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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Game news

Summer is in the height, and it means that it’s high time for profitable offers! Dear ungars, at this weekend you have a chance to make use of the following offers:
Discount on elemental promo-boosters – 20%
Discount on elemental promo-boosters – 25%
Discount on elemental mega-boosters – 30%
Discount on pre-built squads – 20%
Discount on evolving cards and enhancing heroes – 50%.
The offer lasts until July 28 (8:00 GMT). All discounts except of evolution discount are in ounces.
We wish you to have a fantastic weekend!

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Game news

Troubling distress came to the lands of Laar. Villages were destroyed by blood-thirsty warriors, and there was no hope at all. Day by day their might and power became stronger and stronger, and many ungars laid their armor down not even trying to resist.
The calm before the tempest was coming… There were those ungars who just couldn’t take a loss. They united all together and created forces which were able to reflect enemies’ attacks. The more damage enemy warriors gave, the more resistance they got. It was landslide victory. The whole Laar was in triumph, and all heroes and creatures could sleep easily.
Dear ungars, you have an opportunity to see the true value of these warriors and add them to your collection of cards. The new “Mirror of the World” mini-set is released today, July 21. It consists of 12 cards with new abilities and includes 2 promo-cards of creatures.; Pay attention to the fact that you can buy it as for ounces and for the imperials as well, but purchase for imperials is available only once. If you want to give your warriors extraordinary powers, do not miss the chance to buy a new mini-set!

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Game news

Everybody knows that summer in Laar is the best season for travelling and conquering other lands. Of course, it signifies some control problems for our dearest ungars because they need somebody to take responsibility of land income. How should they solve this problem? It’s necessary to delegate powers in the right way.

From 18 to 21 July (until 8:00 GMT) we give you a chance to appoint governor bots for 1 ounce and mayor bots for 2 ounces. Moreover, you can enlarge acres of your lands because land campaigns are available with 50% discount.

We wish you to have a fantastic weekend! Don’t forget to make use of our favorable offer;)

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Game news

Dear ungars!
On Monday, July 21, the new mini-set is going to be released. It means that “Blades of Fate” mini-set cards are going to be added to the United set, and it’ll be a lot more difficult to get them. If Blades of Fate haven’t influenced on your fate so far, it is high time to hurry up, there is not much time left.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Bug reports

Originally posted by neweo:

i cant build a deck drag and drop looks like not exist any suggestion

Hello! Can you please describe what herp you use to create a deck? Did you clear your cache of a browser? Sometimes problems may be connected with it.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Bug reports

Originally posted by najbolji:
Originally posted by najbolji:


can you please fix cw phase wins counting. If you sum individual wins by clan members on “my clan” tab, it is never same as the number in column “wins in current phase” in ranking tab.


Can you please reply to status of my reported bug?

We have a syncronizing phase, when all the wins sum in the right way. Before this phase it’s normal to have differences between tabs.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Bug reports

Originally posted by Aarilyn:

I just purchased the welcome pack for 30 Kreds. Your game took my kreds, tried to load something for 20 seconds and then nothing. I have not received anything from the pack: 250 ounces, 1 squad, 1 elemental booster. This is a terrible bug I would say.

Aarilyn, we will answer you in private messages.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Game news

Dear players!

The 22nd Era of Clan Wars is about to start tomorrow, where clans from Silver and Platinum leagues are going to fight for glory and authority. Are you ready to show yourself? Let’s go into action!

By the end of the Global Era of Clan Wars the clans of Platinum are fully updated. Clans from Platinum League will go back to Silver Leagues of their social networks. By the results of the Era 3-top clans will move to Platinum League.

Features of the upcoming era:
- Start of the era – 4:00 AM GMT July 15th, end – 4:00 AM GMT August 5th.
- 2 battle and attack declaration phases. Attack declaration phases are from 4:00 AM to 4:59 AM GMT and from 4:00 PM to 4:59 PM GMT. Battle phases are from 5:00 AM to 3:59 PM GMT and from 5:00 PM to 3:59 AM GMT.
- During the era it is prohibited to join Platinum league clans.
- The increasing price of try again option is the same as in the previous era.
- Mechanics of partial repairing rule remains to be actual.
- Cooldown – period of time when a player cannot join another clan or come back to the previous one – is 7 days.
- At the beginning of each attack declaration phase in Platinum League servers are synchronizing for 10 minutes. During this time Clan Wars will be inaccessible for participants of PL.
- Battles in Platinum league are not counted in Achievements.
– The principle of dividing defenders won’t be realized for the Platinum League.

