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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Wishlist Building: Display Case

Quick show of hands of players with really cool Rare or Unique Weapons and Gear gathering dust in your inventory. ::Waits for it:: I thought so.

Since it costs such a ludicrous sum to upgrade higher-grade weapons, I think most of us keep these things around for sentimental reasons, but never plan to use these things again.

How much trouble would it be to include a display case or something for things like this? Just a notion. Cheers,


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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Injury Resources

I like the idea of this system, but not the execution. Higher-level injuries require higher-level supplies, which cost fuel. True, fuel can be generated now, but the player behavior reinforcement doesn’t pencil out. Playing a mission runs the risk (read: probability) of an injury. Injuries run the risk of essentially requiring fuel to cure. Therefore, over the long-run, they’directly charging fuel to play through missions. That’s weak.