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Topic: General Gaming / < Enigma > walkthrough complete with images

The final level is fixed now =)

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Topic: Collaborations / Searching for Artist for TD game!

What I’m looking for

I have most of the engine for a TD game all done (pathfinding, enemies, towers shooting and killing enemies). I’m being too lazy at the moment to do any graphics, so I’m searching for an artist/animator who can create graphics for towers, backgrounds and also various enemies + enemy animations (not a ton of work, but it’s still too much for myself).

Type of Game
The game plays in the same way FieldRunners does for the iPhone

I’m interested… now what?
If you think you can produce high quality stuff at a fast rate, you got the job and the 40% of sponsorship that goes with it(negotiable). To pick someone for the job I’m asking for you to leave a shout on my page with a link to a/multiple turret designs (swf/jpg doesnt matter). Remember that this is not top-down, but more of a 2/3 perspective for the turrets (eg. like in the video link).

Thanks for your time and I hope I can find someone who fits the position well. This is the first time I’m searching for anyone through the Kongregate forums, so let’s see how it goes.

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Topic: Kongregate / Rank the Impossible Badges

Pssht. Why you all saying streamline is ez =(