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Topic: Serious Discussion / The age to appear in porn is 18, but the average world age of consent is 16

Originally posted by onlineidiot1994:

What are others’ thoughts on this?

That prostitution is acceptable so long as the man or woman understand what they are getting themselves into. It is their body, therefore it is their choice if they wish to derive their income from it.

Fundamentally no different from anyone else who chooses to withhold or grant sex, except that once the money changes hands like with any other service, they become contractually bound to deliver.

The effort then should be focussed on making prostitution as safe as possible for those who wish to partake. Both in terms of physical safety of worker and client, and in terms of avoiding disease transference.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Communism Vs. Capitalism

Originally posted by onlineidiot1994:

As far as equal wages are concerned, they may make the same amount of money (nothing) but well trained individuals DID tend to get preferential treatment when luxuries were concerned. That being said, party officials were considered the upper class of a communist society, not doctors and engineers.

That’s Marxism as opposed to pure communism. All pure communism does is remove the ability to have private sources of income other than your wage. Eg the share trading I do, would not be possible under a proper communistic system.

Owning property and renting it out for a second income would likewise not be possible. You would have your wage and no other source of income.

There’s still the incentive to push yourself, because better jobs have better wages.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Corporal Punishment

Originally posted by Kasic:
It would have been a far simpler solution if they were allowed to grab the kid’s arm and wrestle the lighter out of the kid’s possession without ending their own career in the process.

That’s far different than corporal punishment.

Not really. It still comes under the header of staff may never cause physical damage to a kid ever. No matter the justification they think they have in the spur of the moment.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Corporal Punishment

Originally posted by Kasic:

Oddly specific. Was there an incident with an arsonist in your past? I don’t think smacking the kid will make them any less inclined to burn stuff.

It was in reference to an incident at a good friend’s school, yes (he’s network admin). The kid had modified a lighter to emit a very large flame, and was in the process of using it to torch one of the ICT classrooms. The staffmember present at the time was unable to command the kid out of doing it, and had to use the fire extinguisher to douse the material the kid had lit.

The extinguisher undoubtedly did more damage to the innards of the computer the kid was at then the smoke from the litttle bonfire the kid had made, but it was realistically the only permissable way to end the situation. Pity they hadn’t had the forethought to turn the nearest PCs off before extinguishing the blaze.

It would have been a far simpler solution if they were allowed to grab the kid’s arm and wrestle the lighter out of the kid’s possession without ending their own career in the process.

(not necessarily the best example… why would the gate be open on to a busy road???)

Because many parents are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. I’m sure we’ve all seen little kids playing on the side of the road before, whilst the parents are absolutely nowhere to be seen. Same as we’ve all seen idiots with more brainpower in the car than in their heads, racing down residential roads at 70mph plus.

EDIT: As an aside, there are many, many properties where the front yard doesn’t even have a gate, or even a wall or fence along the front. Doesn’t stop some parents with young kids from letting them play out front.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Corporal Punishment

Basically, yes. Until we can eliminate the situations where the parents are using their fists on the kids, and have been doing so all their lives, then the hands-off approach in schools is not going to work. Right now, if a child starts pummelling a member of staff, the staffmember has few options. If they strike back, they’re very likely to lose their job. It’s not exactly conductive to discipline, when those situations arise that the staff are not permitted to strike the kid back to end the incident, without fearing for their livelihoods.

Yes, the police are called after the event, and the school will suspend the child for a week or two weeks regardless of the police response, but the completely hands-off approach does not work when the child becomes violent.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Mcdonalds Employee (Advice Please)

Ironically Karma, you’ve just demonstrated both Janton’s point and my own for us.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Communism Vs. Capitalism

Originally posted by RollerCROWster:

i think communism is good because everyone gets paid the same

imagine being a dishwasher at a restaurant and making a doctors salary!

Pity communism doesn’t work that way. A dishwasher at a restuarant makes far less than a doctor does under communism.

The myth of equal wages is just that – a myth.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

Originally posted by RollerCROWster:

i think the best way for gun control is to put more technology into them

imagine guns that had computers in them so they couldnt be fired in civilized areas

Wouldn’t work long-term. We cannot rely on a device inside the gun limiting its capability when increasingly less and less skilled individuals can produce their own guns. Bypasses the entire approach.

