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Topic: General / alt artifcat farming possible?


Wondering if it’s a legit tactic. I myself don’t use alts. Too much effort.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Tyrant Errors

Tribute Visual Bug:

This bug only appears when Tribute unit procs to a unit to it’s right with a visual indicator (for this instance, Protect All X).

Attached is a screen shot of the tests.

First Pic: (For visual bug) Credo Mech tributes to Odin. Odin shows 2 Protect.

Second Pic: (For testing actual value) Credo Mech tributes to Odin. Odin showed 2 Protect but on it’s turn shows 1 Protect. Mech Aid (3 Attack) attacks Odin (1 Protect). Deals 1 damage (therefore has 2 Protect but visually shows 1 Protect).

Can be reproduced for your own testing.

That is all.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] Off the cuff - Conquest

Ideas for resuscitating CQ:

Increase Faction max level and a reward mechanism for performing well in CQ.
For example, top damagers contributed to the CQ gets a reward (gold, shard – if decided to keep in the system, random faction reward card [?]) instead most killed tiles since it will lead to last-hitting and ruins the idea of the CQ team effort.

Also, FP gained from acquiring tiles should be more than losing tiles, promoting CQ as another means of levelling faction. (Currently 5 FP gain/loss from every tile gain/loss)

This way, everyone would risk CQ than maintaining a deadlock with enemy factions.
Also promotes rivalry and probably exercise/arranged CQ.

Finally, rewards should be scale accordingly so that there wouldn’t be too much gain going around and will not be easily exploited.

For the event CQ:

Make it similar to normal events. Points gather on CQ damage/win. Could either scale on the speed of conquest, damage done, CR of tile, etc.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [DEV] Arachis Raid announcement

Originally posted by synapticon:
Originally posted by jose919:
Originally posted by synapticon:

We are planning on releasing a new raid approximately every month.

Dont listen to the haters one raid a month is good #TeamGetMoney


Ha! I like how the devs are totally down with this. #TeamGetMoney

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Tyrant Errors

Prior to clearing the cache, just wait while it loads. If you refresh midway, the issue remains. Worked for me.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [SPOILER] Upgraded Cards

That Dominator upgrade….

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Tyrant Errors

Originally posted by genocide69:

just got this ;-)

There was a time I got two daily rewards (probably). I wasn’t really mad because I was expecting shards but it gave me WBs. lol. It could be related to this bug.

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Topic: General / Suggestions

Duel/Invasion QOL changes. Duel’s a clickfest while invasion takes a minimum of 9 clicks per attack (or was it 8 idk, all i know it takes too much). Invasion could be minimized by having a pre-chosen set of brigades per attack where you could change it’s position or swap other brigades. Duel just needs the auto-clicking functionally or just remove the character display and show the stats (duel power, defense, pvp dmg, pvp dflct).

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Tyrant Errors

Originally posted by Doominatrix:

I was in top 5% in Awakening tournament but only got the 10% rewards at the end of the Tournament. Can you check and fix this ? Also, i want the gold for being in top 5% ! ( or WBs in compensations for your error ). Hope this is the right place to report this. If it ain’t the right place, please tell me where to post or send it. Thanks :)

It takes 2 minutes for the rank display to update. Your rating was probably knocked off at the last minute.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Suggestions

New skill suggestion: Precedence

Causes the unit to use it’s activation skills before any other assault unit irregardless of position.
Will not proceed if jammed.

- Activates after structures and before the first assault unit if the unit is on cooldown.
- Activates Strike, Rally, Heal, Cleanse, Protect, Chaos, Enfeeble, Jam, Mimic, Siege, Weaken. Does not activate Supply and Summon. (still activates normally)

This skill makes support cards more valuable. With X All affecting the cards before actually attacking makes the field more chaotic (Rally All, Enfeeble All always triggering before attacking ensuring max damage irregardless of position; among others). These cards almost act like a unit-structure, unit due to it’s place on the field and structure thanks to it’s priority actives. (Basically I just want cleanse on units to actually be reliable even if you drop them late since there are only limited structures with general cleanse and also opening more choices for commanders instead of the usual Mayumi lvl2 and Prism. The other implications of this skill just came with it. Still, already love the game as it is.)

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Advanced counter cards game (squabble edition)

Rule 440: All cards are effected by the United Front battle ground effect (All units gain “Legion X” where X is equal to the card’s base cooldown; overwrites other Legion) and are assumed to have an adjacent card from the same faction on 1 side.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Tyrant Errors

Bump for missing shards.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] 50 Million Plays

Everyone wasn’t aiming for 50m plays. Everyone just plays this game because it is awesome. Great game as always. Thanks and congratulations for No.1 most played game on Kong.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [DEV] Epic Raid Poll, kinda...

Flagship for some awesome xenos but Kor is fine.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Tyrant Errors

Boots me while in a critical turn in tourney. Now the game is stuck in initializing. After clearing browser cache, game is stuck on gray screen.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Tyrant Memories

Originally posted by lfiamoncini:
Originally posted by Footballpwn:

I hated that Yurich and Colossus deck

+1, and Trident Spam too.

