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Topic: Serious Discussion / Donald Trump can do no wrong.

It would also suggest that inherited wealth and luck both don’t exist.

There’s a connection between wealth and the ability to finance the children of your intellect, yes. But intellect itself isn’t goerned by how wealthy you are, any more than what colour your eyes are or how many fingers you have on each hand at birth is governed by how wealthy you are.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / If You Were King... Fix Stuff!

Frost, that sounds like a better idea. The powerful people being hurt by the project is an issue, but a relatively minor one – at least you’re now thinking about sustainability.

How would you design your housing project so it offers a home, and at the same time room to expand, but at the same time be less than encouraging as a place to live? I ask because if you make it too encouraging, you’ll start to see homeless people migrate from your neighbours to your country, tying up an endless number of resources that way.

I can see Japanese-style compartment houses as one possibility myself. Small units that are separate from the superstructure holding them together. Heating, water, gas, telephone and electricity all modular for easy assembly and disassembly. If a family grows to need more living space, move their module to a building where there’s room for an additional module to be connected to it. Move a small family module into the vacated space.

You could use a slowly-increasing rent system to pay for it, according to the size of the house required. Use some as low-rent housing likewise. Perhaps ask for a small tilthe of the person’s work payment for X years after they gain employment relative to the resources consumed, to make it self-sustaining. Tilthe continuing for X years after they leave, decreasing as their wage goes up.

Right now it’s very difficult for the homeless to get a job as they have no fixed address to send mail to, and often no fixed telephone number to be contacted on. Nowhere to shower and change clothes is also kinda a hindrance.

In the same vein I’d suggest marking out areas on some streets where the homeless are permitted to pedle legal wares – where they won’t be ‘moved on’ by police officers for trading without a lisence. It allows an ability of control over their own finances that doesn’t currently exist.

The marking out would be minimal cost, incorporated within the road maintenance budget, at maybe £20 a year for ten such strips, since all it is is some white paint and markers on signposts.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / If You Were King... Fix Stuff!

Pete, do you give away your personal fortune to anyone & everyone who seems in need? Do you do so with your employer’s money, figuring its all good; it doesn’t matter where it comes from & there will surely always be more?

I bet you don’t.

Rather you likely realise that any system that intends to make lasting change, also requires lasting resource management.

Its all great saying “homelessness is solved by giving absolutely free everythinvg to everyone forever!” but when you’re forced to do that by taking all personal property (homes, furniture, all goods of any nature) away from everyone who has something in order to redistribute that fairly among everyone, you won’t run very long before your country has severe problems including a complete social and economic collapse.

Choices don’t exist in a vacuum. Any serious proposal has to take logistics into account and deal with them from the get-go, or its not going to get anywhere.

Regarding your ‘should it take personnel into account’ bit; do you take personnel into account for your endeavours, or do you figure: “To do this fundraising event, we need 3,000 volunteers to turn up on the day, to organise the event. We’ve only got 200, but oh hell it doesn’t matter, let’s just run the event full-size with the 200 we’ve got, and more are sure to just pop out of the woodwork as the day progresses”?

Or if you’ve got paid employees, and no payroll to cover them, do you just think “feck it, I’ll just spread what we’ve got out as far as it goes. Nobody will mind if they get a bit more or bit less than what they expected”?

These things matter Pete. Logistics mattter at the most fundamental level when planning any great change. At least they do if you wish to take this remotely seriously.

If you have no wish to take things seriously, what is this thread even doing in this forum to begin with?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / If You Were King... Fix Stuff!

So long as you understand that every plan that is presented here is totally unfeasable and completely divorced from reality, then there is no problem.

Just make sure your participants are aware of this when participating – or I’ll make sure they are.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / If You Were King... Fix Stuff!

Point is, so many people are saying “I would do this” without the first thought to how they’re going to pay for it.

If they cannot pay for it then they are not going to be able to see their plan through.

It really is that simple.

Funding the plan must be a fundamental part of the plan itself; to do it any other way is to skirt disaster.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / If You Were King... Fix Stuff!

For once I have to agree with McAlty. It doesn’t matter how beneficial your plan could be; if you haven’t allocated enough funding to sustain it, your plan will ultimately fail.

It’s great to imagine free healthcare for everyone, but that’s not realistic unless you also have a plan for where you are going to draw the resources from and how you are going to guarantee they keep coming. Both oil wells and gold mines will run dry/tap out eventually. What are your plans for when this happens? Oil and gold prices fluctuate daily; what are your plans on how to address funding holes that form?

Free healthcare is possible, but it has to be carefully managed both to keep it widely avaialble and keep it funded. If you don’t address these concerns, your scheme will in the end, fail.