A better approach is to use overwatch for the presence of a gun, tracking them by their signature, rather than relying on something embedded in them, and using legislature in conjunction with new abilities to place additional safeguards on those who have shown that they are willing to misuse firearms against other citizens.

Originally posted by Kasic:
Only problem is that gun nuts get all pissy about “registration” and “outside control” and don’t see that it would stop children from accidentally shooting themselves/others at the very least.

It would deal with a lot of the problems of unregistered firearm trafficing if the law mandated that each firearm be legally registered, and possession of an unregistered firearm was a severe offense itself. Help even more if (as is likely) it is ultimately possible to ascertain from a given printed gun which batch of materials it was printed from, and from that who purchased those materials and thus was likely to be the source of the gun’s manufacture in the first place.

Still a lot of work to track things back in that way, but I still maintain that taking the effort to track illegal firearm manufacturers down is better for the safety of the citizenry than doing nothing and leaving such manufacturers of unregistered weapons to their own devices.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Corporal Punishment

Originally posted by biguglyorc:

I’m not very interested in this topic itself, but I don’t think the following question will derail it much, so I’ll just ask it, if you don’t mind.

So you’re against it, alright. Do you mind me asking what exactly changed your mind over the last… four years and a half?

I don’t think anything has really. I’m against it as a parenting tool, as it’s really teaching the kid that the wrong type of behavior is okay. However, as a teaching tool there is still a place for it.

At the moment if a kid hits a teacher, the kid will be suspended at worst. (Expulsion is usually off the table as an option, because it costs the school a great deal of money to expell one child, to the point that it pretty much decimates the budget.) However if a teacher is physical with a child, either hitting them or physically restraining them, they risk instant dismissal and blacklisting – they can never work in the field again.

Since we have a problem at the moment where the childrens of parents who physically abuse are attending school, and occasionally employ the lessons their parents taught them both against the teaching staff and other kids, we are left with a teaching staff that have precious little recourse open to them, without disasterous consequences.

So I support corporal punishment where the kid started the issue. I support the right of the teaching staff to physically grab the individual, and to knock some sense into them if necessary, without risking their careers in the process. The issue can be one where the kid starts physically assaulting a member of staff, a visitor to the school or another kid; it doesn’t matter. I would also include incidents where the kid is either threatening to burn school property or has already done so, as the type where physical force is justified.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Mcdonalds Employee (Advice Please)

Heh, if you are, online, then you have my pity. I know too well what that’s like. Very, very lonely.

It’s not even something easy to take as your intended joke; there are far too few intelligent people on this planet. :/

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Boston Bomber - Twitter celebrity

Nothing’s really wrong with these people. He’s become a meme. Something new and cool to follow.

Don’t forget, most of these people live comfortably in the first world, and don’t work in health or the emergency services. Most have never really seen true sufffering or horrific injury up close, so to them it’s just an abstract concept with no real meaning.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

Originally posted by onlineidiot1994:

This being said, in an ager where multi-million dollar pieces of hardware are the standard in militaries throughout the world, a small band of riflemen isn’t enough to do much damage. Any militia that exist in the US today would find themselves sorely outmatched, even on their home turf.

This ties into my own argument; in an age where the hardware is steadily both more accessible and more capable, it should stand to reason that we employ every practical measure we can develop to ensure only those who have the right mental fortitude to be a part of a militia are armed.

By right mental fortitude, I DO NOT mean correct political viewpoints. Political viewpoints are irrelevant. I speak only of mental health, and prior track record of not turning those arms against the people of the country – no history of being an internal threat to the welfare ofthe people themselves.

So we consider whatever solutions we can devise, to protect the people from those who seek to do them harm, as well as allowing those with no track record of seeking to do the people harm, to defend both themselves and their country without those solutions impinging upon them.

Hence gunpowder sniffers, wrist action trackers, and whatever else we can devise to deal with the problem of mentally incompetent or malicious people using firearms to hurt other members of the citizenry, without affecting those who wish to use them for any other purpose.

