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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Bloons TD 6 Suggestions!

BTD6 Suggestions—-

Rogue Balloon: Sends a rogue balloon to pop 2 layers off of any non-MOAB classed balloon. It has 30 layers, and loses a layer with each balloon it passes. (It goes in reverse around the track.) (Classed with road spikes and pineapples.)

Spider Monkey: Shoots a web over the track in its range that slows balloons slightly in the beginning, and slows them down even more the further into it. The web is removed if balloons get out, or a MOAB class balloon flies over it. The web is shot once from each tower until it is gone. (Classed with normal towers.)
UPGRADE 1/0: Sticky Web: The web is slightly harder to move and slows balloons that touch it by a slight amount.
UPGRADE 2/0: Super Sticky Web: The web is even harder to move, and now slows MOAB class balloons that touch it permanently, although still disappearing. The web will pop a layer off of each balloon touching it once every 7 seconds. (Not MOAB class.)
UPGRADE 3/0: Glue Gunner’s Aid: The glue effect happens once every 5 seconds, and can spread to surrounding balloons.
UPGRADE 4/0: Steel Spinner: The web does effect MOAB class balloons now, although UPGRADE 1/0 and 2/0 aren’t in play when a MOAB moves it. Upgrade 3/0 still does not effect it.
UPGRADE 0/1: Web Slinger: Any balloons within its range are pulled directly to the tower, and are slowed for 10 seconds afterwards.
UPGRADE 0/2: Banana Creation: After each round, for every balloon popped by this tower, you receive an additional banana.
UPGRADE 0/3: Tree Dweller: After each round, for every balloon popped, gain an additional 2 bananas and an additional point of XP. (XP’s effects can’t stack from multiple towers.)
UPGRADE 0/4: Jungle’s New King: After each round, gain an additional 3 bananas for each balloon popped. All towers in range give you +400 bananas per round.

BTD6 should have a first person feel with an easy-to-navigate track. You could watch balloons pop from a monkey’s perspective, or the MOAB hovering above it. You could actually see the monkeys’ bodies as they throw shurikens, shiver from the snow under them, or throw a phoenix into the air. A full 3D aspect. (Of course this would just push the development back by practically years.)