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Topic: General Gaming / [Desktop TD Pro] Badges

Apperently, a lot of people on the comments says that they can’t get the badges on this game. I have experienced this problem myself. I hope that Kongregate fixes this problem because I really need the beginner badges so I can get the certificate thing…

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Platform Racing 2 Hat

Can somebody…
Tell me how to get a account back! (Without a email… I didn’t type 1, I thought it would be useless… But it’s not… I learned the hard way… :()
I forgot the password for my account!
The username is:klast…
If anyhow you get the account back please whisper the password in my account?!

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Topic: Kongregate / Holy Crap, New Navigation

I think it’s great! Now it has all of the stuff so you won’t get lost. Nice job!