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Topic: Star Era / How to report issues or submit suggestions

I think I’ve encountered a bug.

Today, after participating in the defeat of the World Boss I noticed something was missing from my rewards.
I used two Inspire Potions and ranked 42 in damage dealt, so I should have received the following:
4 greater random packs, 1 medium random pack and 1 lesser random pack. I got everything except the medium random pack.

Can you look into this? I can provide my username and server name via PM.

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Topic: Dueling Blades / [To Dev] Nerf Stun Kick

I have to agree with the OP as well.

Things normally go like this:
T1 – Player A lands stun kick on player B. Player B can only guess where the next attack will come in from and aim in that direction.
T2 – Player A knows exactly where player B is gonna be standing so he can attempt for a second stun kick. If he lands it player B should be getting acquainted to the thought that he’s already lost the match.
T3 – Once more player A knows exactly where player B is gonna be standing and aim for a power strike. A hit here pretty much marks the end of the match. If the defending player somehow lived past this point s/he will be bordering death either way.

Stun kick can be countered but only IF:
a) Defending player has counter-strike equipped.
b) Defending player has enough EP to activate counter-strike.
c) Defending player wins the mini-game.

The fact that this skill deals 1.6x damage in addition to the aforementioned stun doesn’t really do much to help the matter either.

With that said – I don’t think much needs to be changed. In my opinion a cost of 6 EP doesn’t seem like an unreasonable amount given its effects. Viewing it in comparison to the Heavy slash skill, which only deals 1.5x damage and doesn’t stun it just seems off that these two attacks should share the same EP consumption.

That is all on my part. :)

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Topic: Dueling Blades / Bug Reports

I’ve come across three issues:

1. Received no reward after completing the “Continue Imperial Investigation 2” quest.
2. Sometimes matches will bug out at the start causing for commands not to execute. You can still send out orders, but both you and AI will just stand there at the end of each turn. The inevitable outcome of these battles is a defeat for the player.
3. Whenever a clash ends in a draw the bug mentioned above takes place and the match will also end in defeat.

I think this is an amazing game, and even though it’s going inactive I believe it has a great potential to come back to life. Please work hard on the bugs! I’m sure in return you’ll see a lot more players stay interested in the game for quite a good while. :)