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Topic: General Gaming / Making of Get Out of the Forest!

I attended the Dublin Game Craft 12 hour game jam this past saturday. You can play it here

The theme was the color blue and a bird sitting on a silhouetted branch.

I thought I’d link to the video of all 12 hours of its creation squashed into 8 minutes! If that’s the kind of thing you’re interested in you can see it on Youtube

Hope you enjoy it and if you get even 10 seconds of fun out of it I’ll consider it a success =D

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / Doing my own stats tracking?

It is infact illegal in some countries to track someones computer usage habits without their consent, I’m sure Kongregate get past this with their terms of services etc. I don’t think that will cover you however, a note in the game description or in the game itself should suffice.