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Topic: Crystal Saga / Support Tickets with R2Gaming

How do I do this? There is a S2 selection, but it has an extra name beside it. Would that be the correct server, because I know they have many many separate servers hosted exclusively by them.

I read a thread that someone posted a guide on how to do this. If someone knows of the guide please link it to me in this thread.

Thank you for taking the time to read.
Found the thread. It’s right here

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Topic: Crystal Saga / [Announcement] Post Billing Issues Here

1. Volke
2. Server 2
3. 2) and possibly 3) if the first time order pack is still available because I didn’t receive that either.
4. I paid for kred. I used the kred on 2k crystal pack, and have yet to receive it. Also missing the following:
$19.99 and more = Black Dragon Gift, which contains Black Dragon Coin x5 and Torch x2. I paid, and charged on November the 8th before midnight. I’m owed this as well seeing as it states in this thread.

Edit — Bought Kred for VIP, and charged VIP. Got it in seconds. Why is it such a big issue for first time recharge packs to get the crystal + first time buyer pack? I can understand a waiting period to verify that the purchase doesn’t come back faulty for some reason, but there isn’t anything that states that you do this. I was expecting immediate service, and it’s been several hours. It’s a very big issue to claim one thing, but do something else.