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Topic: Titan Surge / Bugs and issues

As Yazariel and Marfagames already mentioned: The loading screen often freezes. I did not get into the game during the last few hours. (The first few times worked fine) Seems to be a server issue.

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Topic: Card Hunter / Help with strategy, please.

For the Ogres: One think works for certain: Using tons of Firewalls and similar stuff. They are huge Units, and the path they can maneuver on is pretty narrow, so they cannot escape. Just run away, and hide in the few safe spots on the map. – And watch them burn. ;)

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Topic: World War II: TCG / Change Suggestion for Onado Hiro

I would say that Flag Raising and NOSB have potencially the largest influence on the outcome of a match However, after these two, I would say that Onoda, Rommel, and Saizev are all three pretty menacing, – all in their own right. If any legends could need help, it were two crappy Japanese ( the rather pointless Laboratory, and the Commander with the unspeakable name) , and in my very personal view, Big-BOOM-but-Bad-Bertha. ;) (If just because Tiger II, or even Me 109, to name Germans, do basically the same. :P While 6th Rangers and Mustang are cheaper,but also far more versatile…) – If you want to go for the commander: Use Ichiki, or on that behalf, Kure. ;)

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Topic: World War II: TCG / 1 gold per minute grind ratio on Stalingrad Easy. Progression is too slow. Repeating same thing is boring. Fix your game.

Well; I have to agree that grinding the Basic History missions is not worth the while atm. Rather repetitive, boring, and taking far too much time.

The only halfway decent mode would rather be Medium, – but sadly only as long as Officers have any value for you. The Hard mode OTOH offers the “typical” frustration experience, where this game in general, tbh, mission-wise fails so far. where, even with good play, you have to rely on a LOT of luck. Well, for some this frustration starts right at the beginning, and they, frankly spoken, quit. For others only in the 100s, where the devs decided that 5% (not to speak of 3 stars) is a great winning chance. :P What I mean is not to be understood cynically; the PvP mode and the whole game concept is really (as F2P) tons of fun. However, the whole mission execution as it is now needs IMHO a major overhaul.

- For the packs: As it is mainly about Legends, and to a lesser extent Epics, what it is about: Say, you earn 3 Generals a week (- a very active player! About 100 PvPs/week is not too shabby!- ) , including weeklies, and every 21st Generals is a Legend. Means: Every 7th week a Legend, and 7 Legends/year. ;)
- I would say the “dangers” of “faster progression” are atm rather slim. :S

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Topic: World War II: TCG / Mission 135

We all know the notorious issues with unit-hunting missions. In general , they can be solved by killing all units in the turn they appear. 135, however, adds a new quality: The computer NEVER (20 or so tries of mine so far) plays his infantry (mainly paratroops, including the ugly 101st Airborne) in quantities, because it is clearly weaker (and dies to the stronger defenders) than his tanks (goal: kill 8 of each) , apart from the times he is already clearly winning, ofc. Add to this that the computer LOVES -partly senseless ugrading and equipping units, to waste its turns perfectly, while he only has 4 crates this time, and you get a picture. A “perfect run”, with smooth draws and adapted strategy, thus results in e.g. 15 destroyed tank units – and 5 random infantries. And: Not only once, but by principle. While missions like 60 or 90 are, when correctly played, relatively smooth sailing, this time it really gets ANNOYING.

In a nutshell:The mission is neither difficult, nor luckbased; however the coding basically forces the player to play sub-par to give the computer the “feeling” of winning- because it only then will actually start to play his infantry.

