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Topic: Tyrant / Righteous Deck Help

If you did the last event, add in some rapiers.
If youve got them, Thunder Crag, Ayrkrane.

I used Credo Mech for a while, which had tribute.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Suggestion] Change system of ordering in tourneys..

Originally posted by inorix:

Do not add players to rankings until they’ve fought at least once. Players who fail to fight at least once won’t get anything, unless they paid for the cards in which case they will still get the cards.

This will not remedy some cases of ties though. For those instances, I suggest to keep track of the first match played (instead of time they join the tourney) and break ties based on that.

No, this will reduce people joining tourneys.

If there must be a change, do the ranking base don when someone entered the tourney, the earlier people being ranked higher.

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Topic: Tyrant / [to Devs] card recycling

too expensive or not, it would be an optional feature, and should definately be implemented. +1

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Topic: Tyrant / Devs : recording fights

you can still record your battles on facebook. There are three save slots. Not quite sure how to access them afterward though.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Guide] Warswapping 2.0

Originally posted by francisurquhart:
Originally posted by retsamerol:

Nice catch.

I’d say, good morning :P

Good Morning :D

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Topic: Tyrant / [to DEVS] Little usefull improvement

yeh, zoom gets annoying cos it always zooms to where you dont want it to, and have to try and find your tile

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Topic: Tyrant / Am I crazy to spend 15 free shards on Awakening?

Soooooooo…..I used my free shards to get awakening and got eviscerator. Well worth it.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Request] 500 Energy Mission

On the note of new mission. More event missions would be good, give it some variety, instead of the same mission over and over again.

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Topic: Tyrant / The Finger

Originally posted by DrBoson:

A lego giraffe

needs top right tile

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Topic: Tyrant / New Mechanic "On Kill"; Crush

But now, we can have on death and crush in the same card.

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Topic: Tyrant / Do SIMs harm new players' development?

Originally posted by sss1:
Originally posted by Moraku:

I don’t think simulators stunt a new player’s growth, but Fansite probably does.

moraku hates fansite :(

from feedbacks i’ve got both via privates, emails and form on fansite the results are quite opposite: the people tend to say they didn’t quit tyrant because of fansite. what it do stop for sure – is deck building mind of new players. maybe it should be shut down for a greater purpose after all :)

fansite should not be shutdown. It has all the information needed for different sesction, like what cards are in the opponent deck for missions, what all the cards are and comments on their viability or use. It more than just free deck to copy in missions.

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Topic: Tyrant / Time-lapse movie of Conquest

Originally posted by Misterlol:

This would be awesome. Those little bee-lines rushing for the middle. Will be even more intense in a few days :) Is there a way to get the state of the conquest map via the fansite or something?

1 edit: sorry to disappoint you if you were expecting an actual movie here :P

I was dissappointed, because this would be pretty awesome.

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Topic: Tyrant / Do SIMs harm new players' development?

Sim help players win. But, in actual fact, to get the best deck, you want to make it yourself and play manually, as the sim doesnt normally use actions cards or some other specific to play cards that a human would know how to play properly.

I have also found that sealed tourneys help me learn better how to play, so there always that.

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Topic: Tyrant / [HELP] Very hard/impossible Typhon on Conquest

pretty sure M227 is worse. And on a non toxic give worse win rate than with toxic. Same with super xeno dom.

I couldnt sim anything above 30% with my cards.

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Topic: Tyrant / M227 Toxic

Or just normal mission 227, or super xeno domination, both on conquest.

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Topic: Tyrant / [To devs] Are you lacking Math skills?

I would rather get 1 token than 0 tokens. This update allows that to happen.
Top tier factions who were originally farming tokens dont need the tokens anymore, as they should already have had enough tokens to buy whatever packs they wanted and got any cards they needed.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Tournament] Another Tourney?

