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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Tier list for Ancients, v1

Originally posted by gukirinus:

i see patch 0,12d and aparrently solomon´s giving 5%/lvl again, is that correct? tid the nerf rollback or something like that? lol

0.12d Patch Notes

Solomon now gives +5% until 100%, and then scales down per level as you level him up.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / lost data

Originally posted by Chris123662:

I deleted my browser history since my roommate put meatspin as my homepage when I was in the bathroom and now it is gone…

Lol. Why have you done this; you can change the home page in 5 seconds.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Skills / +30% speed aim to sight

Originally posted by TheBurrito999:

Damage helps more than accuracy if you play with assault or demolition class weapons – go for the damage. :)

If you can’t hit the target why would you increase damage?

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Topic: Contract Wars: Creations / lets laugh at contracts

I have to post this:

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / New way for assaullts to lv up fast not tested not promised :)

Originally posted by AdrianZ15:

1.U have to be in a clan but have minimal contribution
2.U have to have the assault skill mastery
3.Ur clan has to have clan drills 2 and 4
4.U have to have x3 experience

5.As the title says I not sure if this is correct so I dont wanna guess how much more xp Ur gonna get but I think it will work

BEST. GUIDE. EVER!!!111 Mind blowing!

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / PMM-12

Originally posted by Herkuzz:
Originally posted by BRelite:

1 prokil

You dumb necromancer. Burn in hell!

Yes! That’s what I like to see let him burn.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / How is it possible?

Originally posted by FrederickB4:

How is there so many people running around already with w task completed on the new guns just released. I know on cred weapons you can buy the w task but GP guns you cant? Yet certain clans have the full goods.

But to be honest this is your answer:

Originally posted by sw2012:

play 24h a day (or just a bit less) and one week is enough to task two (or four) weapons.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / I can't get SVD

Clear your cache, refresh page and make sure that you are at least level 30 with set 4 unlocked. This should fix it. Next time ask questions like that in chat.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / clan skills

Originally posted by bobbflockka:

srry, i dont care, but how do you if a clan skill is applicable to you? I want to get every skill on the bottom, all the first ones, the rest idc about them

Another necro post?!!

And is you don’t care about date of last post why we should care about answering your question?! Ask in chat next time!

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Topic: Contract Wars / ACES1 Recruting.

Originally posted by snipernac:


Originally posted by SuperCrusader111:

robhit,robhit,robhit you are noob,renter and as people say you are bad :(BAD BAD BAD

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / S3RM or AS VAL Kobra?

Originally posted by SuperCrusader111:

i think i will help you:
if you play on lake,interchange,osm buy AS VAL all the way(i had it,i play on mid range,it rocks!)
if you play on small range maps buy SR3M all the way(i had it too)
if you play on very long range(such a lighthouse,construction) all suck
sorry for necro,just trying to help you

I think you necroed 1 year old thread. :/

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / 007, kg, kd scrubs

Originally posted by Dimitr12:

Why the fuck you delete my comments when im teling the truth? You wanna hide truth like for sp contract gain ? These idiots ruining almost every player experience with their stacking, camping and using exploits. And you delete my comments about them? It’s funny when i enter evac, most of legcw have negative kdr from these scrubs beacause they found every fucckin exploit in this game and you are deleting my comments about that. GG devs, i guess you answer will be ‘Soon™ when we done recoding everything will be fine’ LOL. Why would i spent my money and gp on your game? I can rent 150 armor and 20 from clan, i can rent dmg and hit damage, and i still shooting these motherfuckers at head, with fuckin firestab, with shift,standing, and they dont die. And yes, their ping is 55 not 220 lol. Tell me more about balance, and buying gp with ‘real money transactions’.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Full GP refund?

If you want to know when new skill tree comes out, the answer is:

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Tips for lvl 16-ers

Originally posted by nightshiftx:
Originally posted by KillerElite68:

Shoot people.

WOW thanks soooo much. Appreciated.

It was great protip, my advice: “Don’t get shoot.”

