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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / journal

I’m pretty sure this must have been suggested already, but a simple feature would be to have a journal logging raids against you, at least (raids you have done would be a +).
In some situations, you cannot see the pop-up window reporting what happenend and who attacked (like after a Zombie attack right on log in – did not get the results for that attach neither).

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Topic: Kongregate / game suggested on maitenance

There was a short maintenance break on Kong, no problem with that for sure, but i got a little bit surprised that for the waiting time the suggested game was “Collapse It” (kill all humans), with an image of an H-bomb falling.
I played video games for more than 20 years, including many banned ones, so that should not bother me. Still, thinking of Kong as “familial” site (from the worst dress up game to the worst kill all humans), i don’t think this was one the best choice.
Just my opinion.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / You know you're addicted to Realm of the Mad God when...

You are addicted when that shiny and colorful cursor you are using for rotmg became your default cursor… having to explain to people why the hell you are using such a thing.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / [Guide] What to do, and what not to do.


u said it well enough. I would add: a priest can be offensive, he needs to be if he wants some drops, so don’t expect that he just looks after you, especially when equipped with holy tome. NEVER rely on a priest, ignore him, and when u really dont have a choice, ask, don’t beg, there is a nexus with plenty of fountains to heal your bad skills or unlucky move. I hate HP beggars knights ;p