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Topic: Epic War Saga / When is the next update?

This thread is if people know when the next update will be and what you think it will be about?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Bad Eggs Online] i will try to make mega weapon

Just about the most retarded idea i’ve ever heard

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Bad Eggs Online] Share Your Made Up Weapons (More Weapon Ideas For U!!!)

Pistol: Does 25 damage, Goes in a straight line, requires level 20.

Plasma Grenade: Does 30 damage on contact, then when it hits it shoots out 5 tiny particles of plasma in each direction, each of them doing 2 damage, requires level 46.

Mini Airplane: Fires out an airplane that after 1.5 seconds fires 10, 3 damage bullets that explode on impact, requires level 32.

Laser Rifle: It shoots out a red beam of pure energy that does 25 damage, requires level 25.

Health Pack: It automatically gives you and all of your teammates 20 health, requires level 40.

Tri-Driller: It’s a driller, but there’s three of them, I think that this should go into something I made up called super weapon pack, which costs 100 creds.

Ultimate Weapon Of All Of The Gods: Rains down a heavy storm of explosive arrows that each do 10 damage all through-out the enemies territory, requires…. 50 creds, prestige 5, and level 80.

Piercer: It goes through walls, shields, and players, doing 25 damage to each and every one of them, requires level 80.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / post your daily rewayd luck screencap(Rejoice,500gem exist)

I’ve gotten about 20 sandwiches, 30,000 gold and 110 crystals.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Bug Report

I was about a level 100 then I shut off the computer, got back on it in the morning at level 50 and my skill points were reseted, and the experience to level up was a lot more than normal! Now I’m back to level 100 and I’m wondering did Art Logic do this or was I hacked?