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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / 3 new Tracks?

Sorry for the update taking so long. It was us (NK) being delayed.

The Kongregate version has been updated now, so the new tracks, and a bunch of bug fixes. (Freeplay should be much much smoother now)

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Lost 90% of my progress, How do I manually save?

Also make sure that the floppy disk at the top right of the game is green. If it’s orange or red the game won’t be able to save your progress to our servers. If it’s orange you may be able to make it green by using the save button in game (among other things). If it’s red you will need to refresh the game.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / Stat Resets

Originally posted by 6thgraderhere:

It has something to do with cookies and NK being “indie”.

Nothing to do with cookies, it’s about connection to our servers. Also not sure why you’d put “indie” in quotes…

Just so you know, no one has ever been reset. We keep logs of player data and there has been zero cases where player data has been been cleared or set back levels. Everyone who has seen a “reset” is either not connected to our server, and therefore hasn’t loaded their data, or weren’t connected in the first place, and never saved their data. That’s why refreshing should work the majority of the time.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Daily Challenges

The Daily Challenge switches over at midnight GMT so it’ll be at odd times depending where in the world you are.
The NK forums have a thread each day for the challenge so if you need help you can check it out there too :) That archive list will have the link to the latest challenge at the bottom.

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

I’ve been looking for two games for a while.

The first I barely remember anything about. It was a puzzle game and from what I remember the goal was to break hearts with a chain reaction using bombs. I think you were a gnome or dwarf or there were gnomes and dwarves in it. That’s all I can remember.

The second was a game where you build up a collection of little creatures that you use to beat puzzles. The first puzzle you had to cross a bridge and you had to send the creatures in the correct order. There was a frogger type puzzle and you had to match the colours and shapes on the creatures.

Sorry they’re both pretty vague.

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Topic: General Gaming / Bloons Tower Defense 5?

The formalness? I suppose it is bad.

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Topic: General Gaming / Bloons Tower Defense 5?

Hello everyone,

At the moment we don’t have a time frame for when BTD5 will see a wide release.

We’re still evaluating the best way to handle the premium system so no news there.

Regards, Aaron