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Topic: World War II: TCG / Enlisted or General Pack

Well; I would say it is about what you expect when you open a pack: In general, at the very beginning, quantity rules clearly over quality, and so, Officers seems like the most viable option. While later on, the question becomes what is more valuable to you: The granted Epic from Generals, or the higher number of cards via Enlisted, while it is not certainly established how the actual odds in both packs are . I did only open Officers (about 15, maybe slightly less, – also thanks to Stalingrad) , which netted me one Epic , and about 15 Generals so far; here with one Legendary. Only my very first pack was Enlisted, with one standard Rare. If you are kind of a collector, though, and like to have all the commons and uncommons as well, then Enlisted at some point may become your very best bet. ;) hforce, e.g. , who went the Enlisted route all the way so far, has made with about the same volume of gold as me forty more unique cards, about the same amount of Epics; – but however AFAIK no Legendaries. And, of course, tons more resold cards. ;)

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Topic: World War II: TCG / Hetzer makes the game freeze

I have been on the giving and receiving side of Hetzer many times. It is frustrating to wait five mins for an opponent, and the game gets killed by the card after around a minute.

My suggestion: Ban it for PvP until fixed. Or: If you are a proud owner of this otherwise really nice card, put it for the next days out of your decks, folks! -For the sake of the game.

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Topic: World War II: TCG / [Bug Report] 1.4.2

Originally posted by IsidroT:
Originally posted by iaeriach (undefined):

I got stuck again in the beginning of a pvp fight. This is really getting annoying….

Opponent was Carl124; he played “The Hetzer”; it moved to front row and then the game froze in his turn. I think this card was always involved when the pvp froze – i always have to surrender when this happens. There was only one other unit on his side before.

i made a screenshot this time, so tell me if u need it.

Hey iaeriach, we have spotted indeed an issue with the PvP engine that was causing some freezes in the game, we are already working on a fix for that so we hope to have a new version by the end of the day that fix it.


Well; indeed it seems as if Hetzer still kills the game. Would be nice if it could get fixed. ;)

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Topic: World War II: TCG / Suggestion or What this game needs to success

Well; just a couple of issues that I see with the missions design: First off, it is maybe not such a clever idea to put cards in the computer deck that kill a mission right away ( e.g. Not one step back; high-leveled Onoda) , as this does not add challenge and difficulty to the game, but only a certain frustration factor. Good card games should focus on skill and rather minimize the ofc always existing luck component. (What is, otherwise, really well solved) And: The scaling in difficulty of the missions is rather insane, considering that the game is just fresh out, and the campaign is not about halfway through (myself, I expect over 500 missions ;) ) . But, even after M100, it feels ATM already like endgame content. I understand the reasons, however it makes it as design even harder to produce fresh content. ;)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Berserk: The Cataclysm] Bug reports

The latest update killed my cards list, after I received the event promo card. I cannot see any cards, neither via Cards nor via Squads. – And, no: Browser refresh does not help. ;)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Berserk: The Cataclysm] For Bytex: Koyar Quests

Well, it looks to me as if the quests are not really made to honor the player for its efforts, but rather designed as a “challenge” to the players, where bytex can not “loose” Ounces, but rather, like a good casino, wins them. – Although it is definetly promoted otherwise.

In my case, I do not even have to bother anyway; the best I technically could do in an hour were about 25 fights- which already cost me plenty of lands (and nerves), because of the horrible mechanics in conquests. (Opponent starts on same piece of land a minute or so later- opponent easily wins, and has taken 2 other lands in the meantime…)

However: Clearly the Koyars are only grossly unfair, and in terms of advertisement for the game really counterproductive; and misleading the players: – In the whole a bad feature, as it is. But: “Random players”, as defined by Bytex was always “in the own level range”, what one learns about lvl 5 or so, or not, dear Sir Vali… ;)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Berserk: The Cataclysm] Bug reports

I do not know whether it is new, but my IE cannot handle the descriptions on the cards: It just shows a letter salad. Yes: Newest Flash version, newest IE. Used FF before, but it runs on my computer damn slow (for this game: about 6 times slower than IE), and fills its cache in no time .

