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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / What Rank are you in pr2?

Uhmm… my rank is 33
to 34
My username: Rauliito90

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Topic: Kongregate / Hacking Hacking Away At Kongregate?

that bq. u that banned for hack?

AND bann for use hack removed
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Topic: General Gaming / Best Free Downloadable Games!


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Topic: General Gaming / Free Rider Tracks

go this and u go —> Free Rider

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Topic: General Gaming / Free Rider Tracks

Thx for topic into this free rider tracks

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Platform Racing or Platform racing 2?


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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Platform Racing or Platform racing 2?

Omg!!I Played pr1 and pr2 i fan this!Jiggmin

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Platform Racing 2 Hat

omg!!pr3 is list of 2009 january!

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Platform Racing 2 Hat

please search my Rauliito90

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Platform Racing 2 Hat


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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Platform Racing 2 Hat

To win x2 rep go with EXP hat You recoge 4 and u x4
{The crown no is only mod}*Is your captures images of pr2 is cool and jiggmin add u the crown!*

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Topic: General Gaming / Dolphin Olympics 2 hackers

none *

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Topic: General Gaming / Dolphin Olympics 2 hackers

italics If you see hacked highscores, report them to bq.

not bug it’s only for cheat engine!

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I’m cool of DeM FrAnChIzE bOyZCooL!

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Topic: Kongregate / FAQS of!(Read this description)for all noob

This a FAQS of kongregate

How can I upload my game onto Kongregate?

To upload your game onto Kongregate, simply go to the upload page and follow the instructions.

What format of games can I upload?

We support Flash (swf) files as well as Shockwave. We do not have any plans to support executables (exe).

What are the guidelines for uploaded content?

First, it must be a game. Kongregate does not allow Flash movies, regardless of how great they might be. There has to be some level of interaction with the player.

Although we’re still in the process of establishing specific guidelines for acceptable content, obscene, pornographic, and hateful material are not allowed and never will be.

Most importantly, uploaded games (including all components of games, such as audio) must be your original work or work you have permission to upload from the owner. Kongregate has absolutely no tolerance for uploading stolen content. Violators of this policy will automatically receive a one-week ban without warning on the first offense, and a permanent ban on the second.

Once I’ve uploaded a game, how can I edit the information associated with that game?

Inside your profile page, you’ll find a list of the games you’ve uploaded beneath your profile information. Clicking the “manage my games” link will bring you to a separate page in which you can edit information for games you’ve uploaded. While you won’t be able to change the title of your game (that title is, after all, part of the game’s URL) or delete your game entirely, you can update anything else, including the description, instructions, tags, etc. You can also upload a new version of the game, or a new icon.

Because Kongregate links to each game, we don’t allow removing games through user profiles (broken links make us sad). If you’d like us to remove your game manually, please email us at

What can cause my game to be hidden from the site or deleted entirely?

Games that are deemed obscene, hateful, pornographic, stolen (you must be the creator or one of the creators to upload a game) or not even games will be deleted from the site, and it's very likely that the uploader will be banned permanently.

Additionally, if games receive an overall rating of 2.0 or less after a certain number of ratings, they will be "hidden" on the site. When a game is hidden, it will not appear in any of the lists (such as latest games or highest rated games). Hidden games are still on the site, however, and they can be reached manually by going directly to the URL, running a search for them, or following a link through someone's profile (as either a favorite or as an uploaded game in the developer's profile). Games also need a minimum rating of 3.0 to show up at all in the "highest rated" games list or on the front page under a specific category.


Whom exactly am I chatting with on the site? Are they playing the same game that I am?

You're chatting with everyone who's in the same room as you are, and you can manually change the room you're in at the top of the list. Rooms are global and not specific to the game you're playing. You can mouse-over each person's name in the chat to see which game that person is currently playing. Clicking the game title will also link you directly to it. You can also click each user's name to view that person's profile.

Games in the "multiplayer" category also have a second tabbed chat room, which is limited to people playing that particular game.

What's a fan?

