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Topic: General Gaming / [Sonny 3] Potential Superbosses

Originally posted by Ebax:

Ebax the Awesome:
HP: 9,999,999
Focus: 9,999

Roundhouse Kick: PWNED!!! Attacks enemy for 200% of life. CD none. Focus: 9,999

Originally posted by Ebax:
Originally posted by Yoshifull:

Sephiroth :
HP: 99999
Focus: 999
Strength : 198
Instinct : 223
Speed : 167

Abilities :
Strike : Deals damage for 120% of the attacker STR
Firaga : Send a fireball to the enemy for 100% of caster’s Instinct to set the enemy on fire, making him to lose health for 15% of the caster’s Instinct for 2 turns. (CD: 6)(Focus : 50)
Thundaga : Shocks the enemy for 350% of the caster’s Instinct. No specials effects. (CD 6)(Focus : 50)
Blizarraga : Encastres the target to ice, deals 200% of caster’s Instinct as damage, stun the enemy for 2 turns. The enemy takes 25% less damage while he’s iced. (CD:6)(Focus : 50)
Curaga : Heals 5000-8000 (CD: 23)(Focus : 99)
Regen : Place “regen” statut, and regenerate the caster’s HP by 2% per round for 12 rounds. (CD: 50)(Focus : 150)
Meteor : Deals Damage based of 20% of Speed, 500% Instinct and 100% Strength to one enemy. (CD:99) (Focus: 300)

Begining chat :
Sephiroth : Traitor!
Sonny : Euh…What?
Sephiroth : You took this planet away from my mother. I will have her revenge
Veradux : He’s gonna kill us with his Masamune! Get ready!
Sonny : He looks real mad, better start running away.

Ending chat
Sephiroth : Mother will have this planet back.
Sonny : I don’t think so.

Loot : Masamune

No sir, you just made it wrong:

Sephiroth HP:100,000
Focus: 1000
Strenght: 200
Instinct: 225
Speed: 175

Masamune Combo: Deals 220% damage of the attacker’s Strenght.
Fireball Rain: Sends fireballs to the enemy for 150% of caster’s Instinct to set him on fire making him lose 20% of the caster’s Instinct (CD 6) (Focus:100)
Heartless Angel: Makes the enemy’s life and focus to 1. (CD 0) (Focus: 1000)

Originally posted by gabrieltheknight:

fire sorcerer HP:100.00hp focus:500 moves: fire wheel makes a fire wheel and throws it damage:70%of health cooldown:6 focus:30 use:3 random moves effect:burns 10%hp for 4 rounds flame blast:uses his hands to control fire blots and throws it damage:20% of health cooldown:1 use:anytime focus:10 effect:burns 2% hp for 2 rounds fire shield makes a shield to protect him focus:50 effect:80% less damage for 4 turns cooldown:3 use :anytime flaming sword :uses his sword to slash his opponents damage:400 focus:0 effect:none cooldown:none use:anytime

Originally posted by TrickTrolld43:

end of hope hp 250000000 focus 10000 moves:volcanic hellfire makes a incredibly powerful fire blast that only can be survived by having extreme fire defense and extremely high hp applies weakened status to user damage recieved increased by 1000% focus 300 cooldown 16:ice age chill very powerful ice attack that does dmage in excess of 15000 damage and reduces speed by 95% foucs 150 cooldown 12 20% chance to resist dispell: catastrophic slash damage is equivelant to 33% of your hp focus 80 cooldown 6:supernova inconcievably powerful attack that reduces opponents accuracy by to 40%: someone please add more moves to this final super bosses attack list sorry for bad english if you find it

Are these bosses even possible to defeat?! or at least, to dent?!