After all, we have to face facts that as manufacturing tech continues to advance, it is entirely within the realm of possibility that what today is cutting edge military hardware, it is totally possible for it to eventually be manufactured in someone’s home basement for a few thousand dollars of materials. That genie is out of the bottle, and has been out for some time.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Communism Vs. Capitalism

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:

I think the Scotts have long desired FREEDOM from a very arrogant overlord.
And, from what little I know of world history, such is what a lot of people wanted.

It’s a very tight race. Even now, with less than three days to go, it’s very close to a 50/50 split. It’ll certainly be a financial disaster if we do split, as even the great and much vaunted oil reserves won’t last past another twenty years at the current rate of extraction, and I don’t trust Salmond to find a lightswitch in a dark room without hollaring at someone to do it for him; much less trust him to run a country.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Shooting/Riots in Ferguson, USA.

Originally posted by vikaTae:

we still need it as a term, to describe a general type of body structure and thus genetic heritage.

Whatever word you choose to replace black with, the meaning will remain unchanged, and it’ll become politically charged eventually. You can either focus on pointlessly changing the terminology again and again and again, as has been tried and failed in the past, and accept that none of your efforts will ever amount to anything.

Or, you can focus on those individuals who misuse a discriptive label for their own prejudice-fueled ends, and weed thm out one by one as you educate that victimising someone for being black is no more ok than victimising someone because the ‘worthless scum’ has blue eyes.

In the latter case, changing the term used to describe blue eyes to “azure visual orbs” does absolutely nothing to deal with the individuals who see those with blue eyes as sub-human scum. You could even rename it to “They have eyes but nobody can tell what color they are”, and that is worse than useless, as any visual examination can easily tell their eyes are blue, and you still have not addressed the problem.

People with blue eyes have different genetic coding to people with brown eyes. No amount of changing the term used to describe the eyes will change that fact. So it is with the black ethnic group, and the white ethnic group. It doesn’t matter what terms you use to describe them; the terms will always mean the exact same thing.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Shooting/Riots in Ferguson, USA.

Originally posted by Aleazor:

You are missing the point. Black and White are labels with deep roots in discrimination based on the color of peoples skin, not race or culture.

Woo hoo! You recognise that different people have different color skin. that is a huge improvement. Do you also understand that this skin color change is genetic in nature, and not the individual’s choice?

It’s not just skin either. That’s the point. The descriptor is there because there are physical differences that run right throughout the being.

Native Americans used to be called REDSKINS? How about Indians? How about Injuns?

Indians is not accurate, since they are not of Indian descent. Redskins is an accurate descriptor, but got politicised.

What about BLACKS? How about Negros? How about Niggers?

All three are fine as scientific descriptors, though the proper one would be negroid. Black however is simple, and easy to remember. Negro and nigger both became politically charged, and were replaced, the same as negroid has been replaced with congoid. Still means exactly the same, because we still need it as a term, to describe a general type of body structure and thus genetic heritage.

Black and white may be legitimate forms of classification and description, but they are not cultures or races. The idea that Black and White are races reinforces a false dichotomy that inevitably fosters hatred and stereotyping.

Nothing about genetic background is tied to culture. you can change your culture completely yourself, and when you’ve changed your culture you’ll still have the same physical body. Any kids you have with your partner under the new culture will be born with exactly the same bodies they would have had if you had kids with the same partner under the old culture.

There’s only a correlation between culture and body type because where the body type first evolved, it was relatively isolated and so everyone shared the same culture but did not have access to the culture of other groups because they did not have any access to the other group at all. It is only relatively recently that this is changing as different groups intermix.

Black is an equivalent term to Congoid, and means the exact same thing. There is a physical basis for the grouping. White is an equivalent term to Caucasoid, and means the exact same thing. There is a physical basis for the grouping.

If you wish to effectively remove the terms white and black, then you will need to remove the Congoid and Caucasoid groups from the planet – kill off two thirds of the human race. Only then can you realistically make the claim that neither group exists.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Corporal Punishment

Originally posted by Aleazor:

Sometimes when I see parents disciplining their children in line at the supermarket, I get the impression that it’s a show, and there is absolutely no discipline or guidance at home.

Aww, it’s kinda amusing when that happens. It’s like a race to see who can be a louder, more immature pain in the neck for everyone else in the supermarket – the screaming, hyperactive kid, or the screaming hyperactive parent.