All other rules are the same as in previous era, which you can find in help on clan-war map screen.
Platinum League:
1 place – 50000 ounces + unique card
2 place – 25000 ounces + unique card
3 place – 15000 ounces + unique card
4 place – 10000 ounces
5 place – 7500 ounces
6-15 places – 3000 ounces
In addition to ounces all Platinum League participants will receive a unique reward card which will be given in Golden League, and apart from that card top-3 clans will also get a unique for Platinum League card, that is to say two cards for 3 winning clans.
Silver League:
1 place – 6750 ounces + unique card
2 place – 3750 ounces + unique card
3 place – 2250 ounces + unique card
4 place – 1500 ounces + unique card
5 place – 750 ounces + unique card
6 place – 1800000 imperials
7 place – 1500000 imperials
8 place – 1350000 imperials
9 place – 900000 imperials
10 place – 450000 imperials
Please, pay special attention that only those players that had at least one win during the Era will receive their part of the clan reward as well as the unique card.
Good luck in battles!
Silver League map

Platinum League map

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Bug reports

Originally posted by Outsophisticated:

Ok, getting little pissed here, so you’ve said you can’t do anything about the portal bug but how about you tell when did you broke them? Your explanation to it was people who unfriend and friend people constantly (or something like that). But everyone has been doing that for a long time and this bug is rather new, so what caused it? And another thing, I’ve reported the King of the Hill bug that I’m having, three times already and you haven’t replied anything to it.

Your reward depends on the number of your opponents. If you’re having a fight with different players, the reward is maximum. If you’re having a fight with the same player, the sum of reward becomes less. We’ve made it to prevent illegal ways of getting imperials between 2 players.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Game news

Dear players!

Do you know that the entire world celebrates the day of chocolate today? Traditionally, Laar warriors use this “dark gold” to improve physical vigor and power. We advise all ungars to eat a piece of sweetmeats this day and fill your body with energy. If you want to share some chocolate with your squad, you need to prepare more provision because now it will become bigger!

Until 8:00 GMT July 14 you can purchase cards in the shop with 30% discount, and also refresh the assortment 10% ounces cheaper. More than that, only for some days there’s a 10% discount for super-boosters in imperials!

We wish you to have a “sweet” weekend, dear ungars!

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Popular Questions

Players often ask us some questions, so we’ve decided to create a topic dedicated to give answers to the most popular ones.

1) Opponent creatures make damage 1 point stronger that it meant to be. Why?

The attack depends on type of attack. So, cards with the Simple Strike type make more damage to cards with Lightning attack and Magical Attack, and creatures with Lightning Attack make more damage to creatures with Shooting attack and Throwing attack, and so on.
You can see the Scheme of attacks here:

2) I got Equipment (Terrain). How can I add it to my squad?

Heroes with 6-1-0, 5-1-1, 5-2-0 parameters can use Equipment. These numbers are written in the center of a hero card. It shows the quantity of creatures, equipment and terrains which can be in one squad for this hero. During a battle your Equipment can be added to any creature or a hero. Equipment dies together with the card on which it is placed.

3) Where can I find cards of heroes and equipment?

You can find it in boosters, packs of random cards from 3 to 8 of different elements. There are 4 types of boosters: mini, super, promo, mega. Also you can purchase elemental boosters, they consist of one element cards. The possibility to find ultra-rare and promo-cards in Mega and Promo boosters are quite higher than in others. Both heroes and equipment can be bought in the Shop in cards and squads tab. More than that, you can research cards in Laboratory and then buy them after that. Remember, all good things come to he who waits.

4) Can I sell cards, exchange them or give them as a gift to other players?

No. The trade in Laar was forbidden long before the Cataclysm. The mages who flew over the skies forgot to bring their purses from the Earth to the Skies. Remember that even poor creature can be very useful in some decks. Keep your creatures in safe, they trust you!

5) What is the drop percentage for promo-cards in boosters? How can I enlarge it?

Of course, every ungar is somehow connected with mystery and shamanism, and we are not against your own methods of opening boosters. Also we are glad that you try to find regularity of dropping cards, but the thing is, the possibility to get cards depends on its rarity and boosters type. Other factors such as the player’s level, number of player’s cards, and size of an island do not influence on cards in boosters. The percentage of drop is always the same, and the particular value of it is a kind of close information.

6) Can you explain me the rules of a battle?

Before the battle, opponents choose the appropriate squad/squads. Pay attention to the fact that battles go automatically. You have the opportunity to reveal your strategic vision on the stage of creating a squad. You need to watch the battles and notice your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses to create a strong deck against him. Also, do not forget about random – it can make your battle go absolutely unpredictable because your cards and your opponent’s cards enter the battlefield in the random order. During a battle creatures attack each other and use their abilities. If the square opposite is empty, the impact goes to the opponent, and his leadership goes down. The battle is over in case when the leadership of one player is equal 0, or he lost all cards in the battle.