A fan is someone who added you as a friend, regardless of whether you added that user as a friend in return. Users who are both friends with each other are therefore also both fans of each other.

What do the stars mean next to friends' names?

A star indicates that your friend has added you as a friend as well.

I found a game that seems inappropriate...and something else that's not even a game. What should I do?

In the "contribute" section under each game, there's an option to flag the game as inappropriate. Flagging games will alert the Kongregate staff that something is amiss. Please do not harass the developer or leave vengeful comments for the game; your anger is probably better spent elsewhere.

How can I report a bug I found in a game?

You can email bug reports in the "contribute" section under each game.

What kind of behavior is expected of me on

Only the best, of course! We actually don't ask for much, really. Just take a moment to read through our simple behavior guidelines.

What if someone is breaking these guidelines in chat?

Assuming that a moderator isn't online and keeping the situation under control, just fill out this form, and we'll try to come to the rescue as soon as we can.

What do the little icons next to people's names in chat mean?

Stars represent people you've added as friends, and they're listed at the top. The developer (D) icon is shown next to someone who has uploaded a game. Simply click on a developer's name in chat to see which games that person has uploaded. A moderator (M) icon is shown next to users who are capable of banning abusive users. The K icon denotes Kongregate employees.

How can I become a moderator?

Moderators are selected by the Kongregate staff. Users do not need to be developers or attain a set level before they can become moderators.

I need more information! Who appoints moderators? How are they selected? Why am I not a moderator, even though I'm the greatest person who ever lived? I must know!

The process is not perfect. We wish we could hire a team of psychologists to carefully analyze the chat logs on Kongregate, scouring for the best and brightest to help us keep the site sanitary.

As it turns out, the guy who appoints moderators is also the same person who launches challenges/achievements, writes the newsletter/FAQ, handles sponsorships, pays out contest winners, answers some email, etc. So please do not take offense if you're a regular, long-time user on the site who's always mature and courteous, but has never been noticed by the guy who appoints moderators. Also don't take offense if you happen to be a pretty cool person who's been deemed a little too rough around the edges to represent Kongregate as a moderator. Just because you've been passed over to do our work for free doesn't mean we don't still love you.

Realistically, most moderators are appointed after a private nomination by current moderators. Friendliness, maturity, and professionalism can go a long way in getting yourself nominated. Demonstrating a zealousness in promoting yourself to a moderator position will likely disqualify yourself entirely, as it makes us question both your motives and your maturity level.

Challenges and Cards

What are Kongregate's challenges, and how can I earn cards by doing them?

You can earn cards for Kongregate's collectible card game (Kongai) by completing time-limited challenges on the site. These challenges are featured on the front page, and start every Monday and Thursday evening.

What do these cards do?

Once you've earned a card, you can use it in our online CCG, Kongai.


What are achievements?

Besides being awesome, achievements are goals found within games on Kongregate. Load up a game with an achievement and complete the described task to earn points and unlock a badge within your profile, viewable by other users. Unlike challenges, achievements do not expire.

How can I find games with achievements?

Go to your profile page on Kongregate, then check out the achievement box to the right. On the achievements page, you can view badges you've earned and badges you've not yet earned. Click any unearned badge to go directly to the game that awards it. You can also go to our badges page.

How many points do achievements award?

Achievements have four levels of difficulty: easy, medium, hard, and impossible. They award 5, 15, 30, and 60 points, respectively. We are not responsible for any mouse or keyboard damage that may occur while attempting "impossible" achievements.

Help! I didn't get a badge or a card!

For the love of all that is holy, do NOT refresh the page or navigate away! It's likely that your badge is just delayed a bit. Be patient, and wait a full 30 seconds before freaking out. If the badge is score-based, make sure that your game has ended; some badges will only report statistics after you've completed the game or run out of lives.

Also make sure that you're connected to chat, and make sure that the light in chat is green. Unless otherwise stated in the achievement description, you will not receive any badges if this light is red!

If chat is working, the light is green, you've waited patiently, and your game has ended with no badge awarded, feel free to contact us with a screenshot and an explanation of what happened.