Half the time the situation would be vastly improved if the parent would stop deliberately making things worse trying to out-misbehave the kid. Stop shouting them down. Stop going on and on and on about issues that were resolved five minutes ago. Stop punching the kid. Stop threatening to hit the kid with the shopping basket, or a random box of frozen food, et al.

We really need some sort of competency test to be a parent. Utterly unworkable I realise, but if there was some sort of minimum maturity level bar for the parent it would help oh so much.

I also love the bitch that does the obligatory “yell” at here kids while not even looking at them or checking to see if compliance has been achieved.

I saw one in the local Wickes store last week you would have loved Karma (Wickes is a DIY supermarket that caters mainly to trade customers. Building materials is all they sell).

The kid was three or four years old, no older, and was wandering round, picking up products randomly, and bashing them together. The father was trying to chat up the girl who was working customer support, and he turned to have a go at the kiddie. Ripped what the kid was currently holding out of his hand, and told him to behave. He then proceeded to apologise to the girl and flirt with her, whilst reminding the kid to behave (without turning round). By this point the kid had wandered further into the store, and had disappeared two isles in, and the father was still talking oblivious to where his son was, reminding the kid who was no-longer there to behave. Considering there are signs everywhere that there are fork-lifts operating in the store and we could all hear one moving back there, how clueless can you get?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

Originally posted by thijser:

So the case workers have to be able to reprogram these devices? Without screwing up the delicate balance these systems carry?

What delicate balance? Just report the problem, have it investigated by tech support, and receive the replacement.

I would prefer that if they are going to have to get an extra degree that that degree is in something like psychology rather then in computer science.

Your personal preference has no bearing on what degrees a person may choose for themselves. You don’t get to dictate what degrees people are allowed to pursue.

By free I meant for the end user not for the government. I think that making psychological care available for free for the most needy is going to much further reduce the number of criminals that have to go to jail in the first place then such a lock is going to reduce the number of reoffernders.

Reoffenders are going to happen whatever you do. So you need to have measures in place to deal with and minimise the rate of reoffense, as well as your education plans to minimise crime in the first place. You have to make sure all links in the chain are strong, otherwise the chain will snap on the weakest one.

We are talking about a limited resource: money. If you can prevent 2 people from ever entering into jail isn’t that preferable towards having 1 reoffender? Under ideal conditions you would do both but the total resources are limited.

So your plan is to completely ignore the reoffenders. Let them do as they please, we can’t be bothered to chase after them. Wow. Good call. Do you give them a free gun for completing the councilling course too?

If a member of the populace is killed then that reduces the number of years, if a criminal is incarcerated it reduced the number of free years. Both are accounted for in this method.

So what you’re saying is you support the murder of members of the public, as it saves the system money on having to care for them.

Have you considered paying out for a tactical nuke to drop on one of your own cities? Think of the money you’ll save when all those people are killed in one go. It’ll be brilliant for the treasury.


True. You’re the one who argued that healthcare is free.

How do you spend your money? Do you safe the infection and cancer or do you spent on auto immune.

you look at the budget and decide on a case by case basiswhich can be treated, aqnd which have to be delayed treatment until the next financial year. the goal is to minimise back-end costs as much as possible. Ultimately techhnological solutions must play a big part in that, as you constantly re-evaluate methods to do the same task with lower errors and less expenditures.

One of my own referrals cost £6,000 to the NHS just for the referral. I’m sure a lot of minor ear infections could have been treated for that, but I stand by the decision to do it as it made a world of difference to the individual, and vastly increased their quality of life. If I have to, and its worth it, I’ll pull from my own money for the referral cost, or ‘redistribute’ it from somewhere else.

But then I’m your opposite. I believe improving quality of life for people is worlth the money. You don’t. I believe serving the client and enabling them to live the life they wish is the goal. You don’t, if it involves any evil technology.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

Actually I didn’t directly give it out to Vannie. What I did do was use a website I owned as hosting for images I was using here. On that website I had included testimonials from people I had helped live the lifestyle they couldn’t physically live, through a custom computer interface for VR. Some of those had contact details. He got to me via Michael, a guy with severe CP who was one of them. He thought he was doing me a kindness by passing my details on.

Ah well, live and learn. I removed the entire page from the kajiradreams site after that bit of nastiness, and in the end, mothballed the site.

