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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Community Leader Needed

Originally posted by Silverfire:

Well, there’s your problem, KE. You have been doing a lousy job (not personally, the job is lousy) for no pay, and with a company that seems to delight in pissing off the community with poor customer service, pay to win mechanics that keep on getting more and more convulted, as well as a game design that states the best people will be the ones that either pay the most, or are robots that can be on 24/7. Of course noone’s going to want to deal with that.

The want of being a community manager has to start with the company having a system that interests people. I only do this to waste time.

Well said, Silverfire!
I couldn’t agree more with you and hope that this finally makes R2 see that their greed is ruining everything.