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Topic: Dream World / Dream World 5th anniversary

happy anniversary, wheres our event i need my monthly dose of hourly guardians

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Topic: Dream World / Images from new update

Originally posted by killerponies:
Originally posted by opolle:

New pic:

that is awesome i hope all these pics are truely mobs or bosses :)

Why would he actually post a mob or boss? I thought he only post random pictures of things he drew. FacePalm

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Topic: Dream World / Heroic + Genius purchaces

Originally posted by gangstilla:

Be able to buy Heroic 1 day for 4x Magic Elf Epot cost
Gen1 day for 5x Magic Elf Epot cost

Gen7 day for 20x Epot cost
Hero7 day for 16x Epot cost

EDIT*** without theGen7 day for 20x Epot cost
Hero7 day for 16x Epot cost

Such a stupid idea… it cost me 2 bil for an e pot with over 600 bil in bank that would just crush the DW economy and what about the people that spent 70 gems a week for them? Kink just gonna reimburse them?

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

Originally posted by Rzlfxz:
Originally posted by Adryan25:

Sugestions. Make the orc ring undroppable for lvl 98+ from boxes…. cmone, they got posi ring…
And make crystal ring undropable from mbox for 95+…..

Huuuuuge +1
I was even thinking of starting a new thread about this issue. Please fix this ring situation, we shouldn’t have to waste room for elf ring when we have dw ring just so we won’t get alien again, or keep orc when we have positron. And c ring becomes pretty much useless once you’re lv95 and can’t do Hell Gate anymore, exp and coins suck on Isendel on higher levels.

Huge -1
Just because Rz thinks it’s a good idea

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Topic: Time World / Pillar Raiding for Gold Contest: More Carrot, Less Stick!

Why do you think any1 cares about your contest other than your galaxy if your not helping anyone except your galaxy out? Make your own forum and leave your posts over there.

Please and Thank You,

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Topic: Dream World / Why did all the wells dry up?

i find a lot but usually they all on 97-99% rage

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Topic: Dream World / new records

That makes no sense cause dolls have nothing to do with grinding..

Originally posted by my_ron:

That would have to be asked two ways: with and without dolls… :)