7) What is the Garrison and how can I make use of it?

Garrison is a very useful thing. The squads in Garrison fight against your opponents in daily quests. Also those who are trying to capture your lands through portals, meet your squads in Garrison when they start fighting. Buying “Defender” improvement, you appoint one squad into your Garrison (in the “Squads” display). When you’re buying Protector improvement, you enlarge it to 2 squads, and buying Guardian improvement, you enlarge it to 3. It means that your opponents are forced to fight 3 squads in your Garrison when they attack you. Every extra squad lowers energy of a portal. So, 2 or 3 squads in Garrison reduce the number of Lands which can be captured by one opponent.

8) I already won free campaigns in the game. What should I do next?

You aim is to conquer the lands of other players. Have a little patience, and you can build some stories of your magic tower, and open new portals to the neighbors’ islands. While you make daily quests and fight with your friends, the energy of portals refills (once in 12 hours), so you can conquer the lands through portals once more.

9) What is the use of mana?

Mana is necessary for battles and collecting income from your island. If you lose a battle, you use 1, 2 or 3 points of mana (it depends on number of squads you used in the battle). You waste 1 point of mana for collecting income from 1 land. If you have a big island, it’s quite complicated to collect the whole income at once because your mana points are not enough for all lands. That is why serious mages appoint governors on their lands which can help you collecting your income without wasting income of an owner. More than that, you can build a special improvement which allows an owner to refill the mana faster (on the 4st story of a tower).

10) What bonuses can I get from inviting friends in the game?

Tell your friends how interesting the world of Laar is, and if they appreciate it, you will not only have great companions but also extra reward. Friends must enter the world of Laar through your link; this is the only way for you to get the reward. The more friends you invite the more reward you get. For every invited friend you get imperials, for some of them – special prizes. To be more specific, you can get unique cards such as Faceless One (2 friends), Ittsup (4 friends), Kos-Zag (6 friends), Rukan (10 friends), Nimert (12 friends). Mana sources are given for 3, 5 and 7 friends. Also, starting from the 15th and ending with 100th invited friend you are given a free land for every third friend in the game. It’s all depends on you!

11) Why do I need to place the lands of the same element next to each other in my island?

If your lands are divided into elements, the opponent faces more resistance and more squads.

12) Can I move lands on my island?

No, you cannot change the place of your lands but you can change the element of the lands. You need to buy improvement on the 5th story of your tower which can allow you to do it.
The Amulet of Elements allows you to change the element of a land.
The Stone of Elements reduces the cost of changing elements for 2 ounces.
The Tablet of Elements reduces this cost for 4 ounces.

13) What is elemental experience needed for?

Elemental experience allows you to improve creatures, enhance heroes and make research in Laboratory. You can get elemental experience only from your lands with collecting your income, so keep your lands safe!

14) Is there a catalogue of all cards? Where can I find it?

You need to open “Cards” tab and tick “All cards” area. If you don’t have a card, it’s shown as dark one. All cards are divided into elements, and they are placed from promo to common rarity.

15) Can you tell me about energy of portals? How often do they redirect?

The energy of portals equals 15 from the beginning. Every squad that goes through the portal reduces the energy for 1. After 12 hours the energy of portals refills. You can build an improvement on the 4th story of a tower. It enlarges energy of portals and allows you to capture more lands.

16) Why do I need to have governors? What is the difference between friends as governors and governor bots?

Governors are special people who live in white tents and collect income from your land for you. You mana is not wasted in this case. More than that, they enlarge the income from outer lands. Governors can be bots, prisoners, and your friends. The last variant is the best. The prisoner can run away, bots are quite expensive, but friends can always help you in any case. In Tavern you can leave a comment about looking for governors, or become a governor too. Your friends can also collect your income for you. They can visit they friend’s island, collect the income from 5 lands (you have only 5 actions which you can do on your friend’s island). It’s really useful for you and your friend because you get the reward, too.

17) Can I miss the watch of a battle?

No, you cannot. The true mage must be a good strategist, and watching a battle can help you to make use from your mistakes and your opponents’ mistakes. It’s useful to watch the opponent’s squad and take it into account when you create a new deck. The speed of a game can be increased using the speed regulator (it is situated in the underpart of the battlefield).

18) What is set? What sets are there in the game?

There are 5 different sets of cards in Berserk: the Cataclysm.
United Set contains the majority of cards. You can find cards from different element and all rarities (except of Legendary heroes). You can purchase cards from this set in the Shop from all types of boosters.

