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Topic: General Gaming / paladog unit and mace uses

Is there any real use for turtles and bears once you get rhinos and bunnies (respectively)?

Also, what’s the best way (if any) to use the monkey? they’re so expensive and take so long to refresh, you can never get enough of them to make much of an impact.

Also, any particularly effective ways to use the poison mace or wind maces?

Finally, what’s the difference (or which is better) between meteor mace and turn undead mace? they both do damage to a small group, and turn undead can auto kill sometimes.

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Topic: General Gaming / Paladog: need general tips

I could use some general tips for Paladog. Things such as:

what’s the best mace, or the best way to use each mace?

When/how should I upgrade units? Should I save the $ and only unlock new units, or upgrade a little bit at a time?

Is there an easy way of dealing with those bleeping ghosts? I either have to back up (to weaken them for the following units) or try to survive without any reinforcements for a while.

What’s the best tactic to stave off early enemies while you’re waiting for food and mana to max out?

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Topic: General Gaming / cap'n'pop puzzle solutions

And here are solutions for the next three levels. If locations don’t match description, try the description first.
lvl 5:
E4 x3, E6 x3, G4 x3, G6 x3 (each to Orange), F5 x1, H4

Lvl 6:
D1, D2, C3

Level 7:
E6 x2, yellow to pink, F5 x1, yellow to orange, I1, I2, D3

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Topic: General Gaming / Flash Settings Bug? Games won't save!

Do you by any chance have one of those registry cleaner or cookie remover programs installed on your computer? If so, that’s probably set to delete that information every time the computer shuts down.

That’s the most likely cause I can think of. It sounds like your computer keeps deleting the settings.sol file (where flash player stores it’s internal settings) somehow. Does your computer keep it’s other settings (desktop icons, background, favorites, etc.) after you shutdown the computer?

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Topic: General Gaming / Flash Settings Bug? Games won't save!

There are two settings for storage limits: the global maximum (for all games, total), and one for each individual game. To access the global settings, you need to use the control panel on adobe’s website. To access the settings for an individual game, just right click within the flash game and select settings.

If you’re using the latest version of flash (10.x I think), there’s also a global settings option in that same context menu mentioned above. It will take you to the control panel interface on adobe’s website.

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Topic: General Gaming / cap'n'pop puzzle solutions

I’m posting the best solutions I’ve found for the puzzle leves of pop’n’cap. So far, I’ve only got ideal solutions for the first 4 levels, but I’ll be adding more soon as I beat them.

If you have any tips for levels 8-10 please, let me know. I still struggle to beat those.

Solutions are given as grid coordinates. Columns are A-J. Rows are 1-10. A1 is on the bottom left. SO, here they are:

lvl 1: A7 (just right of blue cap)
lvl 2: C9, I9, E9, F9 (convert top row to orange, 2 pink in middle, trigger middle pink)

lvl 3:
bottom left: A2
Bottom Right: G2
upper left: C9
mid right: H6
upper right G9
lvl 4: G10 x3 (to Orange), A8 x2 (to yellow), I4 (to green), E10 (starts cascade)

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Topic: General Gaming / Brute wrs 2 - how to reach island

I’ve seen this question asked several times on the board, but never answered … until now.

In the middle of the map, there’s an island that you can only reach through an earth gate (earth gate #4, on the map posted in another thread).

To reach it, you have to return to the first earth gate you came across (#1 on the aforementioned map), after you get the dream key. At the end, there will be a dream-path (those yellow paths) that leads to a shop and another earth gate, that links to the island.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

I’d like to see the addition subcategories for some of the more popular genres. For example, the puzzle genre might have ‘hidden items’, ‘spot the difference’, ‘escape’, and the like.

It’s hard to find a good new game when certain game styles outnumber other games in that genre by a large margin All the ‘hidden item’ and ‘spot the difference’ games in the puzzles genre are a good example of this. If you’re not interested in those styles, they just clutter up the game list and make you wade through more stuff to find a game that looks interesting.