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Topic: Off-topic / What is the proper way ...

What is the proper way to have a contest with prize offered on the boards?


Topic: Off-topic / Cash And Prizes Available To Smart Winners

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Topic: Off-topic / Kickstarter / Indiegogo / Crowd Funding Projects

Here’s the link to our campaign:

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Topic: Off-topic / Kickstarter / Indiegogo / Crowd Funding Projects

WOW!!! 90%

Although I have a ton of questions about crowd funding, I would certainly yield to the greater issue, that of legitimacy.

I did a kongregate search on crowd funding and got many hits, here are all of the ones that I believe are relevant, and speak to the matter of legitimacy.

1) May 1, kongregate member Therealet told forum about kickstarter project,
On May 12 the same member’s project was funded
I don’t know if the project was a scam, however the member’s posts continued after May 12th

2) Sept 4 Kongregate member mustcode told forum about kickstarter project: On Sept 30 the project failed to reach funding goal. Member has not issued any additional posts, don’t know if that campaign was a “scam”.

3) May 25 Kongregate member and registered developer with five games on Kongregate told forum about kickstarter project: On June 22 the project: faled to reach funding goal of $20K by $9K. All 5 games are still running on this platform.

I noticed that ‘scam’ came up in the thread for this member although it is clear that the member is a well established developer with games on the platform.

4) this Kongergate member AaronOfTomorrow and developer of 4 games informed the community about his kickstarter campaign in his ‘about me’ area: , here is his successful project:

Here is a list of other form search results for “Kickstarter” :

I don’t see any evidence of any scams, on the contrary the overwhelming majority of kongregate members, particularly established developers, have a very honorable record with the Kongregate community before, during, and after any mention of a crowd funding project.

If the scams are associated with medical or other NON game related matters, those situation should not cloud the efforts of those who have an established relationship with the Kongregate community, especially developers with games on the platform.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kickstarter / Indiegogo / Crowd Funding Projects

interesting, someone sent me a pm expressing deep reservations about the concept of Crowd Funding, giving me the impression that this awesome it not as accepted as I was inclined to believe, not withstanding the reams of proof of it’s success with members of this very site.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kickstarter / Indiegogo / Crowd Funding Projects

[where’s that edit button, didn’t I say Crow?]

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Topic: Off-topic / Kickstarter / Indiegogo / Crowd Funding Projects

Kickstarter / Indiegogo / Crowd Funding Projects

I’m in the process of working on a number of crowd funding projects, I noticed that many projects are now (as opposed to 3 years ago) centered around games, more so video games than board games.

Given that this resources is now a well established funding resource I think it would be great for the subject, that the pros and cons of crowd funding in general and specific crowd funding sites in particular are openly and thoroughly examined and discussed for wider consideration.

I noticed that many (10+) kongregate members have endeavored to seek crowd funding please tell us of your experiences.

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Topic: Game Programming / Global Game Jam

Originally posted by Draco18s:
Originally posted by UnknownGuardian:
Originally posted by Draco18s:

Thought I’d bump this to say that Velcoiraptor! Cannibalism!’s Kickstarter is go!

Congrats on raising $15,000.

V!C! got featured in Kickstarter’s weekly newsletter. Made about $11,000 in 24 hours.

Was quite a surprise.

wow … love to see success

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Topic: General Gaming / SideQuest, a new kind of browser MMORPG

Originally posted by HappyAlcoholic:

Bumping for more attention.
I’d love to see this game get more support.

I’d gladly lend the support of our website to provide a link to the campaign, contact me about it.

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Topic: General Gaming / QuickBlast

yes, very colorful look and lively feel, good luck

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Topic: General Gaming / God of Puzzle - Kickstarter project for Puzzle Fighter fans

Sorry to see that your campaign was not successful on Kickstarter, have you considered other crowd funding sites, will you be resubmitting the campaign?

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Topic: The Arts / Kickstarter Project.

good to see that you met and exceeded your goal

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Topic: General Gaming / Instant Contest ...

As a new game developer, I’d like my game (Armis) to be loved by everyone, but considering that Armis is a high strategy game with a steep learning curve it certainly will NOT appeal to the mass majority.

In an effort to find the brightest Kongregates who may be interested in an intense brain game, I’m offering Instant Contests and other promotions, here is today’s promo:

One Day Contest (May 22, 2012): $30 to the first Five (5) people that do the following: 1) wins Armis 3 times (per kongregate’s scoring system), and 2) sends me a message requesting the funds.

Please tell me how to promote Armis on