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Topic: Kongregate / I'm feeling old

I’ve had this account on Kongregate for more than 7 years now, and I’ve been playing games here since before Kong had even turned 1 year-old.
But somehow I feel this website has little by little lost its magic, I don’t know if it’s just me or what… When I joined Kongregate, it felt different, I was proud about being part of it all, even though I’d never really been active on the forums. But somehow, some 2 years ago, I started to feel confused… it didn’t feel like Kongregate, comparatively the Youtube of (not only) Flash Games, anymore. This was the place to look for interesting games.

Now the layout makes me cringe everytime I load up a game or look at the homepage. I just feel lost, does anyone here feel the same?

But enough with my little rant. Happy anniversary and enjoy your time here, OP!

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Topic: Kongregate / Changes to the Collabs section

Out of topic

Originally posted by 09Kisame09:

One good supporting reason why the collabs should be kept

Erm, looks like that song was stolen, maybe? The song seems to have another name: not “The Draem World”[sic], but rather “Wake Up (SP mix)”; just download it from Kong and you’ll see the artist is called Steven Polley. He is from NG. Now I don’t know if DJ_Sketch is an alias whatsoever, but why would the songs have different names? Also, I’ve checked the dates, the NG one is 1 week older.
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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Stupid Bug Found with Suppressors

Today, when I joined a match, there was a Tech that kept building suppressors on the ceiling inside my spawn area, yes, through the force barrier.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Design Your Favorite Class

Oooookay, so, I’ve seen some people wishing there were magi in this game, some wishing there were (de)buffers. Well, I spent some time designing a class that maybe fits those ideas. So here it is:
Note: wherever I put a (?) mark it means I was uncertain whether it should be like that or not and it’d be a nice idea if people discussed over it.

Name: Disrupter(?) – A low-health support unit.

Overall Concept: Okay, I’ll first explain the main concept behind the Disrupter:
In order to use his main weapon (the Energy Bow), use some of his skills or Warp(will be explained later), he needs Energy [just like mages need mana!].

Energy is slowly recovered over time or can be drained from enemies (will be explained).

Weapons: 1.SMG: same weapon as the Scout’s.
  • 2.Energy Bow: Damage: Medium(?)
    Cooldown: Medium(?)
    Special effects: Disables armour quickly. Has a chain effect (with a lot less efficiency) on enemies close to one another.
  • Consumes a little energy on each shot. [1-2%] Can be disabled by a Disruption-Bomb.

Q – Blast: Energy wave that repels enemies and stuns them for a short(?) while.
*The wave is released in all directions from the Disrupter. (in a “Thou shalt not pass!” fashion)
*Consumes ~25%(?) of maximum energy.
*Short cooldown.

E – Drain: The Disrupter draws a special dagger and stabs an enemy, the dagger drains the victim’s armour, transforming it into Energy for the Disrupter.

  • Both players are vulnerable to enemy fire while the draining is taking place.
  • After the proccess, the victim drops to their knees, stunned for a very short while [0.25~0.5 sec] (I decided to add this in order to give the Disrupter a split second to flee from the scene, since he has very few hitpoints)
  • Does not consume energy.
  • Short~Medium cooldown.(?)

F – Disruption Bomb: Thrown bomb that instantly disrupts any(?) player’s armour within the AoE.{this skill is for those who wanted an EMP skill}
The bomb also disrupts:
– Tanks’ shields [ or maybe just shortens their duration (?)]
Temporarily disables Scouts’ blades – as far as I could notice, their sabres are made from energy, so the bomb would affect them as well.
Temporarily disables suppressors.
EDIT: Also drains other Disrupters’ energy.

  • Efficiency depends on the distance form the centre of the explosion.
  • Consumes 75% of maximum energy and 1 bomb.
  • Long Cooldown.

Additional feature: Warp: This ability replaces the default Jetpack, instead of struggling against gravity, the Disrupter teleports and gains speed in a direction. _The travel distance and speed gained would depend on how long the Spacebar key is held down (in a similar way to the Tank’s jetpack).

  • Short cooldown to prevent abuse.[0.25~0.5 seconds]
  • Consumes little energy [from 1% to 5% depending on distance].
  • Can go through walls(?). Notice that doing so would consume a lot more energy [15%~25%] in order to prevent abuse!!
    Being able to go through walls would be an interesting feature, giving space to many new strategies.

Keep in mind that balancing would depend on the community’s feedback.
This is a low-health support class, it isn’t supposed to take on battles, it should always be lurking in the shadows, trying to help its team. Head on combat would be a complete failure.

Please do mind giving a response to this concept, as it took me a while to make.

