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Topic: Stencyl / StencylWorks Question

What program do you use to make sprites? :)

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Topic: Stencyl / Are you working on any games?

Zombie Game (Title still in works) it’s like a 2d zombie game where you buy guns, armor, upgrades, etc. You get to create yourself, you can sometimes find rare chests & in each chest you get new piece of armor or gun that gives you special abilities like

+5 Attack
+5 Defense
-10 Stamina

Etc, etc. It’s a little like “Dudes & Zombies” on here

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Topic: General Gaming / StencylWorks Question

What is the easiest program to make sprites for StencylWorks? I’m making this 2d multiplayer zombie game a little like “Dudes & Zombies” & need help….I tried making sprites in StencylWorks itself but I got lost & confused lol