Points and Levels

How can I earn points?

There are several ways to earn points: uploading games, rating games, completing achievements, and inviting friends. See the table below for exact numbers.

Action Points earned
Upload your game 25 points + bonuses for the rating of the game
Complete an achievement 5, 15, 30 or 60 points depending on difficulty
Refer a friend 15 points upon sign-up
Referral moving up one level Up to 13 points as they level up, up to level 10
Rate a game 1 point,
Maximum 50 per day

Bonus points for uploaded games based on rating? Explain!

If your game's rating rises above 2.5, our system checks to see if it has 50 ratings. If it does, you receive 50 bonus points ("good game bonus"). If the score rises above 3.0 and it has at least 100 ratings, you'll receive 75 bonus points ("rad game bonus"). The "totally awesome game bonus" awards 150 bonus points if your game has a score of 3.5 after 200 ratings, and the "legendary game bonus" awards a whooping 300 bonus points if your game has a score over 4.0 after 500 ratings.

You cannot lose points if the rating for your game falls, and note that these points are ADDED to what you already have. Uploading a game with a rating above 4.0 with therefore earn a total of 600 points. This is, however, pretty rare, as Kongregate users can be pretty picky with their ratings of 4 and 5.

What are points used for?

Your level will automatically rise as you earn points. We're still working out the details of what kind of privileges and potential prizes that points and levels could be used to unlock.


How do Flash sponsorships work?

When a Flash game is sponsored, the developer will typically insert a preloader and a "play more games" link back to the sponsoring website. For this, the sponsoring website will pay the developer a flat, agreed-upon amount.

Does Kongregate sponsor games?

Yes. rotaZion was our first sponsored game, and we're currently looking at others. Feel free to email us at if you have a game you'd like us to consider for sponsorship.

What are the terms of Kongregate's sponsorships, specifically?

Kongregate offers some of the most developer-friendly sponsorship terms on the web. In addition to allowing Mochi Ads, Kongregate allows its sponsored games to sell site-locked licensed versions on other websites, in which the Kongregate branding is removed. Kongregate-sponsored games also receive 15% additional ad revenue from Kongregate. You can read our full sponsorship terms here.

I submitted my game to be sponsored, but I never got a reply!

Due to the volume of emails we receive regarding sponsorships for games, it's unfortunately impossible for us to reply to every single one. If you don't hear back within a week, you may consider looking elsewhere for a sponsorship. You also might consider uploading your game to Flash Game License, where it can be viewed and bid upon by many Flash portals, including Kongregate.

Can I upload my games if they have been sponsored by other websites?

Of course. They're also fully eligible for our current contests as well as ad revenue share. However, it should be clear to the player that any outbound links are going to a different site.

What are Kongregate Premium Games?

Kongregate Premium Games are larger-scale web games which have their development fully funded by Kongregate. Full guidelines on submitting pitches for premium games can be found here: Kongregate Premium Games Submission Guidelines.

Ad Revenue Share

How can I earn advertising revenue for my game?

Once you’ve uploaded a game, you’ll be prompted to provide a bit of information required for our revenue share program. If you don’t fill out this form immediately or you wish to change the information you entered originally, you can go back to the form at any time through your account profile.

If you choose not to fill out this form, your game will still generate ad revenue, and we’ll still keep track of your share. However, we can’t mail a check until we know where to send it, so you’ll need to fill out the required information before we can send anything out.

How much ad revenue does Kongregate share?

Kongregate shares between 25% and 50% of ad revenue generated by games with their respective developers.

Is that percentage range permanent?

The specific percentages of ad revenue share are subject to change. However, Kongregate will honor whatever percentage your game held at the time of upload if we decide to change our share percentages later.

What determines the percentage of ad revenue share?

By default, all developers receive 25% of the ad revenue generated from their games. This includes all ads within the games and any potential ads on the game page that may be added in the future. Games that are integrated with all of Kongregate’s APIs earn an additional 10%, and games that are offered exclusively on Kongregate’s site earn an additional 15%. Thus, it’s possible for a game to earn 25%, 35%, 40%, or 50% of ad revenue. Note that games sponsored by Kongregate also qualify for this exclusivity bonus, even when they're uploaded elsewhere.