Originally posted by Maharid:
Originally posted by ManuelDevil:


This. Decks of the ancients.

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Topic: General / Bugs

Originally posted by RealityOP:

Until the problem’s fixed, know that the issue is linked to number of identical units in a legion. Certain numbers of identical units won’t allow you to save. This seems to differ from person to person. In my testing, these numbers wouldn’t save: 5, 9, 10, 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, 23, but yours will probably differ.

Sorry for reposting this, but it seems this information was lost to others in my previous wall of text. Hope to help some.

Nice. Was again maximizing my legion damages until I noticed it too, while attempting to add 1 unit at a time, it always bugs at the 5th unit. I hope this gets fixed soon. I suggest a server clear for the brigades so that any previous bugs can also be eliminated. (eg. My single architect golem is still equipped in multiple brigades.)

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Topic: General / Suggestions

They should shift stat bonuses on wrs while keeping the item tier progressively. This way lower levels can actually catch up somewhat since the current scheme makes the strongest even stronger increasing the gap even more from lower/newer players. Stronger ones get access to more powerful items and more stats and lower ones, even though lacking in items, makes up for it due to stat gains per damage done.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / I Like It

Originally posted by MartyMcFurious:
Originally posted by gorodot:

Dont bother with this game it is dying and people wont admit that it is

People have been saying that the game is dying for as long as I’ve been playing, which I believe I started in 2011 . . . and yet, we’re all still here. Apparently “Dying” means something else on the internet.

Don’t feed the troll. Troller aside, this game is a mix of luck and strategy. Great game really.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Advanced counter cards game (squabble edition)

Rule 428b: You may only use cards that ThriceElite owns. Check his fansite profile for his owned cards list. Don’t use cards from the previous page, unless you would reach a dead-end otherwise.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Advanced counter cards game (squabble edition)

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Egotistical List of Things He's Pretty Sure Have Been Suggested Before

Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:
Faction Rewards (Suggested by me 2 months ago, in a thread that I doubt the devs even read)

  1. Remove LP requirements from Faction Cards.

  2. Give them slightly higher gold costs that decrease according to the amount of LP the player has (Perhaps 1k every 500 LP).

  3. Players that have >50 LP or are not in a faction can buy faction cards for an much higher amount of gold (but not absurdly high, so double at best).

  4. Completing and winning a faction war/conquest invasion has a chance to grant the player a random faction reward card.

  5. The higher the faction level, the greater the chance of getting a card.

  6. The card can be a reward unlocked within 5 from the current faction level, (e.g. a Level 13 faction can get cards from level 8-18)

  7. The card is most likely to be a card that is unlocked at the current faction’s level, with decreasing chances the further out it goes (normal distribution). Uniques are much rarer.

  8. This allows new faction reward cards to be introduced into the meta instantly, so they are not rendered utterly obsolete by the time a faction unlocks them.

  9. It also increases the gold payout from wars as you can sell the cards.

Liked the Faction Reward change. However I’d go for LP as the actual currency for buying Faction Reward Cards. 1 per fight is not bad and let’s say 500 LP for rare, 1k for legendary etc etc.

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Topic: Astroflux / Glitches and Bugs

Feel free to post all the glitches and bugs you have experienced. Any info regarding how it (might have) happened will help.

My encounters:
- Rollbacks. Server lag/desync.
- Planet areas re-explorable. Server lag/desync. Gives more resources.
- Planet fully explored on first visit. Best glitch ever. All rewards just waiting to be claimed. My crew are waiting for pickup on another planet. No idea for cause.

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Topic: Astroflux / Newbs Handbook to PK Dodging

Originally posted by radicalace:

How to avoid being pk’d:
-Don’t hunt down hostile players
-Max your engine

Take it from the killer. No sarcasm. lol

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Topic: Astroflux / Newbs Handbook to PK Dodging

I know most new players are new to this game so here’s some pointers to avoid (or take advantage) PK.

Determining factors:
- Level/Upgrades/Ship
- Playstyle/Weapon of choice

1) Level/Upgrades/Ships
Before any engagement, first think who are the aggresors and where they are? What kind of ship they have (higher tier) and are they within in pk level? If they are beyond the PK level of an area, they cannot harm you nor you harm them in anyway. You can try to use energy wave to destroy their missiles though. If they have a better ship: RUN. If they are faster: RUN. If your weapons suck: RUN. Pro PKers will always go hostile when they know they have the advantage at most. They will kill you, you will chase them to retaliate which is what they want which leads me to the 2nd topic.

2) Playstyle/Weapon of choice
The Chaser and the Chased. Do you know who’s at the advantage? The Chased. His apparent range is increased since you are trying to get close to him. This is what your enemy wants: You chase him. He runs. You both run a straight line. He turns around. He shoots. You die. Basic PK tactic. Who is chased and who is chasing changes the battle greatly but is still influenced by your upgrades eg. Shield, Engine, Weapon of choice primarily.

TL;DR: Avoid chasing hostile players. If you are being chased, run to the nearest safe spot. (A good engine comes in handy) Or you can try to turn around, shoot then run again. Repeat if chaser survives.

Good luck and enjoy the game.