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Topic: Rise of Champions / Rise of Champions FAQ

Lets say you do an hit with 100 damage:

With 10% Bleed on your char the enemy you hit gets additional to the 100 Dmg 10 stacks of Bleed

Same goes for stamina steal: 10% stam steal would mean from the 100 Dmg you did you get 10 Stam back from somewhere, youre not stealing that from the enemy

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Bugs

When i attach my fleeting mutation to my rogue he is half-disappered and when i start a game it tells my connection problems and the game is completely bugged (no moves can be seen, laggy and no stats can be seen)

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Ask the devs!

Will you add an AoE heal skill to the mage skilltree?

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Topic: Rise of Champions / [THE ERUPTION] Hellbound

lvl : 17
ID: kong747028
Donations: If i make money i give it to the guild ;)
Quote: “Did you know? Roaming Golem got changed to be in frontrow so you could see its hp!”
Why?: Why not? :D And need an guild which is active and other help others.. and so on, the typical perfect guild ^^

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Topic: MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 / Mardek Chapter 3 Secrets and Tips

is there any guide how to complete the impossible badge?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] make your own monsters/inferno monsters

Originally posted by dvdwen:
Originally posted by CavemanDestroyer:
Originally posted by Spyder:
Originally posted by Wave_Rida:

How about a monster that attacks your yard if you make useless threads?

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Mini Contest ( Crystal prize )

Win phrase: zZzZzZzZ Oh, I`ve won already?
Win phrase: I expected more from you!
Lose phrase: I`ll tell this my mommy!
Lose Phrase: I actually didn`t loose you know? You`re thinking only that you have won because your brain can`t process the possobilty of loosing.
Surrender phrase: My time so too valuable for that.
Surrender phrase: ****! My boss came back!

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Topic: Forum Games / Last 3 Letters into 3 New Words

its the shit

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Topic: General Gaming / RPG Shooter: Starwish

just a little question… those 4000 kills for nefereti, do you need only the achievment for this kills (made them on normal) or in the same game where i want her ending or does they count together with all ng+?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [DarkOrbit] I just get destroyed in the x-1 map...

Originally posted by bugme143:

PvP in the same company is off. You can still be shot by other companies. But, its called a minimap people. The red dot with little dots around it is an enemy. Hence, you should avoid it.

but this warning just come if youre lvl 5-. when youre lvl 6+ you see the enemies only in standart range

and pvp off on the X-1 maps are only in the US servers i think