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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [SIM] Tyrant Unleashed Optimizer (Neon Genesis)

how does the hand command work?

i thought it represented your starting hand with three cards.
Im trying to sim a reorder, but set my starting hand to know whats best to play.

Also using enemy:hand to play their first card.

Only concern is during the sim, cards not in my ‘hand’ get put first.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Campaign]Phobos Heist Campaign Decks

pretty much, the direct counter to knightshade x7 being dropped first is oluth’s volition. Without that (for f2p) you almost cant win for a knightshade first drop.

Next best thing is vile emergence. Hope that helps :)

Edit: For 203, Vizier Shurixn is good against Tri-corps squadron first drop. Shuttle Stinger seems to be the hardest first drop. I’m getting sinuous dam first drop. Then infernal and ward.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Droprate

It is suspected the epic drop rate increased when vindi reactors were released. No data to support this theory.

I suspect that your equipped attack commander increases the chance of same faction epics. Apparently this is the case for the first mission qhere you get an epic card. However, i have no data to back this up either.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [IDEA] MVP/HONOUR MENTION prizes for team events


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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / <to dev> solution for war bug

No to number 1. For them to come on here, find out their mistake, make an announcement that the next battle starts in 4.5hours is firstly unlikely as its completelyr uahed. Secondly ignores the fact that a lot of player will be asleepn ow. And wont be up until after 1800utc. Therefore missing this surprise battle.

Best idea is to give rewards 1 or 2 tier above current ranks. Yeh, some players will get better rewards than they wouldve, but when you make an epic stuff up like that one, you over compensate to make up for it. Not only should you get higher tiers. But also some sp crates or wbs.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / (TO DEVS) WTF, GW ENDED BEFORE IT SHOULD?

Giving wb is pointless as for those f2p the wb wont be enough to do anything. (cos itll be about 60wb which is nothing to help you out -if it was substantial, like 300wb maybe but they wouldnt do that)

Sp is the same situation. 100Sp doesnt go far. Cant even upgrade a full cards. And they prob wont give, like, 500 sp or more.

For those who were about to get the next tier and get an extra card, that can help a deck quite well if its the final for a quad.

So i reckon give everyone the next tier, minimum. Dont do fonal battle. That ship has sailed. Then add some compensation for the waste of everyones time, planning, thrill, and all that disappearred by including something extra. Sp crates. Wbs. Reactors. All of the above.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / (TO DEVS) WTF, GW ENDED BEFORE IT SHOULD?

What a joke. 7 days for this rubbish. Should at least bump everyone up a tier. Plus more.

What a joke.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Mission Levels

Just had a questions regarding missions levels.

If I click on, lets say, shot the sheriff. And it says Level 7 on the bar.
I then click ok to attack. Am I now fighting level 7, because that is what is shown, or am I versing level 8, because that’s what I’m trying to get to?

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Is minefield currently too strong??

Are you just guessing that minefield is the strongest, or have you actually simmed to find out which is the strongest?

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs] Guild effects that need improvement.

Originally posted by Rathul:
Originally posted by dtyamada:

All effects should not be made equal. That’s why some cost more than others. However I do agree some need work.

Well I’m not looking for equality between all them despite prices, just that each price category should have the same effect on strategy as another of the same price category.

500 price should do about the same as other 500 and so on. (Just to make that clear).

Currently paladin’s presence is fairly OP same with diminisher compared to others of their price category.

I disagree. Having variable costs and strengths makes it more interesting for strategy.
However, power source needs to go back to what it was…charged up? Overload 3 units at once.
Ferocity need to increase perhaps to enrage 2 units, or even 3 units.
Bombing run would be better with strike all 2 + strike all 2.
Progenitor tech should reduce price to perhaps 8000 or 10000.
Blightblast and combine arms should be modified to 6h, however that may look like.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [GUIDE] TU Tier List Mega Update V.May 2016

Unholy cathedral will be low in a bloodthirsty deck because it hinders cimex parasite. The flurry it better with leech than refresh. With Rkrox the only other leech target it wont get its use, even though the enfeeble helps.
And thats one of the thing I hate about unholy cathedral and vrost’s alcazar, because I feel they were put into the wrong factions and should be swapped.
Xeno has ternary and nexor for leech/refresh. You also have howler and ive got ditch digger which all work together.
BT has Tormentor, Plague Belcher, Vile emergence for poison. plus scamper, and dracorex enhances poison.

Patriarchs bidding – B class because i feel the card is useless. Ternary id keep at B. work great with unholy cathedral and nexor.
Toxin blaster – C class. With munitions and vrosts alcazar you dont need any more siege. the other skills you can get better card with them.
I think serraco sire should be a never make card as well.

But just my thoughts.

EDIT: Also, Vizer Shurixin falls prey to payback easily. Can be hit with 12 damage easily.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Guess the supremacy mutant reward

Originally posted by TitanX1:
Originally posted by Prcoje:

what are quad stats nis?

arsha quad protect all 3 rally all 4 flurry every 2 hp 44 atk 5

No, its flurry 2 every 3. that means once it procs, its attacks once, flurries, attacks, flurries, and attacks for the final time.
Repeat on the third turning moving forward.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Dev] New Fusions

Originally posted by lucasbc92:
Originally posted by nicolas3470:
Originally posted by Bulzome69:

One of the best sets of Legends released so far imho. They all fit into some decktypes and even the RT might work well in rally/zerk decks. For the first time in months I could spend my gold and SPs. Made two Lt. Dyke Nukems and so far it’s a wonderful card. The Xeno will now be esp good in def decks in surge. Even the BT, when played with 2 NV can deal 19 counter damage. For f2p cards I am very pleased.

