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Topic: Tyrant / Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ve been further even more decided to use even go need to do look more as anyone can. Can you really be far even as decided half as much to use go wish for that? My guess is that when one really been far even as decided once to use even go want, it is then that he has really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like. It’s just common sense.

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Topic: Tyrant / Looking for a faction

Originally posted by kapitalkurderer:
Originally posted by supermooo:

OoD has a few spots open, but we be the faction of loooooooove, so too lame for you I think :D We do kick the occasional ass though….then we kiss it better ;-)

maybe I should just become a CQ mercenary. Afraid it doesnt seem like theres much action to merc for anyways , if you can provide me with what I ask or something atleast close to it then I am fully willing to join OOD =)

Mercenary i.e. hopping seems like the smartest action actually. Factions good enough to CQ regularly would very quickly hit their 31 tiles and get stuck, factions which continually have spare tiles to take are weak enough to keep losing them and hence won’t be so strong offensively either.

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Topic: Tyrant / ECB does it again

Originally posted by JRJetu:
Originally posted by JuzzieJT:

Not calling for Dev action, of course, that would be silly. Calling for vigilante justice instead.



Originally posted by Asklar:

It’s not like his factions get too far, anyway. Give him a day or two and he’ll be out of the board.

I think his (rather clever actually) idea is to grab the tiles and hold on to them until the reset. That’s a 155 FP gain, hence the frantic blocking of every single tile.

(Doesn’t trust his + his alts’ def decks enough to even leave one unattended, apparently.)

Since he can’t mass-attack VVV with level 1 factions anymore, this is probably the only way he can satisfy a desperate need to gain points quickly.


Topic: Tyrant / ECB does it again

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Topic: Tyrant / Very Active Lvl 102 Looking for Top 20 Faction

Originally posted by noskk:

He’s from Rapid Polar Bear, and I think he’s not an alt, I remember he’s asking about how to use the optimizer like 1 month ago..

World’s fastest Polar Bears. So Rapid, I’ve never seen them.

Ninja Bear!

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Topic: Tyrant / EBB Hog

I would like to hear that. :3

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Topic: Tyrant / [removed]

Originally posted by Entername_______:
Originally posted by NFIN8:

Reported for harrassment

It’s not harrassment, it’s a joke that runs within FA (that has truth to it), deal with it

1. It’s spelt “harass”. With one r.

2. Whether or not this is really harassment I don’t know, but your reply makes zero sense.

2a. Something being a “joke that runs within [insert group here]” hardly excludes something from being harassment. The two are not mutually exclusive; conversely, they probably display a positive correlation. See also: bullying, racism, sexism, gay-bashing, other forms of bigotry

2b. He very well is dealing with it, by utilising the report function and informing everyone about it; simultaneously addressing the problem, attempting to discourage the perpetrator, and hinting to other users their ability to themselves call out such behaviour. If that’s not “deal[ing] with it” I don’t know what is.

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Topic: Tyrant / Is This Game Fun For You Or Nah

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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Topic: Tyrant / EBB Hog

Not sure whether to QQ, or to laugh at someone throwing money at this dying game.

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Topic: Tyrant / Dear Geoff A2 and Geoff A1

Originally posted by prestige123:
Originally posted by EinhanderZero:

I’m awaiting Geoff A3, then let’s see how he handle all of them in 1 tourney

EinhanderZero let me introduce you to Deadlorth from Temp4, runs 3 accounts lol

Sorting Temp4 by alphabetical order on fansite is generally quite amusing. 3 Deadlorths, 2 lostdusts, 2 redfinixes and 2 riverkkms (although numberless riverkkm is not registered on fansite, somewhat spoiling the effect).

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Topic: Card Monsters / vote vote vote!!!

joeya8, what’s the deal with making 4 very obvious alt accounts just to replicate your vote?

  • A1721libertyst
  • b1721libertyst
  • c1721libertyst
    and then finally some creativity,
  • kofgames7

you’ve inspired theonepervysage to do the same, copy-pasting his vote three times in a row.

  • kidvegeto
  • ur1truegod
  • goodgreatness

All flagged.

Shame on you two, you’re just making things more difficult. Incredibly selfish behaviour. All you are doing is making it harder to count as we now have to screen for cheating, and stimulating distrust of members with low post counts and newish accounts. You’re creating unnecessary ostracism of less forum-active users.

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Topic: Card Monsters / DA (Dragon Apocalypse) Auto Win Setups

Originally posted by tempest727:

Thanks for sharing, Molzi. I have similar card options (no muscs, no PM), so this is helpful

I’d recommend freefall’s excellent deck for the best non-Musc, non-PM, many-unlockables setup I’ve seen so far.

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Topic: Tyrant / How Bama uses 21 alts to get top1 in XP

Wait, what’s wrong with this? He’s not hurting anyone at all by using alts to do the raids he wants to do, which as far as I can see is much, much better than jumping into other people’s raids and hogging all the raid points.

All this to circumvent a silly system put in place by Devs (raid CD) which was put in place to encourage people to organise raids properly instead of just randomly starting one, but in reality serves little purpose.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Alliance Thread

AlphaOmega is a retirement alliance for elite decks without heavy activity requirements.

2589 Rating, Top3 in the game.

We can help you finish your DAs if you don’t have the time. :D

Guideline for semi-actives is deck strength 6000+, zombies need deck strength 8000+.

Contact me via ingame or Kongregate mail.

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Topic: Card Monsters / vote vote vote!!!

Someone sounds jealous. TrueGreenwithEnvy more like.

