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Topic: KingsRoad / KingsRoad Release Notes 4/8/14 -- “Appearance Items” Edition

Originally posted by RumbleGames:

Thanks for the feedback on the event currency costs, guys. This was an experiment by one of our designers…and clearly you’re not fans. =) We’re working on ways to improve the situation based on your feedback.

dat excuse doe

Given the reaction to the previously 150k lockbox, why didn’t you reduce the price to the much better 20k instead of 100k? It seems like common sense.

srsly guise

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Server for buyers

Originally posted by Sycopath316:

Point of buying is to get ahead of the non-buyers, fewer would buy if this was the case.

There’s some games out there where you can pay hundreds of dollars and won’t advance any further within anywhere. Those games focus on delivering a good experience and relying on the player’s goodwill to make dosh. This game at the moment, you really can’t get anywhere without paying.



Also, not everyone that looks like a buyer has actually bought. There are many fully arted accounts with the strongest weaps without spending a cent

m8 full arts without buying, you gotta no life hard core for that >_>

so they would still rape the ‘non-buyers’ ~ Not to mention the fact that many ‘buyers’ have had more experience, and therefore could just create a new, ‘nonbuyer’ account and easily overpower everyone in the server

I seriously doubt a non buyer account can overpower a buyer account.

Also there’s ways that javelin can offer incentives to players that sauceport the game without completely working over those that don’t pay dosh.

Originally posted by fw22:

so non buyers are complaining about buyers even if buyers support game Seems Legit

The thing is, we shouldn’t have to complain about this. There’s games out there with ways to support the devs without compromising gameplay, or skipping progression. Just because they’re supporting the devs, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t criticize them (Or a F2P model that allows players to buy their way to the top, in a PVP game)

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Topic: KingsRoad / Engulfing Dark Lockbox - Getting Jewels all the time

I realize that the chance is random, and there will be terrible streaks, but you’re not addressing the issue of the weapons not even dropping for those running the event 70+ times.

It’s not happening to everyone, and I generally don’t want to run a map 20+ times for a sword that refuses to drop. I know the rates are different for everybody but I honestly believe that if you separated the pieces so that they’re in different maps (As in, one map gets you the sabotans, the other gloves, etc.) it would definitely help address the issue of ‘X piece of X set refuses to drop!’ that would also address the issue of one having to grind for quite a bit of time to get the keys required.

Or just simply make it so that some maps drop a lockbox containing certain pieces of the set (Cape, helm etc.) and make other lockboxes drop the other piece (Sword, Shield, chest) and give each of the items an equal chance to drop.


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Topic: KingsRoad / Adamar's sanctum, champion difficulty.

I solo’d it at around level ~40-50 as a knight, I would advise you to stock up on the rejuvenation potions from the legendary lockbox, I used up around 9 when I fought him by myself in his snake form. Otherwise, all other forms are easy.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Are people seriously going to let this slide?

There’s a very large difference between purchasing a time saver (Such as, an EXP boost, something that increases your damage, etc.), and skipping portions of the game. In this case, it’s the latter. I can definitely see why people want to speed up their experience, but when you make it so that one can skip large portions (XP Lockbox+Skillpoints+Purchasable gear in the shop) of the game without even setting foot outside langford square, then that’s the part where I draw the line.

EDIT: Also, if you’re the type of person whose idea of ‘speeding up the game’ is buying to skip progression, then you really shouldn’t be the type to play games. Especially those that concentrate around building your character to the point where he can dragon kick everyone into oblivion.

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Topic: KingsRoad / "Rise of Grok" Guild Leaderboard Teaser + FAQ

I ran through the event on heroic, had some of the towers instantly kill me after I respawned cause they instantly killed me.


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Topic: KingsRoad / "Rise of Grok" Guild Leaderboard Teaser + FAQ

Originally posted by Maharid:

Ah, guild event, the things i hate most in a game.

