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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event] Promote Your Pack Everyday

you sure you SHAKED 4x?
Own tree = shake
other peoples trees = water

just asking. I first thought aswell I didn’t get the key. Then I noticed I have to pay for the shakes. So, no thanks, bye event.

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Topic: Call of Gods / MERGERS

server 8 is dead. Top player (cog should have noticed a hole in their wallets since he left) and a couple more top 10 player left 2 months ago.
I have a look from time to time and found that there are THREE active player on the server, another 5-7 semi active, another 4-5 who log in 24/7 but never have been active.

It is too late to merge the servers. It wouldn’t change anything.
You can’t do wars with 3 people, you can’t do wars with 8 people, especially if they live in different time zones.
You couldn’t even do event bosses.

Maybe… but ONLY MAYBE… a merge of all servers could help, but I doubt it.

It’s cogs own behaviour what made all the people go. Mismanagement. Greed. Ignorance.

Who but hardliner wants to play a game where EVERY (yes it was and is EVERY) single update is full of bugs and glitches?

Who of oyu all remembers when we had allainces with more than 200 people?
Who remembers when we had wars where 130 people showed up in a single alliance?
Who remembers when we had boss parties with 6, 7, or more FULL teams running a boss?

cog, it was YOU who killed all this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!