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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monstermind] Bug Reports

for some freaken reason i’ll buy more monsters and the new ones disapear as soon as i buy so i’m out of money and with no way to attack other cities. whats up?

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Topic: General Gaming / Rune scape hacked

last i checked, anyone who is hacked usualy has a member account otherwise they just guessed your password and used you to get things for their own account using 2 computers, that what i would do but i dont have 2 computer. And i dont like the game cuz a large majority of the game when you get a quest they dont tell you where to go to do whatever if you play into it enough and on the romeo and juliet quest was supposed to be one of the simplest but the father wont talk to me and the lovers say the exact same thing, im not coming back here so dont direct anything to me