A simple typo I would say; not intentional.
It is a possibility for all of us to do so.

Yea, that was my thought too. I did apologise for doing so, but since he’s going to make a mountain out of a molehill about it, I’m going to do so too. “I’m against technology!” “It interferes with my high-tech scripts!”.

Both our names get mangled all the time on here. Neither of us have ever complained as far as I can recall. Typos happen – I’m the typo queen myself with these mangled fingers. The name’s still recognisable as who it is, so where’s the harm?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Shooting/Riots in Ferguson, USA.

I try not to use race as Karma tends to yell at me if I use race, because he says races don’t exist. Technically he is right, they don’t exist as no species other than our own is divided into races, but it is the term most people know it as. Race is a taxonomical term that doesn’t fit into taxology. The umbrella of ethnicity covers race though, so that term does as well.


Originally posted by Aleazor:

Soooooo… Asians come from Asia, except for Russians and Indians, AND Americans come from America, except for Mexicans and Canadians. So where do Black people come from? Blacklandia?

Are you sure you’ve thought this through?

I have. You on the other hand have not. Let me try to sort that mess out.

Historically Mongoloids come from Asia, except for Russia which is mostly Caucasoid. Americans only exist as a number of small ethnic groups called Native Americans. The rest of Americans don’t come from America; it’s a colony and the people come from all over. If I had to give a primary ethnic group for America I would have to say Caucasoid.

Mexicans are also primarilly Caucasoid (being of Spanish descent) as are Canadians. South Americans and Africans are mostly Congoid (Used to be Negroid, but the word took on a political meaning and has been redefined). There are plenty of others, but those are the big three.

Those who are defined as White are Caucasoid, those who have been defined as Asian are Mongoloids, and those who are defined as black are Congoid.

so in your lingo, Black people originate from the African and South-American ethnic groups. However many generations removed, that information is still encoded in their genes. They still have the body shape, neural patterns,resistances and susceptabilities of their ancestors.

If someone is of mixed heritage then they have attributes of all sides of their heritage. The one that is used, is the one that they visually most resemble.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

Originally posted by thijser:

It does however mean that any gun that is missed can be used with relative impunity, it’s part of human nature to trust systems like these a lot so if someone kills someone while wearing one of these devices using a gun that does not trigger the system then he will likely use this as an argument for his innocence and especially in America where this seems the most relevant a jury of peers will likely believe him.

Then that particular antique firearm is added to the database afterwards, to close that loophole. You have to accept that change happens, and any system that is designed has to deal with change. You cannot just freeze human civilisation in glass just because you wish it so.

Yes but over time more and more guns also need to be added, and new innocent signatures are also born. This makes maintaining this system a rather costly business.

Hardly. Just reprogram the memory of each device as it comes in to be reset for the next user. Half of such a system is reminding the crimjinal that their activity is being monitored, and if they are likely to use any device they have concerns about a false positive on, report it to their case worker.

Business as normal.

I’m not looking for cases where someone purposly does an activity that will set off these sensors but I’m looking at situations where someone does an activity he does every day and that sets of the sensor or looking for cases where firing a gun looks like you are not firing a gun, both are problematic.

That’s what human interaction is there for. If the person is doing an activity on a regular basis, then their case worker is aware of it, and the system can be adjusted.

Yes that’s exactly my argument.

no, your arghument was that healch care is completely free and plentiful, and no matter what procedures are done, it never costs anyone a cent. It’s like the perpetual motion machine of modern industry.

For the cost of one of these devices + monitoring (and keeping it up to date) you can probably also treat several people for various psychological conditions, prevent them from going wrong in the first place.

So when you’re spending all your money on prevention, what do you do when someone slips through the cracks in the system? Write them off as a lost cause, and imprison fthem forever as you have no treatment opttions; only prevention.

Any method that cuts down on the reoffend rate is worth considering. Ultimately, the goal would be to use such devices to cut down on the prison time for the individual, and cut down on the reoffend rate.

They are worth considering but ultimately the simple sum is: [number of free,health and happy living years gained]
/[year] and I think this device will score lower then a number of other methods (for example providing large scale psychological care for the homeless).