Militant gets special praise because he
1) communicates with the people who are actually in charge
2) starts discussions with the community and actually tries to use the feedback in a balanced way
3) collates results across both edge and Kong forums despite people continually messing up the format or posting non-vote posts
4) most of all, because he has made real changes happen instead of just being another of the many forum users who suggest ideas but have zero in-game impact

So YOU are the mind behind the ridiculous foil crystals concept!? SHAME ON YOU. That is one of the worst things I’ve seen from edgebee in a long time. Terrible implementation and awful balance on the coin/token costs. For the longest time we’ve been pushing to make ALL cards usable in multiple decks because the game is so grindy anyway, and then you go and give them an idea to make even the basic function of usage in multiple decks another grind. FOR SHAME. Go stand in the corner and reflect on what you’ve done.

Please don’t sidetrack the topic by posting anything other than responses in the 16-point format provided.

I hope this post will be the very last one that does not follow the 16-point format. Moderators, please remove all non-vote posts (including this) if you see this. I will also delete this is when all non-vote posts are removed by the authors themselves. (Edit post button under avatar —> Delete post button next to “Formatting Help”)

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Topic: Tyrant / EBB needs help - Cormy1

EliteBearBear needs help?

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Topic: Tyrant / Haileon future

Thanks for your contributions, Moraku. Every good thing must come to an end.

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Topic: Card Monsters / New expansion pack this year?

Balancing doesn’t take much work on the part of the devs, just tweaking some numbers here and there. Most of the groundwork is done by the community, those collating and analysing the results, and Lama. Perhaps it doesn’t bring the devs much income but for them to have done it twice already suggests that it’s easy enough to be done.

A new pack is a huge investment of time and effort. bmuell has already explained some of the obstacles behind a new pack. With the shrinking playerbase and activity in CM beta, it’s just not worth the effort compared to their new money-raking toys. You’ll need to wait until S&P2 gets old enough to stop bringing in the money first.

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Topic: Card Monsters / vote vote vote!!!

Discounting the fact that Conbra fits a very nice niche in its current form, do you realise that –
a) all cards in CM fit a costing algorithm, which mili needs to run through with Lama first?
b) there are other discussion threads where people suggest and discuss changes, and a little bit of agreement needs to be found there first before any voting, so it’s not simply what one person wants, but more reflective of what the community wants?
c) everyone who has already voted would need to re-vote retroactively, and not everyone will revisit the thread, find your post in the middle of everything, and bother to change their post?

Please don’t sidetrack the topic by posting anything other than responses in the 16-point format provided.

I hope this post will be the very last one that does not follow the 16-point format. Moderators, please remove all non-vote posts (including this) if you see this. I will also delete this is when all non-vote posts are removed by the authors themselves. (Edit post button under avatar —> Delete post button next to “Formatting Help”)

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Topic: Tyrant / Automatic deck optimization

Just to check, 1.1.6 is the version where the NmH Jam-Weaken All interaction is still being simmed wrongly, since programmer has stopped updating the project, correct?

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Topic: Tyrant / Who were truly the greatest factions?

Originally posted by OOHnirav:
Originally posted by Aenarion:

Thanks OOH, if pulling that 100 WB blatant joke is the best you can do I think we’re really done on that topic, lol. You guys keep telling yourself we cheat just because you’re too weak to face the fact we’re better than you at this game.

@ralkk: thanks for the background, it’s always nice to learn some history :)

If you aren’t going to accept any answer, don’t bother asking the question.

If you read through the topic, you’ll see that BW’s members lost respect and credibility due to that particular event from people who were previously neutral, and even some who previously favored and worked with BW.

Going to agree with OOHnirav here. Yes, that event made BW look really bad. I wasn’t even simply a neutral, I actually liked some of their members.

Don’t have an opinion on whether or not BW cheats really, (whatever Devs don’t clamp down on is pretty much fair game) and used to think quite admirably for Sean’s and commonkey’s contributions to explaining decks and metas and providing great sim ideas.

But the more the forum-using members of BW choose to get involved in mudslinging with all the accusations and get dragged down by a few of GW’s incendiary members, and exhibit the us-against-the-world syndrome, the uglier they look.

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Topic: Tyrant / Nerf Mammoth Tank

Yeah, Mammoth is long past its prime in the meta. Still strong, no longer the monster it used to be.

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Topic: Card Monsters / vote vote vote!!!

1. Cold Mistress- B
2. Vapor-Yes
3. Ravenger-B
4. Herbalist-B
5. Kamicron-Yes. Red still needs an Epic Crystal ally, though.
6. Snoozemon-Yes. Love the card from a practical POV, somehow think it lacks flavour though.
7. Glumbie- B. Very nice, seems like there’s finally a solution.
8. Destroyers – No. Needs change, too, will still be unused without unique.
9. Sparkling Powder -Yes
10. Flaming Robe -Yes
11. Glowing Darts -Yes
12. Gleaming Crown -Yes
13. Mithril Staff -Yes
14. Roaring Powder -Yes
15. Skeleton Staff -No. We want this as a swarm-only card, right? Any reason why Regen can’t be kept? Heal? Wall?
16. War Wizard -Yes

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Topic: Tyrant / Official Apology to Chrome Users & Others

I’ve seen apologies turn into accusations, I’ve seen apologies turn into excuses,

but this might be the first time I’ve seen an apology turn into entirely unwarranted self-glorification.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Recruitment] Never Give Up

Never Let Down
Never Run Around and Desert
Never Make Cry
Never Say Goodbye
Never Tell a Lie and Hurt