I hope to get a medal only to fill the horrible hole, it will be probably epic or superior, for more there is the need of MONEY, stop.

So, why simply do like other more honest games and say “there is a special givaway for paying players, who spend more get more”.

I’ll say it, i’m not happy at all.

This so very much.

Why not just make events to cater to those that don’t spend money at all as well? or making it so that you can gain points without paying in game currency or real life money?
EDIT: ^By that, I mean getting the lockboxes themselves from bosses, with the option to simply speed it up with coin or IRL money purchases.

At this point it seems you need either lots of gold or a bit of gems to do anything worthwhile.


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Topic: KingsRoad / [Suggestions] How would YOU like to improve the game?

Originally posted by Jianwei:

Mixer potion NPC

Aura passive skills for all jobs is needed too.

To expand on this, we could just make it so that we can forge different types of items, each requiring use of specific types of prequesite items, and possibly being able to forge jewel slots into the the weapon. This would eliminate the random nature of the forge, which can get aggravating when putting your best items in and being rewarded with a ring.

But potion mixer? Oh god yes!

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Topic: KingsRoad / [Suggestions] How would YOU like to improve the game?

First off, thank you Maha. I believe there is a way to lock on to an enemy, I believe you double click on them and hold down attack, and your character doesn’t attack any other enemy you mouse over. I could be wrong however.

The issues you and frnorth noted are definitely things that drive me from the game. Especially at the final boss fight on heroic, where there’s rooms with 2-3 summoners at once.

To be honest, I think they should just flat out remove attacks that ragdoll you around (Lookin’ at you here Aldus).

In my opinion, if they kept but where the enemies hitting you when you’re out of range so long as the attacks don’t pull you into a crowd and get you murdered, I’d be somewhat alright with it.

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Topic: KingsRoad / [Suggestions] How would YOU like to improve the game?

Alright then. Here’s a list of improvements that would be nice.

1. Fix those enemies (Shroud impaler) that summon massive groups of enemies in a short time.
Maybe change them to fill the role of a reanimator, or simply make it so that he cannot summon any more enemies until the current group is dead.

2. Scale the amount of lives to the amount of people in a party
So for example, 5 lives for 1 person, 10 for 2, and so on. Everyone is still limited to 5 lives, and this prevents a single person from failing the entire mission for the group.

3. Adjust the F2P Business Model
I’m perfectly fine with people wanting to speed up their game through various means, but when you can skip a large portion of the game by paying real money, that’s where I’ll probably end up calling P2W. Example being, I bet anyone here if I had the cash/kreds I could pay my way up to level 60 just from buying legendary items and unlocking them, then buying Skillpoints and XP lockboxes.

4. Make gold have more uses
At the Moment, you only use gold for resets, forging and enchanting. Although one can argue that enchanting is worthless, as spending hundreds of thousands on a single jewel only to have it be outclassed by another jewel from next week’s event. How about adding an optional ‘guarantee’ of sorts in

forging, where one can shell out some extra gold to ensure he’ll get the item he wants. That, and it should stop those moments where I give my best items and gear to magnus, only to get a ring. You should also be able to purchase premium items and potions from the shop (I.E inventory/vault space/weapons, etc.) with gold as well.

5. Speaking of Events…
Make alternate events where we don’t have to pay to get access. One could say this is just because the developers want money, but they could always just release something like Double EXP or increased item find alongside the bounty events.

6. Make the aquisition of bounty tokens easier
Once you’ve completed all Normal/Heroic/Champion missions, why not just make it so that every mission in that category gives a single token when completed? I want to get the Set lockboxes, but I don’t want to play the same bounty over and over again in a single day, or log on for a week and continue farming the tokens.

7. Allow Us to inspect the guild that is inviting us
Sometimes the person inviting me isn’t on my screen, and there’s no clan search function (There is, but only for your friend’s clans)

There should also be an inspect button for anyone that wishes to join my party, but I can’t see their character. I don’t want a level 11 tagging along for my champion mission.