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Topic: Serious Discussion / If You Were King... Fix Stuff!

Welcome to SD, irieart!

Originally posted by irieart:

I’d make health care cheap or free, with emphasis on mental health care

So, do you have a plan to pay for this cheap or free healthcare? You’ll have to have one to make provision sustainable – otherwise you’ll run out of money to finance it eventually.

It’s a good idea, I’m not saying otherwise, but like all good ideas it has to be able to pay for itself somehow or it won’t last long. So, how would you go about funding it?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Donald Trump can do no wrong.

Originally posted by James146:

The bigger debate is who votes for him?

I suspect, those who see him as funny or silly vote for him. He’s like an American Idol to be voted for to see more of him in action and laugh at his antics. I don’t think those who vote for him have any idea how dangerous it would be to let someone so utterly clueless make the big decisions. Well, despite having had one such individual be the previous president.

@everyone in SD, if Donald Trump was running for president as a Democrat but acted like a clown (like he is now), would you vote for him over a Republican president?


It’s the individual who matters, not their party. At the end of the day that individual is going to be in charge of the country, and government will be extensively shaped by that individual’s views.

Republican, democrat, green, pirate, planetary destruction et al. The name of the party they are affiliated with and their party’s stated goals mean jack. It’s the individual’s own political stance you have to take into consideration to vote sensibly. If a republican has a stance you agree with and you’re a democrat, vote for the republican – you’re voting in a leader you agree with. The party is irrelevant.

So no, I’d no more vote for Trump if he was a republican, a democrat, or member of the ‘king of the moon’ party. He, himself, is a showboater, ignorant, shallow, and I’d say he doesn’t know how to use the neurons he was born with, much less the ones that developed after. In my view, it would be dangerous in the extreme to let him run a country, when he fails at running anything smaller with competence, and lets his bigotries define him.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Cyberbullying by Tacket

Originally posted by KhawKoonKqip:

A simple solution, turn off the computer. So called ‘bullying’ ends.

It actually doesn’t. The problem is the bully uses the internet (and occasionally other resources like the phones, mail system, or their physical person) to make the target’s life a living hell. A successful cyberbully may be able to manipulate the target’s workplace into firing them, or may threaten friends and relatives with physical harm or death.

The target turning their computer off does nothing, as the bully is not on their computer (though they may hack in and data-mine it depending on the skill of the bully). Rather thre bully is another person sitting at their own computer, who has decided to punish the victim for some perceived insult, and possesses no sense of proportional retaliation.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Donald Trump can do no wrong.

Donald Trump is a moron.

That much was never in doubt.

What is in doubt is whether he reflects the desires of a large enough segment of the American people to be elected. Him being a moron is a positive selling point if enough of the people are clueless morons themselves.

It looks like he’s set for about a quarter of the vote. The question will be whether he can reach half of it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Democrats losing support across the board.

It completely goes against the free market.

Again, how is that a bad thing?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Freebleeding: Empowering or disgusting?

Originally posted by TheBSG:

It’s less of a three day flow and more of a one day drip.

that’s called a husband.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Democrats losing support across the board.

Originally posted by issendorf:

If anything, it’s harder for big banks to fail under Obama than under Bush 43.

How is this a bad thing?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Cyberbullying by Tacket

Originally posted by Tulrog:

From what I can see my scenario is in accordance with the definition provided in this thread. If you would like to hear another one which I looked up before posting:

the act of harassing someone online by sending or posting mean messages, usually anonymously.

The scenario seems to fit here too.

I would tend to agree here. It’s not cyberbullying to rudely disagree with somebody, or to insult their person. It’s cyberbullying if you continue to direct attacks against that person. The longer the attacks persist, and the more personally-identifying material they contain, the more likely it is to be considered cyberbullying.

It’s basically a form of stalking mixed in with intimidation. A cyberbully has some measure of control over the life of another party, and uses it to make their victim suffer in some way.

At its most extreme, cyberbullying will transition into physical attacks, telephone harassment, loss of job, loss of family members, even death of the target. It is all about power, and using that power to make as much of the target’s life as possible, a living hell.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Victim mentality vs god complex: What is possible in life?

Tulrog, thinking about it, your study is going to be biased heavily by how much a person understands of their personal agency.

Let’s use the old Excel competency question as an example:

An interview for a MIS position at a iven company asks of two prospects what degree of competency they have in MS Excel.

The first prospective knows how to type in Excel’s cells, how to work with formulas, how to draw tables. She doesn’t know of Excel’s other capabilities so she says she is competent with 90% of its capabilities.