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kingdoms CCG] Bug Reports

My bugs appear right at the start, more than just annoying: After the Advanced Tutorials, I get the famous Error 1009 consistently. (No supposed Basic Packs afterwards) And, in the shop: I am supposed to buy a “Gold Pack” for Gems. However, first there is no Gold Pack to be bought, and secondly, I cannot leave the Shop screen afterwards. – For a game that is already a couple of years old, rather ridiculous…

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Hero Choice

I would say that Wong is better than Oz statwise. However, Oz is strong in punishing Earth units (which exist in abundance) and he is weak to Lightning, which is kind of rare on cards,apart from Ai bosses. Also, it seems as if good Wind units are rather hard to find otherwise. So: A rather close call.
I agree about Greg: Self-buffs might only contain some value really late-game. And no available AoE does not sound like too much fun. Sonya (my choice) seems solid, but nothing more. Viegraff looks horrible, while fulltime tank Popo is rather “special”.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Level Scaling Makes an Otherwise Great Game ... "ok"

As many ppl here refer to Oblivion: Even there was a huge discussion going on how useful the scaling system actually is. As the same problem occured that does here. To keep pace with the enemies, you had to know what to do. (If you planned to max out your char, and not only played casually through the main quest, at least) Going too much into useless crafting skills, via training, e.g. , could lead to serious problems with the scaled enemies as well. In fact, Oblivion was rather a good example for how problematic level scaling in RPGs is: You need better skills and equipment, to compensate for the loss in relative strength – by levelling. If both fall apart, even simplest enemies you have beaten with ease at low lvls can become unbearable challenges. ;)

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Topic: Nightbanes / Arthur deck reward style

It would have been nice to know which alternatives ( e.g. Uncommons/Rares) you have, apart from Witches, which look to me (from a rather general perspective) better than most of your other cards ;) As I understand it, you got fairly lucky with Bonegrinders/ Undertakers, but have little else (not even random +2 weapons – most of your cards strongly rely on the use of weapons, and only 2 in the deck looks pretty scarce) and are relatively low lvl ? And do not have the money to spend it on King`s Blade ? Or Ninjas? – Still, it looks fairly strange to me that you do not have any “tanky” units. Darkcrawler Nest, e.g. , while by no means ideal, would be a possible candidate and in the case of doubt lives where e.g. Necromancer dies, and requires less “micromanagement” (As long as it is not opposed to Master Lich or Hulk, it used to be fine) . Tbh, I do not really like the idea of using Edict here. It can be a great card for sure, but here you effectively use 2 turns for a 3-drop, which puts you even further behind in the “race” . And using it on a rather mediocre card like Hitman would not sound like that a fantastic idea to me ;) So, to start with, as a suggestion : Abandon Edicts, the armor, and possibly the Hitmen. Tanks/ Witches/ Weapons (at least +2) instead. – No Sly fox/ Zombie Hulk / Bone Walls, if I may guess ? ;)

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Topic: Nightbanes / Guide to Beating Arthur for F2P or P2P - up to 75% Win Rate! 60% for F2P!

@ killrun: Yes, any somewhat healthy units with retaliation tend to help a lot. – Bone Wall clearly belongs to them. Still, Blackbelt and the Alligator (via evo) seems far more efficient. Purgatory is a very nice gimmick – But seems not strictly necessary in my eyes. Screecher or yet another Raven Demon ought to be better than Wargs, despite being slower. Also, Ninjas are. They are far stronger against Hulks, and survive Skellies- and have more health against the Bulwarks, with similar damage output. Same story against the summoners or Vampire Duelist, although here Wargs are more reliable (no “chance” to deal damage to worry about). If you just want to replace a Bodyguard: Screecher can do this nearly as good as Raven.

TL;DR: Blackbelt/ Alligator instead of Wall(s). Screecher/Ninjas instead of Wargs/Bodyguard(s). -Would IMO be worth a try ;)

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Topic: Nightbanes / Guide to Beating Arthur for F2P or P2P - up to 75% Win Rate! 60% for F2P!

P.S.: Rather an overlooked powerhouse, and versatile, for this mission seems to be Voltaic Alligator (Evo) , at least for F2P: 2/6/3 , Electric, Backlash1, Toughness 1 , Chance for 1 Electric Damage; – Tons of HP, and Counter, while decent speed and offensive capabilities.