Exclusive Set contains cards from different elements, rarities and types. Cards from this set cannot be found in boosters. They are given as a reward for campaigns in Wanderings. You can find Insatiable Blade, Thul-Bagar Tower, Ice Knolls of Jor there.

Special Set consists of cards of different rarities, elements and types. You can get the cards from this set as a reward for inviting friends, also in Chests with surprises. Nimert, Rukan, Kos-Zag are some of these cards.

Achievement Set consists of cards with different rarity and elements. The cards from this set can be given only as a single copy for achievements. You can see them in your achievement wall in the Tower. For example, Flame Crystal, Angel of Retribution, Elven Archeress are cards from Achievement set.

Gift Set consists of cards of high rarity. Cards from this set can be given as a reward for some events, festivals, celebrations of the winning in Clan wars. For example, Belarra.

19) Can I reset the game? How can I start the game from the beginning?
We don’t have such an option. You can start the game from the beginning only from the different profile.

20) How to clear my cache?

1. Internet Explorer: Tools → Safety → Delete browsing history →Delete.
2. Mozilla Firefox: Options → Advanced Panel → Cached Web Content → Clear Now.
3. Opera: Settings → The Privacy & security panel → Clear browsing data…
4. Google Chrome: Chrome menu icon → Settings → Show advanced settings option → Clear browsing data

21) How to change a language of the game?

To change a game language, you need to change a flag of the country in the right top corner of a game.

If you didn’t find the answer to your question, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Bug reports

Originally posted by znickelbackz:

i have prob in tutorial, “atk the land from the outer ring” part. i cannot hit the “attack” button.

Show us a screenshot, please.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Not really good

Originally posted by tarjmov:

Boost server speed; make it so there’s less lag. And make it so the Sign In sheet doesn’t appear when you try to log in; just go strait to game, please.

Tell us please about Log in lag, what do you mean by it? What’s happenning when you try to log in the game? Is it Kongregate sign or Welcome screen in the game? We would appreciate it if you sended us a screenshot.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Not really good

Originally posted by clchan:

how about make it so that ppl with 7 islands dont show up in my portals??

How often does it happen?

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Game news

Many days and nights were spent in pressure by ungars, they didn’t have any minute to relax. Exhausted by long battles with strong opponents, many warriors ceased hostility and confided their souls into the arms of wicked fate. But there were those who overcame it, who fought all the foes and won this war. The word “victory” sounds proudly. Today, on the 8th of July, the first era on Global server has ended.

The prize money were distributed as follows:
1st place– Eternal Freedom ( – 30000 ounces
2nd place – Zeltennia (Kongregate) – 25000 ounces
3rd place –- Фениксы (MyMir) – 20000 ounces
4th place – БЕЛАЯ РУСЬ (Odnoklassniki) – 15000 ounces
5th place – Отступники ( – 10000 ounces
6th place – РеАлИсТы ( – 5000 ounces
7th place – Феникс (Odnoklassniki) – 4500 ounces
8th place – Avengers (Facebook) – 4000 ounces
9th place – Kalebassa (Kongregate) – 3500 ounces
10th place – Белые Белки (Odnoklassniki) – 3000 ounces
11th place – Несокрушимые ( – 2500 ounces
12th place – Кама-итати ( – 2250 ounces
13th place – Immortal ( – 2000 ounces
14th place – R.A.D. CHAMPIONS (Facebook) – 1750 ounces
15th place – Fire and Ice (Kongregate) – 1500 ounces

More than that, the Eternal Freedom (, Фениксы (MyMir), Zeltennia (Kongregate), БЕЛАЯ РУСЬ (Odnoklassniki), Avengers (Facebook) clans will get the unique promo-card Shax.

Thank you, dear players, for taking part in such a great competition! The new era begins at 4:00 GMT July 15. As it was announced earlier, the players will start the 6th era of clan wars in Platinum league and the 22nd era of clan wars in Golden and Silver league in the clan they were in the previous era. You can leave your clan and join another one till 8:00 GMT July 14. There won’t be any possibility to join clans during the era.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / The Global Era: voting

Dear players!
There are few hours left till the end of the first era of Global war. That is why we would like to ask you to express your point of view in the voting. We will be really pleased if you tell us about advantages and disadvantages of this era, whether you liked it or not. We appreciate your opinion and we are ready to make our game better.

Did you like the era?
1) Yes, I did. I would like to play in Global server again;
2) Yes, I did, but Platinum, Golden and Silver leagues are better;
3) Yes, I did but there are some disadvantages… (in comments);
4) No, I didn’t because … (in comments).