Originally posted by helg2887:

These are my predictions:
Assuming the commanders/structures don’t effect the cards, and a 50% chance at something is actually 50% (fly, evade, etc.)
(with the exception of Hope Mason)

Rapier beats Tremor Worm

I dont think so. Depend who goes first, and depends is tremor wyrm hits on first attack or second.

But majority of time, Tremor Wyrm wins.
Tremor Wyrm hits 2 each turn plus 3 every second turn.
Rapier hits 1 each turn plus 4 on first turn.

Rapier takes 4 turns to kill tremor wyrm. (7→3→2→1→0)
Tremor Wyrm take 3 turns to do 9 damage (10→8→3→1) assuming only 1 hit on flying.
4 turns is win definately.

So, if tremor wyrm goes first, it wins. If Tremor wyrm goes second, it wins if it hits 2/3. It loses if it hits 1/3.

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Topic: Tyrant / how to get Dracorex?


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Topic: Tyrant / [Tournament] Another Tourney?

When you change to a new set of two, can you post both cards so its easier to compare them and decided.
My vote, Meteor.

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Topic: Tyrant / Nominations over!!! Click here to see the winners

Originally posted by Varamond:

I guess we can assume you boldfaced cards that you considered to be sarcastic entries. I can assure you that I was not being sarcastic about nominating Gruesome Crawler. That card was in my surge decks for most of Awakening, and I crushed people with it, since when played it singlehandedly neutralized fear decks at the time, which were mainly sycos. Paired with Hope Mason, fear had no chance at all, allowing an EQG wallstall time to do its business. Here was the list:


Earthquake Generator x 3
Monarch x 2
Eviscerator x 2
Iron Maiden
Hope Mason
Gruesome Crawler

This deck surged 51-0 vs P-rex, and really didn’t lose very much at all for about 3 months. The Crawler was for real. Too bad it didn’t get buffed like the devs promised. :(

Even though I dont have it, versing it, the quick weaken all 1 can be frustrating. Particularly if it get augmented.

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Topic: Tyrant / Automatic deck optimization

Originally posted by Daqu40:

Hey Folks, newbie on the thread. I’m trying to run tyrant_optimize on a 64 bit Win7 system and getting an error that ‘tyrant_optimize.exe’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

I’m running the Nov 14 version. I’ve looked over this whole thread and not seen any similar errors.


What was the line you typed into command promt?
I use something like this.
tyrant_optimize.exe “test” “fac-rs” -o climb 100000

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Topic: Tyrant / Nominations over!!! Click here to see the winners


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Topic: Tyrant / Automatic deck optimization - leftylink's thread

Originally posted by ltdata123:
Originally posted by FieryPhoenix:


Your guide is great. I got it working.
Notes: Point 10. My last line had a different order, and also had the -lboost_chrono in the line, which you didnt add.
Point 11. Wouldnt do https links, so changed it to http instead and it worked.

Problems: Currently having a problem where it wont let me put in a new deck into custom decks if i want to fight it. I have to ‘edit’ a previous deck (by changing the card, but keeping the deck name)
Am I doing something wrong?

Just guessing but do not use TAB between deck name and deck description, only spaces.

Havent re-tried a new deck, but this will be it. Good guess.

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Topic: Tyrant / TYRANT AWARDS 2012

Originally posted by MSUSpartan3096:
Originally posted by catepillar:
Originally posted by MSUSpartan3096:

That is a handsome point. However…what if instead of a staggered start for factions, we just started larger factions closer to the center! So lets say the top 10 factions get to start on the third tier of tiles….top 20-50 start on the second tier and below 50 can lay claim to the first tier of tiles (lord knows there probably aren’t 100 active factions below the top 50 anyway).

Forum quote of the year^
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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant Pokemon Evolution!

All got flying, all have the same health, wait, attack, goes up by 1 rarety each time, same faction, similar background?

These next two set are just cos they are the only one that can be made in ascending rarety with same health, attack, wait