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Topic: War of the Web / Should Kong Have A Leader?

Originally posted by Keegann:

We are Kong.
We are Swarm.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

I think Anonymous does this in real life guys. A small-ish group of highly dedicated individuals who coordinated and get shit done. NG can’t eliminate our leader – we will have a group and….worse case scenario their buildings are lowered to zero health. Not actually an issue really. a dead man can still talk on this game.

We know who is active in Kong chats. Make a system that makes it easy for everyone else to follow. Good luck fellas. Dont ask to make a leader – be one.

The only thing giving NG the advantage is their small chat and blind loyalty. Who ever is on is chosen as a speaker and every ng listens to that guy for the time being. We need leaders? the hell? its a game guys, dont turn this into some sort of organisation with serious motives for world harmony…

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Topic: War of the Web / NG is winning because...

So you’re saying everyone on NG has alt accounts? i dont see how that would be feasible