Wrong scale. In this case the one you are looking at is safety of the populace at large versus reoffending rates. If the method reduces the reoffend rate of a gun criminal, and saves lives then you have to wreigh up whether it is worth spending money to save lives.

This is why your local health system is completely free of cost both to the government and end user. If it cost anything you would personally campaign to have every hospital shut down, as spending money to save lives is a waste of money. We don’t even need to conduct a clinical trial to see if the cost is wortyh it. We already know it isn’t without waiting for the data to come in.

If you’re going to save lives in thijser [insert real name here]‘s country then it had better be done completely free of charge. Otherwise, well, sorry mate. Your life ain’t worth shit.

I was mainly addressing the fact that you were using Thisjer several times in a row, so I pointed out that to me that is a rather weird sounding way of breaking my name. A bit like me calling you vaikTae. Perhaps an accident but it is a bit distracting to me(and it messes with my scripts).

If you call me vaikTae, I still know who you mean. Quite a few call me VikaTea as that’s how they write. I still know who they are referring to, however they typo it. I’m sorry if I typoed your handle, but if you wish me to use your real name, I will need you to tell me what your real name is.

Without my equipment on your end, I’m not a mindreader. I cannot refer to you by information I do not know.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Shooting/Riots in Ferguson, USA.

Originally posted by Aleazor:

Go to the nearest encyclopedia and look up the word ethnic.

Common ancestral roots being a major indicator. What a surprise. I’m going to have to do this again, as it’s clear you have absolutely no idea how genetics work, and how traits are passed down from parent to child. I’m gping to recommend this article Aleazor, as it contains information you obviously have not even the first clue about. This one would be a very good idea too. You can look up the other two major trunk branches on your own once you’ve read about that one.

Anyone else have any idea how to teach Aleazor what should have been imparted in highschool biology but was clearly missed off?

you do not change your genes when you cross a national boundary. If anything, I’m going to ask you to prove that this happens; that if you were born as a Caucasoid and you cross the national boundary into China, your biology instantly changes. Your skeleton realigns, your biochemistray radically alters; brand new proteins are created along with their receptors and you became a Mongoloid. I’ll also need evidence that the reverse happens. When someone from China who is a Mongoloid travels to the United Kingdom, as soon as they step on British soil they becone a Caucasoid with all the associated structural and biochemical changes.

Evidence. go ahead. Find it. Everything backs me up, not you.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Shooting/Riots in Ferguson, USA.

Originally posted by Aleazor:

Black and White are not ethnicities.

They are however simple easily determined visual indicators of an ethnicity. Most humans are simple, fairly stupid creatures, and a simple label that can give a quick and easy general visual indicator is preferable to having to be exactly semantically precise every time they wish to describe a given individual. Being expected to name the exact skin tone and ethnic group to which a person you saw belongs to is not reasonable. Being able to identify if they have ‘white’ skin or ‘black’ skin (or asian, arabic, et al) is much simpler.

This can somewhat upset such a tree design (maybe a venn diagram is better)?

The tree analogy works well. Best to keep it simple until we’re sure Aleazor has a basic grasp of how genetics work. Good idea using it though.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

Originally posted by thijser:

No rather close can be a problem. And you are trying to detect anything from a 10th century fire lance all the way towards a modern 50 cal sniper rifle. If you miss one and it becomes known that you missed one than it’s useless. So it has to classify a range of signatures, if in the final version (note that they had a very limited number of guns in the test) more guns are included then the signature range will also increase meaning that more non gun firing actions will now give false positives.

Missing one model of gun doesn’t make it useless. It just makes it a better solution than doing nothing at all. That’s the whole problem with your insistence on dealing with absolutes – it is either absolutely perfect or you won’t give the idea any consideration at all.

By looking like I meant it’s shock signature. So if it’s shock signature looks like that of a gun or vice versa there is a problem.

Then over time those signatures are isolated and encoded so they can be discarded.

When you fire a gun then in principle you are trying to kill. So if someone does this once then you already have a problem.

However, the authorities knowing about the gun having been fired is far superior to the authorities not knowing about the gun having been fired.

In both cases the gun was fired, but now you have an immediate lead for a suspect.

Let’s look at your example: someone is banned from driving. Now what are you testing with a sensor like this?

