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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [UberStrike] UNFAIR Ban

I’m glad you got you and your son’s accounts back :3

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [UberStrike] Could be a great game... but

Originally posted by lolFABIlol:
Originally posted by WTFunk:

Well, I derped up the quotes _

Oh, and I forgot to mention this I think. Melee weapons have splash damage. That + lag = nasty.

um…no…melee is made to backstab or to enter CQB and get a kill

Erm, melee was buffed up way back. Before, the only use for melee weapons were to kill AFK people, or just people standing still. The developers had to find a way to make melee weapons a viable weapon choice. So, they gave it this “splash damage” effect. That made it so that you didn’t have to be right next to your target or have the reticule at him to get a hit with your melee weapon. It was powerful. Too powerful, in fact (You were able to hit people that weren’t on screen). People were going melee weapons only in games, and come out as the top player/s. So, they nerfed it. But even after the nerf, they were still powerful.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [UberStrike] Bug Topic, Again

Seems like the Kongregate version has more bugs in it, based on the topics I’ve seen, and the bugs that are reported.

Try playing on another browser.

I’m trying to remember the other way you could fix this if the one I gave doesn’t work, but it escapes my mind :/

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [UberStrike] Could be a great game... but

Well, I derped up the quotes _

Oh, and I forgot to mention this I think. Melee weapons have splash damage. That + lag = nasty.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [UberStrike] Could be a great game... but

I don’t think glitches are funny, even if I can get people to waste ammo on me.

And I am about to blow your fucking mind, you ready? I can solve their sync problems, they really need to hire me.
Here’s what they do:
QUIT PUNISHING PEOPLE WITH GOOD CONNECTIONS!!! The way I see it right now, when lag occurs one person sees the other person stop in place, and they are free to shoot at that person. Then when the connection is filled again, the shooter teleports to wherever they are and the shootout continues.
My solution: Kick anyone with over 100 ping so they can go find a better server. Don’t give them their XP or points for kills, none of that.

I was NOT complaining about them jumping around. Read it again and you’ll see I was just explaining that that was why I wanted to leave, and couldn’t because of the bullshit timer ran out and the game was still going. I am an American, and am ok with people playing however they want.
I am not ok with these shitty devs making people buy some features on a glitchy game like this.

Yes, the announcer said “HEADSHOT” and I saw "Headshot – (Name) pop up on the screen.

Yeah I just recently learned about the weapon switch thing, my current combo is:
Firewave, Deliverator, Finish them off with Jury.

I do agree that there should be a limit to the ping. But 100 is a little bit too low, as there are some people who’s internet connections give them over a 100 ping in their best servers (like mine back before). Personally, I’d like it as an option where you can modify the minimum and maximum ping for the game, like in COD4.

On the timer thing, there’s actually something I’d like to ask about. Where the people in-game still moving around after the time ran out, or did they just stay or float in place?

And finally, on the man who survived the headshot, are you sure the guy who killed you was the same person you shot? Maybe the guy you shot experienced the “moving while dead” glitch, and someone shot you in the back? If you are sure, then it really could be a major sync error, but I haven’t experienced it, and I don’t know any other people who have either.

If you’d like to know my own, it’s Splatbat – Sniper Rifle – Cannon – Shotgun. The latter three are really good as they cover all the ranges, and the Splatbat is more for fun (Using it in The Warehouse and Gideons Towers while jumping around is fun, as I’ve made at least some go “WTF?!”).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [UberStrike] An UBER idea.

Originally posted by zeutrino:

Cmune need to make money okay…

We’d like to have cool weapons okay…?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [UberStrike] Uberstrike Blows.

Originally posted by Crazyd5555:

I just got banned for speedhack but i didnt hack and i started playing yesterday and only 1 match and i conect today i go to the shop and i get banned for speedhack this is nonesense.

It’s a bug others are experiencing as well. You’ll be unbanned soon.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [UberStrike] Could be a great game... but

1. Most likely a combination of lag and sync problems.

2. Countless? I’ve only experienced that glitch a few times. It’s actually pretty funny. You can fool around and trick people into wasting their ammo on you. Also, noticed how it says click to respawn? When you try to shoot, you instead get respawned since you clicked, and it says “CLICK to respawn”.

Needless to say, it’s not much of a problem.

On “jumping like bunnies” – If you haven’t, you’ll have to learn how to do that if you want to survive more. Just walking won’t cut it. Just search Youtube for a strafejumping tutorial for Quake. Yes, Quake, because you strafe jump there in exactly the same way you do in Uberstrike.

3. You’re not the only one who hates this, trust me. They only have 1 guy working on the sync, so that’ll take quite awhile to get fixed.

And yes, they’re trying to find other people to help fix the sync.

On PEOPLE LIVING THROUGH HEADSHOTS – There are several ways he could have survived that shot.

1. He was wearing at least 40 AP armor.

2. He collected the armor and health scattered all over the map.

Unless you mean you shot him, had the announcer say “HEADSHOT”, have your headshot recorded in the killfeed, and then get killed right after that. In that case, I have no idea how that happened.

On NON-RELOADING SHOTGUNS – I think he shots, switches to another weapon, switches back, and shoots. I’m not sure if that still works though.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [UberStrike] yay,you can win if you dont pay

Eeyup! It’s quite cool, especially if you kill a guy while he has his Vanquisher or Force Cannon on.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [UberStrike] Biggest 'OMG' Moments in UberStrike

First OMG moment: Getting 100+ kills on SPA everyday. I swear, that map’s a pretty cheap way to rack up XP and kills if you have a cannon. Unless you’re me and you manage to get into several games where lotsa pros (and one moderator at times :3) are playing.

Second OMG moment: The game was Team Elimination on Cuberstrike. I was on the losing team, Blue team (sniff, sniff). My health was scarily low at 30, and since I’m one of those “basics only no armor” guys, my 24 armor was dwindling down. The other guy had a Vanquisher (a sniper rifle second in brute strength only to the Dark Vanquisher) and 80 points worth of armor. The guy was strafe jumping towards me. So, I did what any mature player would do: panic like crazy. Only a miracle could have saved me. I brought out my own basic sniper rifle and started shooting. After getting two sweet headshots and one chest shot, I splatted him. Boom, a miracle came to save me.

Oh, but those was on my main account on the CMUNE portal. On my Kongregate account however, I’ve only played a grand total of 10 minutes so far :P