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Topic: Nightbanes / Guide to Beating Arthur for F2P or P2P - up to 75% Win Rate! 60% for F2P!

Well, basically one can formulate it this way: Arthur has basically a 2/2/0 – Skelly spam (with all means of summoning) with loads of ultra-tanks ( Hulk, Bulwark) in between. The hulks can be pretty annoying, but it is the bulwarks that are a real pain.

Usable cards should have some of the following characteristics:
- “Tank”
-any of Resiliance/ Toughness/ Flying/ Leech/ Necroward / Tenacity (you get what I mean, do you? :P)
-NonPhysical Damage
-2-drops ( = fast)
-at least 5 hitpoints (= survives 2 attacks, and activates)

and possibly some of the following, depending on your deck composition:
- Weapon slot
-Heal Lord

and, ideally: loads of Bonegrinders :P (I do not have any – as the Callous UT was really far more useful before the event ;) )

Great cards, as far as I can see it for the mission, include Templars ( pay) , Callous UT (Evo) , Raven Demon, Blackbelt, maybe Monk. Screecher ( level) is nearly en par with Raven Demon ( focused instead of splash damage) .

Ninjas are okayish, and better, but vulnerable to Skels, and no great help vs. Bulwarks – which goes for Lunatics as well. I am personally not a real big fan of Zombie Bear or Hulk – at least not without means of speeding them up via Signet/Edict/Blood Doll, which would supposedly be too slow and risky in this mission. And would rather prefer stuff like Darkcrawler Nest, Bulwark, Gluttony, or Leeches – which all nearly do the same, but: faster ;) (Only real difference: enemy Bulwark, but the 7-8 turns it even then takes for a Hulk to kill it means the battle being over anyway) . My vote at the moment goes for Darkcrawler Nest here.

Shadowfrost and Hell Champ: Somewhat decent, but really frail (= dead vs. a spammed Skel) for what they do. And only really good accompanied with Daisho/ King`s Blade. Wisp/ Bodyguard : Generally, Blackbelt is about twice as effective – selling point for Bodyguard is specifically to heal the Lord for 1-2 HP, and if possible to wield a weapon. And, it may be a safe 1st turn – Both ought to be playable, though.
Hitman/Warlock: Far too slow here in general; Warlock might be an idea if one is willing to bring Dominated Werewolf as well (which in my opinion is a huge card: 1/5(!)/1(!) ,weapon/armor, Haste Lycantrope 1(!) ) -possibly even in a fast Werewolf deck ? Warg: My personal favs throughout the game ( ;) ) , but 4 HP w/o defense = dead, and that with less potential Glasscannon Power than Champ/Shadowfrost . Rogue looks OTOH pretty nice, if one has access to him.

My personal deck (which is far from perfect , partly because it lacks Bonegrinder – somewhat… :P ) , which still seems to score about 50-60 % consists of:

1x Dukker (A tough call . What is more: 1 HP of Dorian`s sister, that I like to call “the Glamour girl” :P , but has little other uses, or: The possibility of destroying King`s Blade / Necro Cloak, which can, in my eyes, become rather ugly ? )
1x Black Belt
1x Callous UT
2x Raven Demon
1x Screecher
2x Ninja ( if I were not permanently broke, I might consider to get a 3rd one…)
1x Shadowfrost
1x Hell Champ
3x “regular” Undertaker (to block Skels)
2x Darkcrawler Nest ( tanks – but not too great, as Diamond Skin of the enemy`s Bulwarks tend to trigger far more often than the summon :P )

Filled up by:
3x Mafioso (5 Hp, 2-drop, ballistic, weapon – not really ideal, though)
1x Vicious Witch ( decent: flying, shadow, weapon, 5 HP )

Weapons: 3x Daisho, 1x King`s Blade (may be overkill – but a) no Bonegrinder and b) lack of too serious alternatives . The deck, as you may guess, really relies on weapons … )

Artis ( very questionable) : 1x Healing Pendant ( rather situational, but can save your skin, especially vs. Bulwarks…) 1x Signet (can definitely decide a battle when played in the middle – but absolutely not useful at the beginning)

