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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / what rank is the best?

The highest rank possible is 200.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / 3 new Tracks?

I recommend that you guys play BTD5 on Ninja Kiwi site, all recent updates are there only. And you do not need to start over from scratch, you can use your Kong’s BTD5 save data and use it on Ninja Kiwi, you just need to do the account migration. I posted a guide explaining how to do it here:

Besides, a new game is coming soon on Ninja Kiwi called Bloons Monkey City and probably is gonna be available only on Ninja Kiwi site. Here is the game’s trailer:

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / december and january vault??

That is weird. All other vaults they’ve released on the same day on both sites (kong and NK).

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Multiplayer

1) Kongregate is not responsible for release the BTD5 multiplayer (A.K.A. Co-op); Ninja Kiwi is the game developer, it’s on them to release the Co-op here on Kong.

2) BTD5 was officially released on December 16, 2011 (NK site) but only released here on August 8, 2012, i.e., nine months later.

3) It’s very likely that NK needs to open a new server for Kong’s users to play Co-op, which means “invest/spend more money”. Yeah, servers are not cheap.

4) Therefore, maybe NK will release the Co-op mode on Kong, but I honestly don’t expect so soon.

5) If you wanna play Co-op mode, you can follow these instructions: , ask for the account migration and play BTD5 on NK site.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Question about "special agents"?

Neither. You only can use the agent you bought one time/game.

Except Bloonsday device, all agents are not really worth to buy because you can not upgrade them during the game, therefore they’re pretty weak/useless after rounds +20.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / PISSING ME OFF

All NinjaKiwi servers are down right now.
Just need to be patient.. I know that sucks but keep raging won’t solve your problem.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Tails's Tip Truck

Dude, no offense but seriously? You’re giving really bad advices here.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / [Tip] Wanna play Co-op mode? Here is how...

Originally posted by RitzBeastly:

Will you be able to play with your account on either website and get experince on either one or are they completely unlinked after the transfer?

They will be unlinked accounts (independent accounts).

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / [Tip] Wanna play Co-op mode? Here is how...

Hey there.

I guess most of you saw that there is a new update called Co-op mode, but you can not play on Kongregate and possibly it won’t be available so soon.

So, what can you do?

Step 1) You need to create an account on Ninja Kiwi (BTD5 developer) website:

Step 2) Then, confirm your registration by email and do the login.

Step 3) Open the game:

Step 4) You have a brand new BTD5 account, starting with… nothing. Rank 1, no MM, no medals, etc..

Step 5) If you wanna restart the game all again, unlocking all towers, special buildings, etc, go ahead and have fun. :)

Step 6) But if you wanna use your Kongregate BTD5 account (having the same rank, money monkey, premiums, daily challenges done, everything the same), you need to ask for the account migration. It’s simple: you only need to send an email to , asking for account migration. You only need to say your Kongregate nickname and your (new) NK nickname and that is it, you only need to wait.

Usually the NK support reply very quickly (at the same day), maybe except on weekends.

PS.: I migrated my account 2 weeks ago and it’s working pretty well.

Co-op mode, some screenshots:

Main screen

Co-op menu. Yeah, you can create/join a private match!

Co-op tracks. Yeah, 4 exclusively Co-op maps!

Co-op game. Starting the game

Co-op game. You control one side (left or right) and your partner the other.

Co-op chat. Yeah, you can chat!

Have fun :)

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Pro issue

The “pro-meter” only counts the agents that you already used, not the agents you bought.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / BTD Battles - Multiplayer game [New game!]

I updated the infos and screens. The game has a new mode released couple days ago – defend mode.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / BTD Battles!!!!

There is a BTD Battles thread in this forum.
I guess I need to update the infos there since there are a lot of new upgrades since I created the topic. :)

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Topic: General Gaming / Unnamed Game

Originally posted by Docu:
Originally posted by cesarcurado:

You could add some Anti-alising on the characters, the lines seems too rough in the battle picture.

Thanks, cesar. i’ve done it now.

@gust4v3 Thanks! By agreeing with Edeslash, do you mean I ought to stick to my old spriting style?

As Edeslash pointed out, the background and characters together seem really “weird”. But I’m not an art designer so I really can not explain what is going on there.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / FullScreen Mode

No entiendo su pregunta. Usted desea que la opción de pantalla completa, pero entonces usted dice que su equipo no tiene mucha memoria.
Si desea mejorar el rendimiento del juego, puedes hacer dos cosas:
1) Cambio de la calidad (Flash) a “baja resolución”;
2) utilizar la tecla de acceso directo CTRL + “-” reducirá el tamaño de la pantalla. O si usted está buscando para pantalla completa, utilice CTRL + “+”.

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Topic: General Gaming / Unnamed Game

Originally posted by Edeslash:

Stick to that graphical style at all costs.

The problem is that the background and the spell effects don’t co-operate well with the characters.