Peace, Glauro.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / E Ability Idea

So, is your point “Since the grenade would attract too much atention, I should just bounce off a wall, glowing in my team’s colour, taking double damage while in that form and slamming the ground right afterwards”? I still think FLO would be a lot less prudent.

I think the Thunder Kick for the scout is already a multi-purpose skill. You see, one can use it to:
quickly throw oneself in or out of a battle;
chase after fleeing enemies (locking at them first and then using the skill);
move faster while being able to steer quickly (as opposed to a simple bunnyhop);
change direction in mid-air (which isn’t as effective as a Sabre Dash);

Now, tell me, why would you prefer to risk getting killed by a single sniper hit when you can just activate Super Turbo (Q ability) and drop a nade by, thus throwing at least one of the snipers away and making him an easy prey – and, remember you are still moving superfast and can use your E-Kick to escape if things get tricky. Also, by the time your prey hits the ground you’ll probably have another grenade ready.

You didn’t mention how much damage an FLO would do, but, if high damage is the case, then this game would become too similar to DotA, and by that I mean “one opening attack plus two hits later and you’re dead”. It would be too past-paced, the combats wouldn’t be as immersive; the whole battle strategy would be based on how one can initiate a fight and then escape quickly.

So, I don’t agree completely with your idea, but maybe something different would be fit?

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Class Advantages/weaknesses

Originally posted by vezwyx:

(…) but your objective isn’t to kill them, it’s to get away. You just want to fly away from them before they can actually kill you(…)

Great point there, vezwyx. That’s why I said it’s an easy kill for the scout; I mean, if the tank uses that tecnique of yours (switching to hammer on cqc), the scout could quickly leap away and go for SMG harassment. Tanks vs Scouts is a very interesting situation and I’d say it is more skill-based once the battle has started, however, if the scout gets the tank first, specially right after its shield has run out, things can get very tricky for the tank.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Hackers, Bugs, or Glitches

Originally posted by Energectic:

I found a Gitch today.. When i am using scout is like.. When at New game starting.. At Warm – up. I use my scout special power. and it ran very fast. Until next round it continue to run and I dont know what did i do and i keep running fast.. Until someone killed me

Well, it was the same with me, except that I kept running at the special power’s speed for the whole round, even after being killed.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Class Advantages/weaknesses

Scouts vs Gunners on Long Range – It IS an easy kill for the Gunner IF:

1- The Scout hasn’t got his ‘superspeed-wtv’ on. (However, even with it on, if he moves in predictable paths, he’s dead)

2- The Scout is flying/gliding.

3- The Gunner has basic notions of sniping, the first shot will take the scout to the ground and then a last coup de grace will finish him.

Oh, and
Scouts vs Tanks on Close Range: It’s a fairly easy kill for the Scout IF:
1- The Tank is ALONE.
2- The Tank hasn’t got his shield on.
3- The Scout should launch his >F-Bomb< as soon as he gets a lock on the Tank (especially if the first approaches from above). If the Scout gets a hit, it’s likely that the Tank’s armour will be taken down, then a quick melee hack’n’slash will grant the kill.

Edit: Never forget that the F-Bomb is your best friend for when you’re cornered by any class. It will drastically change the situation if you manage to get a hit.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Torture Game 2 Debate: Evil or Stress-Relieving?

You all know what? We’re not the same, our minds, faces, birthsings, names, and any other thing related to each human in this entire planet is not the same! The way you would react to this game is not the way I would react to it. The influence of our whole family(including friends) changes the way we think about playing the game. And that’s the point! WE CAN THINK! We can have different conclusions about this game by playing it differently! Most of these topics are discusing only about how ‘BLACK or WHITE’ or ‘EVIL or DIVINE’ this game is. Now listen up: this world and the whole universe is not like a computer, not like a console command: ‘mind_reaction_torturegame_kill_someone 1’ (‘1’ for yes ‘0’ for no). I’m not black or white, not evil or divine, and we’re in here to analize the situation. I just play this game(very rarely) to watch how the ragdoll physics react to different conditions like being tied to the ceiling(I just love physics and ragdoll physics games). Of course there are some games that need to be forbidden. Well, for little kids, I think they must have an already formed up mind for playing this game(of course they can play it at any time, but, that’s the point, the conclusions they’ll take for playing this game). And I agree with someone who said the kids would be scared for playing this. Another thing, people were ranting about how ‘dehumanizing’ would be if someone didn’t react with guilt feeling for torturing the ragdoll, they wont be serial killers just because of that.
Take care you all.


Post Scriptum: I’m NOT defending this game.