What are Kongregate’s current APIs, and how can I integrate them?

We currently have a challenge API and a high scores API. This thread links to the instructions for implementing the API.

What happens when Kongregate introduces new APIs? Will I need to update to continue receiving my 10% API bonus?

Kongregate will periodically release new APIs. However, once you’ve implemented the APIs into your game that are current at the time of upload, your game is locked in with the 10% API bonus, even if you don’t implement later APIs into your game. If you upload a game during a time in which no APIs are available, your game will always receive this bonus. New games that are uploaded, however, must comply with the newest APIs to receive the bonus.

What’s required for a game to qualify for the 15% exclusivity bonus?

To qualify for an additional 15% of your game’s ad revenue, the game cannot be hosted on any website beyond, with the exception of your own personal site. Games sponsored by Kongregate also qualify for this bonus when they're uploaded elsewhere.

I uploaded my game exclusively on Kongregate for the 15% bonus, but now I’d like to upload it elsewhere. Am I allowed to do so?

Absolutely. Even if you’re receiving an exclusivity bonus from Kongregate, you still hold the complete rights to your game. However, you must modify your account settings and deactivate the exclusivity bonus before you upload your game elsewhere. This can be done in your profile settings.

When will you guys send me a check?

After the total ad revenue from all of your games combined reaches 25.00 USD, your account will enter a 30-day verification period at the end of the month. After this period has ended and your account has been cleared of any fraudulent activity, a check will be mailed out based on the information you provided. Checks are sent out once a month. If a monthly pay period ends and your account has less than $25, your balance will roll over to the next month. This rollover process will continue until your account reaches $25. If your total revenue – including revenue from ads and contests – surpasses $600 in a year, we’ll ask you to fill out a W-9 form.

How will advertising be displayed?

Advertising is currently displayed with banner ads over each game. However, ads may be displayed in the game window in the future as part of our quest to get the highest rates possible for us and for developers on the site.

We will never implement pop-ups on the site.

Is there a subscription service that would disable ads entirely?

While we have no immediately plans for such a service, we are considering it for the future.

How would you guys feel if I ran a few bots for my games? More cash for everyone, right?

If your game’s views and click-through rates are fraudulently inflated through botting, regardless of whether you’re responsible, you will not receive any revenue from actions that can be attributed to botting, as this revenue will be credited back to advertisers. If we suspect that you’re responsible for this botting, we will exercise our right to remove your game and ban your account from Kongregate.

What are MochiAds, and why are they turned off on Kongregate?

MochiAds is an in-game ad network that allows Flash developers to generate revenue every time their games are played on any site. Kongregate has a partnership with Mochi Media to disable MochiAds for games hosted on This in turn prevents multiple ads from appearing and allows us to negotiate better rates from advertisers that we pass on to our developers.

Although MochiAds are not displayed on, we highly recommend their services for all Flash game developers. MochiAds is simple to set up and generates revenue every time a game is played no matter which site it's played on... even if it gets copied to thousands of different sites all over the Internet.

Other in-game ads such as cpmStar are not permitted if the ads will appear on Kongregate.
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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Platform racing 3(Questions)

What is your Question pm me for all ideas bye


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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Platform Racing 3?

Into the pr3 plis pm for not hackers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Platform Racing 3?

bold _italics_bq.

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Topic: The Arts / halloween pokemon


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Topic: The Arts / halloween pokemon

Forum here#

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Topic: The Arts / halloween pokemon

[“http://www.kongregate/forum”Here to forum/]

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Topic: The Arts / halloween pokemon


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Topic: The Arts / Practice Here(News Members)

Hi i’m 196 points and my rank is 4! u needed to join forums and all go registrate!and u now go on [img="]

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Topic: Kongregate Labs / Shootorials #0, #1, and #2 with Free Tools - mtasc and swfmill

i like this game is cool!

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Platform Racing 2 Hat