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Topic: General Gaming / Why Do People Like Stupid Runescape?

Originally posted by noobymcnoobnoob:

runescape sux and i think people like it cuz they are probly too stupid too figure out what a download is, that or they just dont have a life

Just because you are on the internet, you don’t have spell things wrong. It’s just anoying to read, and will get you critisized in chat rooms.

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Topic: General Gaming / Age of war 2!!!!!!

Personally, I don’t like the fact that specials cost experience. In the original, the cool down was enough, but now we have to sacrifice our Evolution to something that only helps for about 30 seconds?

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Topic: General Gaming / Most Overrated Game Currently?

Originally posted by abccrazywacko:

Minecraft. It’s CONSTANTLY bombarding gaming channels, gets repetitive and is overall heavily overrated.

How is Minecraft overrated? It’s a good game, although there A LOT of Minecraft stuff out there, it’s still good. Have you, by the way, tried all the game modes?Like Survival, Creative, Hardcore, Multiplayer is pretty fun sometimes. Mostly if you have a group to play with.Overall, MC would a 4.10/5 for me.

Originally posted by Xaqqax2:

Kingdom Rush.
Seriously, it’s just another TD and it got the status of highest rated game on Kong in only a few days. I’m probably a bit late with this, but still.

Well, not the highest rated game maybe, it should be about… 4.05 average. It is fun.

Originally posted by TheLightningBolt:
Originally posted by BobTehLoner:

Skyrim and TF2

This. ^

Skyrim is fun. Not amazing, but I usually never finish console games anyways, I just trade them in when I’m bored with them. TF2 is…good. That sums it up. Not as good as Skyrim though. TF2 would probably get about a 3.50/5 for me.

Originally posted by Serpentes:

On Kong, it’s the infectonator series. I simply don’t find the games to be even remotely entertaining.

Not on Kong, the Call of Duty games are quite overrated, as they don’t add anything to shooters. They can be fun for a little while, and they’re not horrible. It’s just that the games are infinite spawns of the same thing, which get old quickly and do nothing to deserve the massive hype they have obtained.

I agree with you, the only game that is moderately of the series is World Dominator, around a 3.25/5.
CoD is EXTREMELY overrated.Now if the story was better, it would be about 3/5. Maybe without all the people screaming at each other, about 3.4/5. Also, what’s so good about Ocarima of Time? As far as I can tell, it’s mainly just the sounds.