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Error: Game server is full, I can't play :(

I hate complain threads.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / SR3M Contract its usless

Just wait for discount and then do the contract. Problem solved.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / AS VAL MOD 3 or P90 DEVGRU or AK-12?

Originally posted by alpersoylu2000:
Originally posted by KillerElite68:

All 3 guns are completely different,you need to take into account your playstyle and favorite map.
Examle: If your favorite map is OldSawmill,you will not do well there if you use a P90 Devgru.
If you don’t have firestab yet,get it before buying any guns.

my playstyle is flanking and moving fast. mod 3 fits my playstyle

If you know what fits your style this thread is pointless, btw. P90 will be better for moving fast and flanking.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Thermal Vision

Originally posted by userwithnoname:

Guys, do you want me to necro this thread in 2 years?

It happend already.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / mader this game read this

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Investing GP in skill tree?

Investing GP in skill tree is very important. Skills like 15+ damage. and 15+ accuracy will help you a lot. But remember to avoid doing resets, because you will lose some GP.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Which one should i take?

Don’t buy mp5 spec it’s not worth it. Fire distance is nice, but you should save for dmg skills form assault tree.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Holy fudging crap, this is the best day eva!

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Contract Wars - Tips 'n Tricks

Originally posted by xXv1cXx:
Originally posted by total1000:

I looked and couldn’t find a thread on this O.O

lol so I idea for a topic, basicly any tips or tricks you have for ingame stuff.
for example:

1. Don’t always strafe or always stand still, depending on the gun. With a spray gun jump, side jump, 360, MOVE. your going for a head shot. so basically strafe like a mother f-
If your using a nice powerful automatic gun, some you need to, some you dont. it depends on the accuracy and mag space. With the non-w-tasked M4A1 i find you can strafe and even go for headshots by spraying, or if not you can afford to strafe in sights. But WITH the w-task you dont strafe. at all. you’ll kill the guy before he kills you, and the accuracy is high, the red dot is where the bullets land, so if you move a lot, that red dot will be off target 25% of the time, losing 20% of your ammo, or more. then you reload. and get shot. the M4A1 has a low mag and high fire rate. meaning your out of bullets FAST. so you want to have all of those fast firing bullets on target. I noticed this when i saw that people in videos of the M4 w-task looked at a person. and did a full stop. this gives more accuracy, AND more chance of landing the target.
With single fire guns its a toss up. if its like a saiga, then you want to look head on and fire. killing you guy in 1 shot. but if its more then 1, you probably should strafe. but make sure they land. if your using a single fire handgun. a lot of people spam click and lose all of they’re bullets instantly. don’t do this. strafe… stop… fire…. strafe.
Anything that isn’t sighted, and your using cross hairs. you can probably strafe. Everything i said above was about sights, not cross hairs. but if its a one shot, you might wanna use the sights. and if its a spray, then use your cross hairs.

btw this is all imho. If someone thinks im wrong dont call me a noob, just please tell me why im wrong lol. so just give other tips or tricks, contradicting others or making your own.

this can be ANYTHING, for “click Y to chat to EVERYONE” to a in detail review and how-to of a gun. oh and you can ask questions.

now thats it.
this better not be one of those awkward threads where NOBODY answers and i look like a fool…. fuck

well too late. i typed this all out. im not putting it to waste.

here’s a tip: if you have an assault rifle or any other automatic weapon and you are trying to kill someone far away switch the fire mode (z) to single shot ant spam the mouse that way there will be less recoil and almost every bullet will hit that target.

Here’s a tip: before posting anything look at the date of last post.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / I never cease to be amazed

Originally posted by xfenix:

It was about the date posted – 30 Mar 2012, are you that stupid?
And by the way, arabic numbers are a bit different than cyrilic (russian) letters, rofl. You just love to look like idiot, aren’t you?

Yes you are right. This is “idiot” written in arabic : الأبله
This is “idiot” written in cyrilic: идиот

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / 345 FREE GP!!!!!!!!!!

Free stuff for logging everyday?