The second prospective has gone much further. She knows how to program macros, work with VBA, knows it can be integrated with other programs in the Office suite and Windows itself, and is well aware she has so much ground yet to cover. So, she says she is competent with 40% of its capabilities.

It’s clear from this which applicant would be far the most qualified for the position, but it is also clear which applicant from this question, would likely get the position.

The question hinges far too much on assuming the person knows what the full capabilities of the system being refered to actually are.

A direct parallel can be drawn to this thread asking how much a person thinks is possible to achieve in life. Unless you ensure they have at least a basic grounding in what it is possible for a single person in their starting position to achieve, what hope is there of them giving consistent answers?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Trump will make Muslim registry


Laura, you rambled into complete incoherence there. Could you try again please? With some structure to what you aretrying to say? A key point to build your statement around?


Originally posted by petesahooligan:

Yeah, it’s interesting, isn’t it?

Disturbing, more like it.

I believe one of the causes in the unconstrained access that we (ordinary people) have to broadband publishing. We’re seeing now that in order to be heard, we need to be outrageous or inflammatory.

I certainly hope not. Unrestricted access to virtually instentaneous communication across borders is what has led to the current gross acceleration in scientific and technological discovery. You’re saying the same force responsible for helping us achieve a growth of knowledge faster than was ever possible before, is the same force that will lead to the downfall of the search for knowledge. That is certainly a worrying statement to make.

Think about the last five or six big stories you have been thinking about. How many of them have a positive character? How many of them have an individual that is doing something good, or heroic, or noteworthy?

Three were negative, three were positive. None had an individual thsat was doing anything particularly heroic – though to be honest, the breakthroughs tend to stay in my head longer than conscious knowledge of the persons responsible for them.


Koonkhan / McAlty

Edit: What’s scary to me is when Karma, Vika, Petes, Kasic, and myself all agree 100%.

Actually, when you made that post, we began to disgree. Specifically this bit:

He claims to have felt the hand of Jesus guiding his hands while doing neurosurgery. Clearly we can’t verify this, but even I as a very strong Christian would not want him near my brain.

I realise this was hyperbole on your part, but it doesn’t matter what a person’s personal politics are when it comes to their skill at neurosurgery. What you’re looking for is the person with the steadiest hands, the calmest mind under pressure and extreme dexterity of the fingers. You’re also looking for someone able to cope with seeing the best parts of their patients destroyed time and again, yet keep on going.

If he finds it easier to believe Jesus is watching over his shoulder, more power to him. Every neurosurgeon causes braindamage in every patient they see. It is usually permanent. Unavoidable since they are cutting into and removing brain tissue as the nature of the operation. Even a successful surgery can completely change a person’s personality or emotional stability. It can destroy their ability to feel sensation or experience pleasure. Can permanently damage their memory or their ability to control their muscles.

Those are just the successful operations.

As you might imagine it does a number on their personal stability after a time, and all neurosurgeons develop mental kinks after a time. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be human. Believing Jesus is right behind him is clearly part of his. A coping mechanism that lets him stay sane after all he has seen, all he has done to people in the name of being the lesser of two evils.

Criticise the man’s politics all you like. I’ll be right there alongside you, doing so. But if you’re going to criticse his neurosurgical abilities, let’s at least do so with these facts in mind, shall we?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Freebleeding: Empowering or disgusting?

Originally posted by petesahooligan:

What do you do when you’re not doing this, Crow?

Probably spends most of his time searching for material to do this with.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Trump will make Muslim registry

3. Pete, campus across the country are those who have been indoctrinated by liberal (progressive) professors who think they know all there is to know.

3. Oh, so if you go to college, you’re indoctrinated. Okay… I see how this works now. Thanks for clarifying the relationship between education and liberalism. :)

This was actually something brought up a while ago. For a certain proportion of the population, there is a very real chain of thought that goes “book learning=not real learning”, “college learning = inferior to practical learning”, “university=indoctrination to leftist beliefs”.

The person being nested-quoted here was a prime proponent of this ideology, but there are more than enough others for it to be a notable trend. There is definitely an anti-intellectual movement slowly gaining strength, for reasons not well understood.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Did you know... Japan does not tolerate Islam

Originally posted by tbrgttgtbrfd:

The Japanese know this, they knew this a long time ago that Islam was a very high danger to their culture and identity.

I don’t believe they particularly care. They don’t like non-Japanese very much. It’s not about them being Muslim, its about them being non-Japanese. They treat Europeans and Americans the same way they treat the Middle Easterners, and for the same reason.

Japan has the best robotics in the the world, by far. If as you say racism is pushing that, perhaps racism is not as bad as we think after all.

