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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [SIGNUPS] [RP] Transiens Aeternum [ALWAYS OPEN]

Primary Name: Jerikho

Other Name: Jeirkho Jeynark

Species:Neutral Spirit

Appearance: Long purple hair, human, yellow cat like eyes, blueish skin tone, longish red nails.

Personality: A very outgoing guy, but makes people feel uncomfortable when they stare into his eyes…

Skills: Agility and stealth

Abilities: Gray-Blue Level 1
His hair is the source of an aura that makes him able to navigate any terrain with ease.

Background: I had a good life, of course there were some ups and downs but it was a good life. Ah what am I saying, I was a thief, thats how I lived, and finally a store owner caught me in the act, and chased me out of the store. After a little bit of running I fled onto a rooftop to evade the sirens coming into the scene. Thats when from behind some hadns grabbed me aroung the throat. I was being choked and I couldn’t stop it. I then died and came to the spirit world, hell I don’t even know my last name anymore…