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Topic: Picma - Picture Enigmas / Bugs

This is actually the case on here and on your website. In the Plus Games I album, you can only see the first two pages, when I know there are more than that, because I’ve solved the first two pages of that album but only have twenty-something of 48 solved.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Glitch: monkey money

So, according to what the game is telling me, I should be getting monkey money for beating a track…but I don’t seem to be. Is there something I need to be doing besides beating the track to claim this reward, or is this a glitch?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Castlot] [Activity] Halloween Spooky Story

S3, I think

I wrote this story for a haunted house last year, but had to cancel it due to a freak snowstorm. I thought you could benefit. I have the script from Annabelle’s monologue, if you would like to see it.

You are being taken around to an orphanage by the man who runs it. He begins to take you around the house, but everywhere you go,you see carnage. He seems not to notice. There’s a woman stuffed in the oven, a maid drowned in the bath tub, children dead and the people who work in the orphanage dead all over the house. Every room you walk into or see has carnage in it, and you keep thinking you hear the singsong of a sixteen year old, gleefully telling you how each one died. He finally takes you up to a nursery/dormitory, and there’s a grown woman there. Covered in old blood, she looks at you.
“Who are you talking to?” she asks, in that same singsong voice. “We’ve all been dead for years.”