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Topic: Berserk Universe / Game news

Nobody knows where they come from. Mystery flying over them is their second nature. Time has come, and they have appeared. Dear ungars, we all know that you’ve been dreaming about having great cards in your squad for a long time, and now they are available in the Shop.
Your dark decks will be stronger than ever if you have Rusty Golem in them. Also the Bracelet of Submission makes all of your River Maiden powerful and invincible. If you like to have creatures of different elements in your squad, the Bjorsard is the weapon of your dream, it’s for sure. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up to buy these strong cards right now!

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Game news

Dear ungars!

Laar is looking for minions of fortune! Is it you? If you don’t know exactly, we can show you the way to check it.

Only for 2 days, until 8:00 GMT July 4 the great offer takes place. There are discounts on random boosters such as 10% discount on Super-booster, 15% discount on Promo-booster and 20% discount on Mega-booster. It’s your chance to conquer stubborn fortune and prove everybody that getting necessary cards from boosters is easy. Hurry up to make use of this unique offer and gather a perfect squad right now! The discounts are in ounces.

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Topic: Berserk Universe / Game news

Are you ready to become a Laar Legend? The new 12th Era of Clan wars starts today at 14:00 GMT. You can get more information about it in the previous post.

Good luck in future battles, dear ungars!

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Bug reports

Originally posted by ElJugoLoco:

Is there a bug with intimidate? I had Great Cata * with Insatiable Blade 2* on the field and when the opponent’s Phoenix 2* came on the field opposite my Cata, the Cata was sent back to my reserve before he attacked. He had a Wisp** on the field in slot 4 at the time and the Phoenix went into slot 1.

Thank you for information, we will try to “catch” this bug.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Game news

Dear players!

Everything we do, we do for your comfort. That is why we want to believe that you’ll spend your weekend in Laar profitably. Especially for you, we prepared a lot of discounts!

If your tower is empty and untidy, it’s time to change it. Now you can purchase improvement packs with 25% discount. Also, there is 25% ounces bonus and 50% discount on Welcome pack. All the discounts are in ounces. The offer lasts until 8:00 GMT June 30. Have a good weekend!

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Topic: Berserk Universe / Game news

The courageous warriors of Laar will never cease hostility until the coming of those who will force them to do it. Who knows, maybe you are the only one who is able to stop these eternal battle! If you want peace, prepare for war. The 12th era of Clan Wars is about to start.

The new 12th Era of Clan Wars begins at 6 p.m. (server time GMT+4) on July 1.
All victory points are zeroed.

Top 10 clans will be landed on the map, they are:
The army of hawks
Danger Zone
The Light Punishers
L’Armata Dei Falchi
Lions of laar

The rest of the clans start from the barbarian cities as well as new clans.

Era duration: 30 days
Starts: 1st July
Ends: 1st August (attack declaration will be prohibited on that day)
Prize fund: 10000 ounces

Award determination. At the end of the Era all victory points accumulated by 4 clans which have maximum points are summed up (X). The basic cost © of the victory point is calculated in this way: award fund/X. 4 winning clans get awards that are calculated in this way: victory points*C (by rounding to the nearest integer). The awards go to the clan’s treasury.

Get ready for new bloodshed battles!

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Bug reports

Originally posted by MichaelH_:

No. After I had won a battle I clicked “Next” and was taken to my tower.

Are you playing the game in two tabs?

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Topic: Berserk Universe / Game news

The first sunrise rays were striking through the plushy forest, and the elves laid red roses to warriors’ graveyards. Their forefathers gave their lives fighting for justice in Laar. The Thale Venn and the rest of elves from the Eternal Stars House were standing in silence. Today’s the day when they honor memory of those who are not with them anymore. Today’s the day when they unite with ungars and think about revenge.

If you are ready to gather the perfect army, you’ll enjoy the special offer we prepared for you. Only for a month we reduce the price of boosters. Now you can purchase a Pro-booster at the price of 20 ounces and a Super-booster at the price of 30 ounces. This offer lasts due July 24. Don’t miss a chance to enlarge your squads with wise and powerful warriors!

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Topic: Berserk Universe / Game news

Not so long ago we heard echoes of furious fights to the last drop of ungars’ blood. Now the winners are in triumph, and the others are gathering their last squads to take revenge next time. It means that the 20th era of Clan wars is over. Today, on the 23rd of June, we are ready to announce the results.
The best are:
Danger Zone
The army of hawks
The Light Punishers
We congratulate the winners! The deserved reward is yours. Those clans who didn’t win this time, please, don’t be sad about it! Next time the luck will be on your side;) The 12th era is about to launch soon.

P.S. The points of ban were taken into account.