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Topic: Spiral Knights / Spiral Knights For Ever

@dewott i think it is better to let lowbies wear temporary 5* equip in PVP (they can choose whatever 5* equip that exists in SK) so PVP turns into pure skill battle, not a battle of who has the best gear, since someone with proto armor but has very good skills can possible beat someone with a 5* set. so you are provided with equal equips for everyone, that would make PVP even more fun for everyone. i got this idea from GW2 where in pvp matches everyone gets the same equip grade, and their levels all get boosted/nerfed to the same level, so pvp is fun for everyone. and newbies dont have to play for like a year before they can have fun in PVP

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Topic: Spiral Knights / Dooohh -.- game loads pretty slow but its cool :D

takes less than 10 mins on a good pc with 1 Mbit/s connection, mine takes 50 seconds to load with 14.7 Mbit/s Connection