on models in-game” does not help them solve the problem. Us telling them “players don’t want to submit reports to help solve the problem” makes them think the problem does not exist or is not that severe. They judge the severity of an issue based on the number of support tickets it generates. They solve the problem based partly on the contents of those tickets.

Again, if you encounter an issue, even if you think your report will not help, please submit a ticket:

Our tech team have a better understanding of the problem and its severity when you do. Thanks.

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Topic: The Gate / NEW Princess Ekkek Stealth Skill - Care to fix it? - EDIT -> BUG Corrently Fixed

When you encounter an issue, please report it via our official support channel:

While we (community team) do occasionally browse through the posts here, if you want to report a bug directly to the team you need use the support channel. Thanks!

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Topic: The Gate / The 9 days of Christmas Codes

Hi everyone

FYI we have a redeem code coming up every day for the next 9 days.
Check our main page daily and don’t miss out :))

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Topic: The Gate / loading is too slow

Please submit more detailed report via the official support channel and we’ll try to help:

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Topic: The Gate / Suggestion - Marketplace

Thank you for the well-presented outline on a marketplace/trading system. Please understand that the chance we’ll be able to add something like this to the game (anything related to trading) is about 0.0000001%. In other words, it’s just not going to happen. There are a lot of reasons why, but the main issues are our inability to design a system that maintains the integrity of the in-game economy and the limited resources (time/money/people) our team has to put towards something like this.

We appreciate your understanding.

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Topic: The Gate / Shortcut evos

Yeah, the shortcut still works and to the best of our knowledge, there’s no difference in the stats of the cards when using either evolving method.

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Topic: The Gate / Isla Mare Question

We ran an analysis on Isla Mare to find out why some people are reporting they are unable to get through it. That analysis revealed that 90% of people get through it no problem. There’s a nice progression curve throughout – just as designed. When we examine accounts from people who report problems, we usually find problems with how they evolved their cards or how they use their combat deck. If you want to have some feedback on this, submit a support ticket:

Explain the problem and ask the rep to take a look at your account and give you some feedback.

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Topic: The Gate / We want exchange for 5 SR cards = 1 UR card Evry one dumbs up on this one

Everyone might also agree that we should give out 1000 Gold to all players each day for free. That does not mean it’s a good idea or that we’re going to do it.

Please keep the feedback and suggestions coming, but please try to make your requests realistic. Thanks! :)

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Topic: The Gate / login rewards

These will hopefully be changed before anyone actually gets there :)

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Topic: The Gate / Announcement regarding friends and x20 damage

Third !!!

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Topic: The Gate / Hi, question about multi platforms

Sorry but due to legal red tape and publishing deals, you cannot play on web and mobile under just the one account :(

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Topic: The Gate / Announcement regarding friends and x20 damage

Dear players

We’ve had some reports that bringing a friend into battle who has the advantage equipment is not leading to the 20x damage bonus.

Upon checking we have found the issue, and although this will be fixed in future patches starting next week, here is what can be done to fix this now.

The friend simply needs to remove the card with the equipment from their 1st slot for a few minutes and then put it back. Simples !!

In the meantime, please have a code for some rood for this small issue.
This code is good for a couple of days !!


- Spicy Horse

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Topic: The Gate / Version 2.3 is (not completely) shit

We do try our best and we’re very happy to have your support. Thank you, for the kind comments. :)

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Topic: The Gate / Help with Unity3D Web Player Crashes

Our official support channel is here:

As for the crashes, the survey result thus far reveal one thing for certain: Chrome crashes the most. Internet Explorer crashes the least. While we continue searching for the cause of the crashes we can recommend that you try playing with IE to avoid crashes.

We will update this thread at a later date once the survey is closed and we have additional info on this topic.

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Topic: The Gate / Help with Unity3D Web Player Crashes

Dear Players,
We recently had a tech team from Unity3D in our office to help with Unity Web Player crashes. Their fix went into the game with the latest big version update, but we’re still seeing reports of web player crashes. Very frustrating!

Please, help us understand where these crashes are happening so that we can continue to attack the problem. We understand how frustrating it is to all of you and we seriously want to find and solve the problem. This survey should help:

Everyone who provides their In Game Name will qualify to win some in-game Gold & Goodies. You do not have to complete the survey to win. Winners will be selected at random.

PLEASE read and follow the rules and instructions. We need your answers to this survey to be accurate and complete.

Survey will be closed on November 7th @ 10AM Shanghai time.

Thank you!

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Topic: The Gate / Card Naming Contests for 11/3

We often run contests over on the Facebook Community Page for The Gate. Here’s one for this week:

Kong players are invited to join in the fun. We give away Gold, Hope, and other in-game goodies to the lucky winners. Have fun! :)

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Topic: The Gate / We need version 2.31

Thank you, for the well presented feedback. These ideas will be discussed along with other suggestions that have been inspired by the latest update. As mentioned in other threads, ours is a small team and we operate under some pretty severe restrictions in terms of available time and resources – but will do our best to release new changes ASAP. As always, please feel free to submit your feedback via our official support channel:

One reason we ask that you submit feedback there is that we get so much of it – and having everything collected under one system makes sorting and prioritizing that much easier. We appreciate your understanding and support.

We ask that feedback be given in a respectful and rational manner. If you have something to say – other than disparaging our team, product, or customer support/community efforts – please let us know. Thanks.