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Topic: Collaborations / Backgrounds artist needed.

This project sounds interesting, and the sample that you posted looks fun and believable. I’m definitely interested in learning more.
Most of my experience is in character design/animation, but I’d be willing to talk more about backgrounds. I love designing on a medium/ low pixel count (think castlevania SOTN). Please take a look at my portfolio at and let me know what you think.
As for compensation, 10% of game revenue would be adequate.

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Topic: Collaborations / Game needs free artist

I’m looking for work, and I’m willing to work for ad revenue percentage, so please check out my work at and let me know,

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Topic: Collaborations / Artist Needed for RPG

This looks like a really cool project, I’ve been doing alot of design in low pixel count sprite animation recently, and I’m looking for a way to get my name on a project. Please take a look at my portfolio at and let me know. my email is