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Topic: Party Of Heroes / New Quest type: Crusades

He guys! We thought it would be good to give you all an introduction to the new kind of quest that will be available next week:


Crusade Quests are comprised of 10- that cannot be mastered. The event provides a bonus to a specific Hero, and can be played in any of 4 difficulties. Each crusade can be replayed multiple times, as rewards are randomized within a range of value.

Players can progress through the quest until winning the last battle, or being defeated.
If a player is defeated, crusade progress is lost (cursor is shown retreating to first battle)
It is possible for a player to repeatedly complete the same quest and claim rewards.

Crusade Rewards:
For each difficulty, there is a given set of possible rewards.
When players reach a treasure chest, a reward from said set is awarded
Higher value rewards are found at the last battles.
The top 3 rewards are displayed at the Crusade description – the entire step may be viewed through a scroll screen.
The rewards within each chest are randomized on each iteration of the Crusade.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / August 5 Patch Changes - By the Numbers

JMCrooks, you need to take the strength/weaknesses into account. You can see them as the colored bars at Hero Details. These are even more important than level in determining the outcome of a battle!

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Tavern Statistics

Nice work! :)

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Gems purchases issue

Hi! Sorry to hear that. Your transactions have been checked and the gems should have reached you by now. Thank you for playing!

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Things that need to be changed

First of all, thank you for taking the time for such a detailed feedback!
It is true that our updates notes are rather scarce in details – most of the latest changes are structural (in preparation for massive content updates) and we feel would be irrelevant to share.
For the same reason, many known issues remain at the bottom of our queue, but we’ll get there on future updates. Oh, and for the experience rate: any changes perceived are a consequence of modifications in SP campaign difficulty. We’ve been doing some tuning to find the difficulty sweet spot, and naturally easier enemies provide the least XP. The enemy level/XP gain relationship has remained constant for several months now.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / ENERGY to devs-

Thank you for your feedback!
The number of energy charges won’t likely change, but the recharge time might still be reduced.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / The new system for capped heroes

Thanks, 1Thunder1. We really appreciate the community that is growing around PoH and will remain open to hear any suggestion from players.