8. Fix the AoE attacks by enemies
I don’t want to get hit by someone when I’m 20 feet away from them, then immediately get pulled back into a large group and killed. This could be something client-side, if it is then disregard this.

9. Add a Confirmation button for some actions
Such as opening chests, I don’t want to accidentally waste gems because of a misclick.

10. An Options menu that allows for more customization
As in, turning off blood, volume sliders, making corpses instantly disappear, etc.

11. Path Finding for ranged characters
Y’know, those times where I can hit an enemy across the screen just fine, but my character prefers to run right up to him and then execute the attack, thus getting me killed/heavily injured in the process.

12. Make it so that enemies don’t clip into each other
It’s pretty annoying trying to target someone when their friend is inside them

13. Why does event currency take up inventory space?
srsly guise

14. Fix the bug where you die, but the option to revive doesn’t pop up
It gets awkward, especially when the game decides to start you from the very beginning after you refresh.

15. Have enemies have alternate attacks based on what situation they’re in
An example of this is a Stormguard Grenadier continuing to lob grenades at me even though I’m stabbing him with my sword, or a Hellion War Mage calling a lightning storm on herself.

16. Duplicates from Set Lockboxes
I’m aware of the fact that I shouldn’t get everything without a duplicate at least once in awhile, but when I’m getting the same 2-3 pieces every single time then why not just make it so I can sell them for an increased gem cost?

17. Adjust Spawn Rates for buildings that spawn enemies
Defeating Ghoulraan the Wicked or whatever you call him is ridiculous, especially with everybody and their mother coming out of those 8 gates that constantly spawn enemies until destroyed. How about lowering the spawn rate and the gate’s health?

18. Remove enemy attacks that constantly ragdoll you around
Aldus pls

In all seriousness, you could remove that and leave the bug where enemies hit you out of range and I’d be perfectly fine with it.

19. Make The Queen’s Blessing Timer not go down when in town.

EDIT: I will most likely continue to update the list, as some issues have undoubtedly passed my mind while I was typing.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Show off your shop!

Bump :u

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / GUIDE : How to know the components of every recipe or how to use knarfbot

knarfbot is love

knarfbot is life

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / At The Edge of our Hope

And the point of this thread is…?

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Topic: Backyard Monsters / Kixeye halts development of Backyard Monsters (a Moderator confirmed exclusive)

I would compare the game’s business model to a revolving door.

New players come in, dump some money on the game, and leave.

Anyway, is there a link to a thread for this? I kinda want to read it :I

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / ZPP Clan Recruting All Levels!

One thread is enough.

I’m sure your post history is enough to turn off most hopefuls anyway.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / ZPP clan! Recruting all Levels!

Originally posted by sgtzpp33:
Originally posted by l33t1:

Your recent posts tell one hell of a story.

hi dude! hows DF goin’?

What’s a DF.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / ZPP clan! Recruting all Levels!

Your recent posts tell one hell of a story.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / New Improvised Gun "Mini-Vulcan"

Summed up in two words:

Stupidly overpowered.

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Topic: Backyard Monsters / How Have You Moved On?

I’m currently on The Last Stand: Dead Zone as well as GL.

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Topic: Backyard Monsters / [Recruiting] The Flames of Avarice!

Well, I’m pretty inactive on kong as of late…

Started playing The Last Stand: Dead zone, but that got stale cause all I do is loot, I never PvP. Nice to hear that Betrayal’s Revenge is going nicely though.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Hacker Wall And How To Get Free Money Jobs!

I don’t know how to translate from idiot to english on google translate, anyone mind helping?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Gangsters of War (G.O.W)

Excellent formatting.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Think of your own surpourts and units!


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Topic: Backyard Monsters / [Recruiting] The Flames of Avarice!

Whatever happened to the truffle video? I need a link to it :l

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Was hoping for a balanced gender crew but...

I have 6 survivors. 3 male, 3 female. I feel a bit happier now.