And good luck on your project, Docu.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Daily Challenges

Originally posted by PSI232:
Originally posted by uuu2:
Originally posted by gust4v3:

Hey myskybluecap, you’re welcome to join the NK forums and talk about the daily challenges – there are more people there :)

Why not both? :)

Because Kongregate’s Forums are evil! :P
But really, you won’t get much of a discussion about the DC here, and its almost a waste of time to even talk about here. On the NK site, you can see how others beat the DC, how to beat it NLL NAPS, and you get replies :P .

Hey PSI, are you still playing BTD Battles? Wanna play a private match? :)

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Daily Challenges

Hey myskybluecap, you’re welcome to join the NK forums and talk about the daily challenges – there are more people there :)

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / BTD Battles - Multiplayer game [New game!]

Originally posted by DahZZ:
Originally posted by Lechew:
Originally posted by reddertje:

i have no NK account,upload for kong pls ninjakiwi

1) its a public beta only on their site not a complete game
2) its awesome
3) quit complaining and make a ninjakiwi account


Crud i dont got none not my email no facebook no google so no

Errr… and who cares?

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Extreme tracks and daily XP

Did you realize that 1000xp is almost nothing? I mean, if you’re rank +65, you need more than 5 Millions xp to level up.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Is it me, or did the prices of some upgrades increase?

As far as I read (in the Niki’s forum), these upgrades seem the same than before, but more expansive.

They increased the price of these upgrades based on BTDB’s games (BTDB = BTD battles), since you could buy a boomerang 3/0 or 0/3 in middle of the round 1. But I really disagree with the price nerfs as well, it’d be more logical to make a separate price system for BTDB and BTD5.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Is it me, or did the prices of some upgrades increase?

Boomerang upgrades 3/x and x/3, and apprentice 2/x got nerfed – the price was increased.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Open House now CLOSED

The mage spire level 3 (the apprentice building) is one of the most useful buildings. Using only 2 apprentices 0/0 (=~ $1000 total cost), usually you can beat without leaks until round 23 (round 24 = camo bloon, so you only need to upgrade to x/2). That way, you can beat any regular maps, start to farm ASAP and make tons of money.

Another good building is the boomerang level 3. At first sight, it doesn’t seem worth, but you’ll notice that the boomerang x/3 and 3/x becomes really powerful using the 3rd tier.

Darts, ninjas, glue gunners and Aces buildings (lv 3) are OK, doesn’t help a lot but it can help in some daily challenges.
Tack, ice, dartling gun and spike factory buildings (lv 3) are kinda worthless.

Bomb and mortar buildings (lv 3) are useful in a lot of daily challenges.
Super Monkey and buccaneer (lv 3) can be very useful to beat some camo’s challenges.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / BTD Battles - Multiplayer game [New game!]

Originally posted by mariomarioxd:


Yeah, because it’s so hard to read the first post.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Pro Tips/Newbie Guide

Originally posted by abidik:

-ALWAYS start with a dart monkey. Upgrade to 2/3

False. Dart monkeys are a good tower to start the game, but it’s wrong to advice ALWAYS do that.

-You can get a 4/2 ninja which awesome for camo poppage.

Ninjas are good but overrated.

-3/2 cluster bomb tower is pretty good to deal with bloons.

Every tower has pros and cons. Bomb 3/2 has a great AoE but it’s not accurated and don’t have a great fire rate. Besides, bombs can’t pop black/zebra bloons (unless a 2/x bomb fragments hit them).

- Super Monkey is the easiest way to beat any difficulty.

This is kinda obvious. But you’re missing a important factor here: SM is the most powerful tower overall but is very expansive as well.

- 2/3 Robo monkey with x/2 village is the greatest 2 towers you can have.

Define greatest. SM 2/3 + village x/2 is a good combo but it’s not the greatest combination. For example, the obvious SM 2/4 + village x/2 is more powerful than SM 2/3 + village x/2.

- Don’t rush to do all these. But better for you if you got 2/3 monkey with village before round 42.

Why round 42 specifically?

- Done them all? Get a dartling gun, or upgrade village to 4/2 as they get super strong.

Or buy a dart monkey, tack, ice, glue, boomerang, whatever you want.

- If you got dartling gun upgrade it to rocket version.

False. Dartlings 3/x are better to pop MOABs/BFB/ZOMGs, and dartlings x/3 are better to pop group of bloons / ceramics.

Hope this might help to beat some maps. I’ve beaten Monkey Lane in all difficulties using this strategy

You’re a beginner player and someday you’ll notice that you’re giving bad advices here…

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / BTD Battles - Multiplayer game [New game!]

Yeah, the battle energy sucks a lot, but as far as I read in the Niki’s forum, this system might change when they release the official game.

Originally posted by Holy2334:

The lag in this game really bugs me. I see a bloon that can easily be taken out by anytower and it just misses it. Then i see the oppents bloons go accross and they don’t lose any.

Try to change the quality to Low, it helps a lot.