Racism is certainly a problem. I’m biased in Japan’s case of course, since I desire heavy advances in several robotics-related fields. But, it would be hypocritic of me not to acknowledge their drive is indeed fueled by racism.

In some limited situations racism can be beneficial – but then I already admitted as much a few days ago, so nothing’s changed there. Sometimes you have to be racist in order to do the best you can for an indiviual client, and it’s a practice I maintain precisely because being racist towards the client increases the chances of success.

Where it’s not beneficial is in situations where mixed ethnicities are already present in the same environment. I.e. When you are being racist towards someone who has to live and work and exist in the same environment as yourself, and when you are not basing that racism on anything concrete and demonstratable.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Did you know... Japan does not tolerate Islam

Originally posted by bargtrconboya9fd:

Obtaining a working visa is not easy for adepts of Islam,

Obtaining a foreign visa is not easy for anyone – the Japanese are a highly racist people. You’d love them – if not for the fact they’d see you as abhorrent for not being Japanese.

Ironically that’s where the Japanese obsession with robotics stems from – the thought their aging population might have to be cared for by foreigners is abhorent.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is this what is instore for us?

Background check, determine their religion. Check against intelligence agency records. Check their stories out as best as possible.

The non-Sunni muslims have been at war with ISIS for years. That’s what happens when they know ISIS will kill them for just being born a member of the ‘wrong’ religion. We support them as much as possible, and take in their refugees.

It helps that ISIS members have decried the Quran as heresy. Akin to Christians declaring the Bible heresy. That’s alienated them from many sunnis – supposed to be their own people. Those who aren’t part of ISIS don’t mean us harm, and won’t take part in any terrorist attacks. so if we find a history of the person following the teachings of the Quran, they’re unlikely to be ISIS. If the person is not a Sunno Muslim they’re certain to not be ISIS.

We can weed out most of the potential terrorists that way. If we attack Muslims indescriminately we help ISIS further their goals by eradicating non-ISIS muslims, and fear of our attacks will push any Sunnis not a part of ISIS into ISIS – bolstering their strength, expanding their territory and making them harder for us to take down.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is this what is instore for us?

Its not the Muslims who are a problem specifically. Rather it’s a single denomination of the religion.

In the same way as it would be somewhat silly to go after Catholics for terror attacks caused by a Protestant group, so it is silly to go after Kurds, or Sheiks or Shiites when ISIS is a Sunni organisation. Differentiate between the denominations to know your enemy.

Otherwise you’re just doing ISIS’ work for them – they have constantly been attacking anyone who is not Sunni Muslim – other Muslim denominations and all Christian denominations alike. They desire everyone who is not Sunni to live in fear – or preferably die. Attacking Muslims indiscriminately helps nobody.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The dead of the French Islamic terror attacks and their lives.

Originally posted by jhco50:

You might get ready to make a thread for the United Kingdom

Yea, there are big concerns in the UK at the moment, not least because in response to the threat, the chancellor is trying to cut expenditure on police services by another 20%. During the Paris attacks, the French mobilised 165,000 police officers. That’s more than the UK currently employs total, and the government’s talking about cutting them back even more.

The day after the attack in Paris, there was a bomb scare at Gatwick airport, leading to a mass evacuation and lockdown. The bomb turned out to be a firearm thrown away after the person who carried it failed to smuggle it onto a plane. That person was arrested, but shows the threat is very real, and this is not the time to be cutting back on security forces.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Trump will make Muslim registry

Originally posted by jhco50:

This was a total bullshit article written by a so-called journalist trying to make Trump look bad.

Regardless of who said it, the plan is totally unworkable without making a registry of the activities of all citizens. Most of the problems (such as those in Paris) involved regular citizens who became converted to the new faith, or were friends of those of that faith. The only way to be aware of new converts or stealth-converts before they have a chance to do anything at all, is basically to watch everyone, all of the time.

Bernie is an admitted socialist, attracting only the minority voters such as yourself.

Absolutely nothing wrong with socialism. The US thrives on socialism already.

Work to fix some of the holes in current socialist schemes would however be a very good idea. There are problems with policing, with medicare, and medicaid.

Were you aware the highways are a socialist project, done for the benefit of the people?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Even Egypt knows Democrats and Obama are total jokes.

Wow. You are either really young or totally brainwashed.

Actually Frostbringer is just non-American, and is giving the state of things from that viewpoint. Namely, from an Austrian viewpoint.

Why assume someone is ‘young or totally brainwashed’ just because their view of the US from how the US presents itself to outsiders doesn’t match what your internal point of view is?