Major disadvantage of this deck: You can definitely get a bad start, when: a) you draw badly, and the computer brings out 3 Skels early. ( No Bonegrinder … = q_q )
or b) You play Ninja/ Mafioso / Hell Champ 1st turn (which is decent, although a flyer would be better), the computer plays an action, and finishes you with a skeleton. (again…)
Also, c) massive amounts of Walls and Hulks, while no Daisho appears, can become pretty unfair ;)

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Topic: Nightbanes / Bug Reports

Game mechanics: Today, I had the fight Ninja vs. Bodyguard with Bulletproof Vest (-2 vs ballistic damage). First, I destroyed the vest, but my Ninja did not deal damage in the turn the vest was destroyed. Second, in the turn my Ninja died due to Bodyguard`s retaliation, he still was able to attack a second time. I wonder if this is the intended way how the mechanics shall work? As in both times, cards that are not in play anymore, still produce effects .

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Topic: Nightbanes / Question for devs: Epics droprate?

@ Sir Valimont: Maybe, you approach it not in the strategically ideal, or efficient, way? If I were you, at least with hindsight, I would consider to focus my spendings rather on the rares of the Base set that I am interested in that change every few hours in the shop. And: Of course, those (in my eyes) nice promo cards that occasionally occur. This way, you can be pretty safe to get what you really want. ;) (= maximum gain for your spendings) While those Moon and Oldtown packs can then still be bought by rubies, although at a slower pace (- which may hurt you) . This way, you also do not need to care alot about the huge Base set, which consists mainly of tons of tons of rare trash cards. (Catonia and Spectre were my first 2, although via base light :S ) There may be actually 3-4 great epics in this set- but the chance to get one of those is really like finding a needle in a haystack ;) And: Yes, to assume that chances for epics (means translated: “incredible” for its low chance to get one) are (as one can expect beforehand) about 5%, or even below, seems pretty safe. (E.g., for the base set, to have a high chance to get all of the epics, you need to buy about 200-300+ packs… – equals in 1-2k bucks, when you are a “whale” )So: No deck consisting purely out of them in the nearer future. :S

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Topic: Nightbanes / Tell Us The % Chance

+ 1 to Valimont`s suggestion, as it is basically my idea as well ;) As it is a strategy game, knowing the odds is of major importance. Also consider that e.g. buying a card from the shop which says " has a chance to do xy" is basically buying a cat in a bag. As “a chance” can basically be anything- if you play lottery, you have “a chance” as well, and everybody should know how realistic this said chance is.
@ Vermin Issue: Was the chance to get at least one creature from the summoner not more like 1- (2/3 × 2/3 × 2/3 ) = 19/27 ? Still, either Necro (totally reliable) or Lycan Warlock (50%, but better fighter and really strong creature ) look in general more appealing, although Summoner sometimes gives 2 creatures, and in 1/27 of the cases even 3. But: Summoner is an event card, and should thus not be that OP anyway…

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Topic: Nightbanes / November 28th - Evolution

To ombrephenix`s post: I know that different cards have different success chances to “make their roll” . Personally, I would like at least an indication how high that chance would be. For example: 60% + “High chance” . 40-60% : “Medium chance” . Below 40% : “Low chance” . As I can only guess the real intrinsic values, this suggestion can of course be altered to more proper values. As it is, it is partly really only a guessing game – as many cards strongly depend on their chances, only trial and error gives you a faint idea whether a specific card is useful – or not.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Zombie Slayer] The OFFICIAL "Add me" link thread !!!


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Topic: Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra: General / Optimal Strategy for Leveling only if everyone followed it

@ ScorpiaX: I guess, you spoke some universal (although age-old) economical truth. :D But, this is a classical game in terms of “competition”, like Monopoly is (the original version of this said game was btw all about cooperation ;) ) , and you are meant to be an evil NY/Chicago Mafioso on his Blofeld-esk raid to conquer the world (e.g by means of owning a shitload of real estate) – so: Enjoy! :D