I feel exactly the opposite. Unfortunately, I’m forced to keep hoarding

+1, 3 legendaries for these cards is too much, except Imperial, but I don’t run mono imperial, so… keep hoarding. Next legendaries batch will probably use 2 legendaries (2 leg + 2 epic, or 2 leg + 4 epic), and way better than this one.

your gonna wait 2 months for the next fusions?


Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Naid]April 2016 Legendary Fusions

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [to devs] Ezamit, Dreamweaver, Ascendant

From what I can tell, these cards are only obtainable through the mutant missions.

Seeing as they are now fairly dated, can we please move them to legacy packs?

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Naid]April 2016 Legendary Fusions

whats the link to manually download the new card_sections file?

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Why was golmaw rog raid UNFUN for you?

If you are f2p and dont have a nettle. Well worth making one. Comes in handy all the time.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs] More issues with Intrepid mission

Originally posted by DarkAarchon:

Still trying to get to 50 wins, and I’ve been using Rancorous Eupnoi for the corrosive 7 to slow down the Allegiance. Well I noticed today that one of the cards with Allegiance 5 continued to increase it’s attack by 2 after each round, even though it was corroded for 7! I didn’t screen shot it yet, and I’ve run out of energy, but I’ll try and get some proof later today when I make a few more attempts.

Allegience will add, lets say, 2 attack when the next card is placed, and then get corroded at the end of that turn. (which is why corrosion works so well against allegience)

However, there is, or was, a bug with allegiance and corrosion where it would show the actual attack correctly.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / The Best f2p Brawl Deck

Originally posted by Zeckett:

ZezeV #375
Tabitha, Ambush Neutralizer #2, Sinuous Dam, Ward Bombardier, Bullet Virtuoso #3, Ozone Aggressor, AD4M-E

That’s for all who think you must absolutely play Raider to be top 500.

But if you do play Raider…

strateken #183
Silus the Corrupt, Extreme Barrager, Atomic Wardriver #3, Sinuous Dam, Mangle Loader, Erebus City Sector, Ozone Aggressor, Feverish Silverback, Stonewall Garrison

Yeah, it has an Erebus, I know. Still…

PS: These aren’t the highest f2p decks.

Would be interesting to see how the first deck would go with Living Dam and Ozone Contender. Haven’t tried a full Imp deck yet.

Last brawl I played: Nexor, Cimex, Nettle, Ternary, AW, Bullet, Living Dam, Unholy Cathedral, and maybe Ozone contender and got #1426.
Was hoping to improve on the deck but it’s hard to find cards that will improve it.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / The Best f2p Brawl Deck

Originally posted by lucasbc92:

little correction to spike: rank #505, 6,890 pts. (it wasn’t me, I did #737, 6,792 pts)
Still very close to top 500. I wonder if there was a F2P deck (without cards restricted to few players, i.e quad Dam and quad raid vindis) that managed to hit top 500.

@phoenix: is your Silus core-fused? It’s odd that you didn’t reach top 1k with that deck. Maybe because it’s too short, and short decks get penalized by scoring less points.

I was able to score 63 pts (my record) on three or four matches using a 10 cards deck:

Silus+, ExB, AWD #2, ML #2, Dam, Cathedral, Virtuoso, dual Ozone, Dreamhaunter.

Nah, no Silus+ yet. The next steps for the decks are Silus+ and 2nd ExB (if I can get one) to help with the card draw. I think without Silus+, ExB+AW is weak due to 1 overload. That’s why I’ve got Ferro, to deal with Evade heavy decks. A few times lost to ML and Dam before I could get Ferro out. And when I wouldn’t pull ExB till late I struggled a bit as well.

Im never sure whether to add ML or Orion in this deck as their benefit varies for me.

Seems like it just needs a bit more development before being able to get a great score.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / The Best f2p Brawl Deck

I wanted to ask about what is considered the best f2p deck that one can use in brawl.

I recently ranked 1350 with Silus, Extreme Barrager, Atomic Wardriver #2, Living Dam, Ferrodantium Mines, Deserted Baughe.

Two different types of decks I’m looking at.

A: Any f2p card deck.

B: Simple f2p decks – No recent vindis (base or reward) or recently epic/leg quads (sinuous dam is out, but living dam is fine)

So the deck I listed above would be in the B category, because it uses fairly commonly used cards. Actual brawl rank is preferred as it makes it legit.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Dev] Enrage Skill Description

So essentially, if for example zorbo the master get Enraged for 4, its skills will be:
Enfeeble all 2
Strike 3
Jam every 3
Berserk 4

for 1 turn, then the berserk will disappear.

I didnt realised there was enough space to fit a 4th skill on the card description, but the skill sounds cool.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [to devs] new not a-visual bug - very annoing - please fix

It doesnt affect the outcome of battles at all. Those cards with 1 hp should actually have 0 hp and be dead. Just the hp didnt subtract properly and it appears on screen.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Naid]Quest for Vindication Objectives Details

Protect is on silus. Heal and rally are on sanctuary. Dobt even need the dual. Just chuck it in and youll get it eventually.

You get 4 stam and hour. 24h a day. Is 96 stam a day. 250 stam in about 2.5 days. 5 lots makes 12.5 days.

The rest, 100 energy. You get 1440 a day. So 14 wins per day. Need 125 wins total. So about 9 days.

That makes 21.5 days with 100%, no purchasing energy, no wastage.

Easy :)

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Dev] Quest for Vindication

Heal? Chuck sanctuary in your deck. Done.