The direct parallel would be that they have climbed into a car, performed the series of movements that correlate with starting a car engine, have placed their hands just like they would be found on a steering wheel, engine vibration and forward movement have just both been detected.

In other words, the sensor has just recorded data that exactly matches with them driving. Something the law was explicit that they were nto to do.

Your solution is that if they’re going to drive anyway, we don’t bother with the sensor to alert the authorities they have just violated the stipulation the law was crystal clear about, and we let them drive anyway.

My view is that at the costs this method is going to be much higher then other methods not currently being implemented (for example basic psychological care being provided for free).

Psychological care isn’t free. It’s funded by the government, but they still pay wages, tran new staff, pay to rent, light and heat the building, and administration staff. Not even touching on stationary, medical equipment and housing costs for the live-in wards. I’m not sure where you live that you think mental health care grows on trees.

Any method that cuts down on the reoffend rate is worth considering. Ultimately, the goal would be to use such devices to cut down on the prison time for the individual, and cut down on the reoffend rate.

You’ve not even argued the point that you are against any solution that is not 100% perfect, so that says it all, loud and clear. You’d rather do nothing than attempt any solution which reduces the problem but doesn’t eliminate it entirely. Lettingthe problem run rampant is preferable to trying to control it as best we can.

I’m glad you’re not running a country.

Could you please use my normal name? This really breaks the correct pronunciation of my name? It’s normally pronouced a bit like tI,sir tI as in “the I” but without the pauze between them.

I don’t know your normal name. I use Thijser because that’s the name you use on the forum. If you wish me to use your normal name, you will need to state for the record what your full name is. I don’t have magical access to your local electoral roll and to your ISP records, to work out exactly what the legal name of the person I am talking to on a forum, actually is. I can only go by the information they have made available.

So if you wish me to use your name, give me your full name, and I will use it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Shooting/Riots in Ferguson, USA.

Originally posted by Aleazor:

Let’s not put words in each others mouths. I think we are more in agreement than disagreement.

I’m not putting words in your mouth. You claimed ethnicities didn’t exist. That things such as ‘white’ and ‘black’ were meaningless terms that didn’t apply to anything.

I hope I’ve improved your understanding of genetics now, so you can understand how an ethnicity arises, and why the physical differences that occur aren’t automatically shared with the rest of humanity.

As I said, 53 Countries in Africa, each with it’s own languages and cultures.

If you would please be bothered to go back to page four of this thread, you will see I posted an image there. A map of Africa. If you look at that image, you will notice that ethnicity is not limited by national borders. You do not automatically become a different ethnicity when you step across the border into a new country.

Instead, ethnicity is determined by breeding history. What ethnicity your ancestors were determines what ethnicity you yourself are.

If you look at that map, it shows clearly how ethnicity has no respect for national borders whatsoever. They are a political construct; nothing to do with genetics. As such a single ethnicity historically developed over half of Africa, whereas another only developed within the area claimed by a single small hamlet that interbred for countless generations.

In summation

It is breeding that determines what ethnic group you belong to, not which political nationstate you have joined.

Originally posted by Aleazor:

An internet search for unarmed white man shot by police yields many results, but that stuff doesn’t make the news.

If you were able to retrieve the results in an internet search, then they absolutely did make the news. Most of the results you get when you perform such a search (I’ve just looked) are from news outlets. a Downtrend news reporrt and a Twitchy news report were two that appeared in the top five results that I clicked on.

The problem is they’re not mainstream news. But let’s be honest here; is any news that’s worth looking at ever going to be found in mainstream news? That’s always about sensationalism and precious little else. Whatever gets the viewers most incensed is best, as that gets eyes glued to the idiot box and sells papers.

You always have to go to smaller, or more niche outlets to get news of any real value. It’s always been that way, and it likely always will.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Corporal Punishment

Originally posted by onlineidiot1994:

I know a lot of people are opposed to spanking as a form of punishment, but it sure teaches a child boundaries pretty quick.

It teaches the wrong boundaries. Mostly it teaches that might makes right, and whoever hits the hardest is always going to win. Children pick up on things very quickly, and if you’re teaching them that to discipline you need to hit, they will then go out and put your lessons into practice. If they are having problems with someone else, physical violence is the way to resolve it.